Submitted by SlipperyPete360 t3_z95mme in movies

It’s the only thing I remember about the movie. It’s a comedy. He’s an older white guy and each time he has a scene his toupee is bigger and longer almost covering his face I think? Kind of a reddish blonde wig I believe. And he’s like, mad about something towards the person he’s talking to. His image is burned in my brain but I can’t remember what movie it is



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Jedibri81 t1_iyf3qag wrote

No, but I remember the police officer’s hat getting bigger every time the camera cut back to her in Scary Movie 3


TheGreatOkay t1_iyfcq0p wrote

Is it one of those older spoof movies like Hot Shots or Top Secret? Or maybe The Naked Gun?


Uzzer_lozer19 t1_iyf4pag wrote

Sounds like a 70s movie about sex but in that one a scientist fed a woman silicon until her boobs got so big they escaped godzilla style and terrorised the english countryside.


prof436 t1_iyf8raj wrote

Everything you wanna know about sex be were afraid to ask


IamRyon t1_iyfcr8g wrote

The Peanut Butter Solution?