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TreeBearOne t1_iy4gttl wrote

..this is for the next generation, who will have no idea what 'direct to dvd' meant


NonspecificLunchMeat t1_iy4by9g wrote

Amazon saw the deal Netflix had with Adam Sandler and thought: "We'd also like some content no one will ever watch!"


Ambartenen t1_iy4gpyw wrote

You ever get real stoned and watch those Sandler flicks?

I haven't either, but someone might have...


Try_Another_Please t1_iy4treu wrote

It amuses me people on reddit think these deals happen out of nowhere. Trust me people are watching. Probably way more than you would guess.

People here really can't comprehend how small the reddit bubble is can they?


NonspecificLunchMeat t1_iy5cj9z wrote

I normally don't respond to people who react seriously to something I said in jest, because it misses the point a little, but I will say this: I'm not suggesting there's literally no one watching, which would imply that Amazon, who possess an awful lot of data on what films are bought/watched on traditional carriers (Blu-ray and DVD), digital rentals and streaming, makes terrible business decisions.

However, your suggestion that when it comes to the particular subject of Tyler Perry movies people on reddit are in a bubble is a little disingenuous. Even a quick glance through the ratings on IMDB, metacritic and rottentomatoes for a multitude of Tyler Perry movies (and certainly not just Madea) will tell you that a lot of it is not met with great enthusiasm and appreciation by the general public. The man is prolific and will undoubtedly have an audience, but (and here I will circle back to my little quip) much like Adam Sandler those parts of his oeuvre that are best known rub a lot of people the wrong way, to the extent that more worthy projects are overlooked. Both are not without merit, but undoubtedly put out material that undermines their reputation.

Without me mentioning Madea I was accused of being ignorant of the fact that's not all he makes, which certainly says something.


Try_Another_Please t1_iy5fsqx wrote

I know you didn't mean it literally but you're still missing the point.

You just unironically told me imdb and rotten tomatoes represents anywhere near the majority of movie watchers or his demographic lol.

His enormous success suggests a few holes in that logic. Again reditors just do not truly realize how small the internet bubble is still. You've proved it with ease.


NonspecificLunchMeat t1_iy5nh0w wrote

Your point is that he is financially successful, so people must watch his movies and I'm not undermining that logic, but his films often attract criticism in other media to the point where awareness of them extends disproportionately beyond their viewership and opinion in general discourse is coloured by this to the point where they could be classified as guilty pleasures, i.e. there is a disconnect between how people present and how they experience their enjoyment of them. All of this leads to the basis for my joke, where I take the expectation that Amazon would invest a lot of money in this because they see it as a potentially succesful partnership and I subvert it by suggesting the opposite.


Ccaves0127 t1_iy58up9 wrote

Sandlers movies are the most watched on Netflix.


spicerice7 t1_iy4gtsz wrote

You know Tyler Perry does more than Madea right? lol


elbarto359 t1_iy4l7l8 wrote

And he'll get it all done in 4 days!


HEHEHO2022 t1_iy4phkb wrote

ok fess up who are the dumb people watching his shite


Game_Finder_99_00 t1_iy5qv9m wrote

I thought I just seen him in an interview recently talking about focusing purely on his studio’s filmmaking?! Guess they added enough zeroes to change his mind.