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TheTurtleShepard t1_iybigz5 wrote

Whiplash, on peacock


LatkaGravas t1_iybleeu wrote

Excellent movie. J.K. Simmons won an Oscar for this for a reason.


WhyWorryAboutThat t1_iyd07wn wrote

This movie's ending is so simultaneously triumphant and depressing it deserves a new word for the feeling. Triumphressing.


TheTurtleShepard t1_iydogx1 wrote

Yeah it feels so triumphant in the moment and then the movie ends >!and you realize have seen Neimann completely devoured by his determination, back into the cycle of abuse and devoid of all the things which kept him human!<

>!Even in an interview Chazelle said that he envisions that Fletcher has now been validated in his beliefs and will always think he was right to do what he did and that Andrew likely died in his early 30s of a drug overdose!<


genericmovievillain t1_iyc2ybd wrote

I will constantly rewatch the ending of this movie whenever I need to get absolutely jacked


tempocoda t1_iyczsrl wrote

I read the title of the post as "the last bad movie you watched" so I almost lost my shit when I saw you say Whiplash