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Hi All,

I know this movie has been discussed for the entire month of November - but I can't get over how surprised I was on how good All Quiet On The Western Front was....

I assumed it would have been another "Meh" war movie on Netflix, but this was one of the best war movies of all time! At least in my opinion.

Regardless, this had me curious to see what recent movies you all have seen that completely caught you by surprise, and for the better?



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Thetimmybaby t1_ixanzos wrote

The Weird Al movie had no business being that good


Additional_Score_929 t1_ixan1jn wrote

Barbarian. Went into it completely blind and it turned out to be incredible.


3heat6 t1_ixb4paq wrote

I also went in completely blind. The first half was the best horror movie I've seen in a long time, but it lost me in the second half.


DublaneCooper t1_ixcbpyw wrote

I completely agree. So weird and strangely terrifying. But as soon as >!the milk bottle appears beneath the bars and she starts drinking from it!<, it completely jumps the shark. The second half isn’t so much scary as WTF. Like in >!how a 5th generation inbred cave dweller somehow has super strength to break through a metal wall and tear a man in half!<. Seriously - WTF?


ManagementOk8191 t1_ixbm2wi wrote

One of the best film experiences I’ve ever had, so glad I went in blind and saw in it a theater, the collective “WTF” experience I had with everyone in there was amazing.


ArtfulMegalodon t1_ixaw4mx wrote

I could also say Barbarian, in that I went into it expecting to enjoy it based on all the glowing reviews and ended up massively disappointed and shaking my head in bafflement.


thegermblaster t1_ixaxpr6 wrote

Mind if I ask what you didn’t like about it? Personally, I loved it but I always like hearing a contrasting view!


alwayslookon_tbsol t1_ixc352l wrote

I share a similar sentiment

>! It was a fairly typical monster horror movie. It was okay. Not particularly scary, humor wasn’t particularly funny. The philosophical question of ‘who is the real monster?’ isn’t anything new or profound.!<

>!I didn’t hate it, but everything it’s trying to do, other movies have done before, and some better. !<


Bluerecyclecan t1_ixam2of wrote

The Black Phone. Knew nothing about it but wanted to watch something along the lines of that type of movie. Assumed it would be bad but was actually pretty good.


porkchopsricepeaches t1_ixbea2y wrote

Bullet Train. Initially thought it would be a standard action film, but while it wasn't groundbreaking in any way, the plot and characters were far better than the trailers made it seem.


Tom_Ace1 t1_ixcf44p wrote

I enjoyed that movie from beginning to end. And while all the actors do a great job, Brad Pitt once again stole the show.


lilligremlin t1_ixamy6l wrote

Clerks III. I have been disappointed by pretty much every movie I’ve seen in theaters the past couple years with very few exceptions. I didn’t really expect to like the movie as much as I did, but I loved it. It has this charming simplicity to it that reminded me of why I really love movies. Guess I have to admit that I’m kind of a sucker for Smith’s more sentimental dialogue, especially of his earlier movies, and Clerks III legitimately hit me harder emotionally than a movie has in a very long time.


NoItJustCantBe t1_ixldtgj wrote

I actually really disliked clerks 3, being such a fan of 1 & 2 with the more "day in the life" aspects and just how dark humored those films were. Clerks 3 felt like it was trying really hard to be funny with only a few moments landing and was too meta for a clerks movie

Of course, I absolutely loved Jay and silent bob reboot while many others hated it, but I feel the meta humor works better there as strikes back was already super meta before it, and reboot was actually continuously funny to me unlike clerks 3


Idaho_Brotato t1_ixam7zi wrote

I thought 'Lightyear" was a much better sci-fi movie than it had any right to be. Totally expected something silly, but it had a solid sci-fi premise and I really enjoyed it.


Lady_Disco_Sparkles t1_ixanisa wrote

Aftersun. It turned out to be a truly beautiful and heartbreaking film that stayed with me for a while after. The performances by Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio are wonderful and the cinematography is stunning. I wasn't expecting that emotional gut-punch of a movie and I loved it.


adamzissou t1_ixaqaop wrote

The Menu

I knew I'd like it based on the trailer/concept/actors, but it superceded my expectations & left me unexpectedly thinking about for a few days.The vibe is so unsettling & tense but darkly comedic.

The Chef does make some thought provoking commentary about our culture albeit a bit extreme. Probably would see it again.


Looper007 t1_ixaqsjq wrote

The Menu.

Expecting a over the top horror and silliness. This one came out of nowhere and blew me away. It made me laugh a lot but was also unnerving without been over the top. Ralph Fiennes was amazing in it.


Rufus2fist t1_ixb1r51 wrote

When Nope hit theaters i couldn’t catch it. Then some people i listen to their opinions didn’t like it at all, so i skipped for a bit. Randomly put on with a couple of people the other night and Loved it. Don’t know if it was i wasn’t expecting to like, or our group dynamic, but really enjoyed.


idioma t1_ixb7npz wrote

It Follows. I assumed it would be another workman quality horror film. Found myself genuinely enjoying the plot and even a little bit frightened by a few scenes. Solid 9/10.


IslandChillin t1_ixalw2g wrote

The Wonder. I was bored with it ngl. Then I started to think this must be true. Just such a random story. Turns it out it's based on a true story and the movie is really interesting once you look at it from a historical perspective


Looper007 t1_ixaqmp2 wrote

A tad overlong and the fourth wall breaking did jar me a bit. But worth it for Florence Pugh excellent performance.


HEHEHO2022 t1_ixaq0t2 wrote

so you only liked it because it could be real. weird way to like a film.


IslandChillin t1_ixarebi wrote

Have you seen it? It's a dry , long , very slow burn type of movie. I definitely lost interest and wanted to look up why it was #2 trending on Netflix. Once I did, I went down the rabbit hole of the real cases. So yeah it made it way more interesting. Crazy concept I know.


imnotsteven7 t1_ixalwvp wrote

Smile 😁


HEHEHO2022 t1_ixaq4e5 wrote

yikes. care to say what it was you found good about it because i thought it was straight to dvd trash.


phlipsidejdp t1_ixbanla wrote

JoJo Rabbit. Had no idea what to expect, the first 15-20 minutes was a little uncomfortable, but the rest was amazing. Brilliant black comedy with a few real depth of emotion moments


Best_Duck9118 t1_ixbu87w wrote

It was nominated for 6 Oscars (winning one) including Best Picture though..


phlipsidejdp t1_ixcf8b6 wrote

It has slipped under my radar, never even heard of it.


HowBoutNoScottOkay t1_ixbfnz5 wrote

Earth Girls Are Easy. Geena Davis, Jeff Goldblum, Jim Carrey, and Damon Wayans are all fantastic. I’m currently watching every Jim Carrey movie and I’d never even heard of this one but it flew towards the top of my favorites of his. Will absolutely make you laugh throughout


usernameblankface t1_ixam83r wrote

The People we Hate at the wedding. They constantly subverted tropes, and had some surprisingly important points to make about life and love and family relationships.


msmischance t1_ixanpy4 wrote

I started to watch it about a half an hour ago and just couldn't get into it. I'm going to try it when I have more time.


MarilynManson2003 t1_ixat09j wrote

“The Thing” (1982). I recently watched it in the cinema and it really blew me away. It might be my favourite movie of all time, and it’s certainly the most disturbing movie I’ve ever watched.

“The Banshees Of Inisherin.” I was expecting it to just be a fun movie, but found it to also be a deeply profound masterpiece.

“Terrifier 2.” I went in knowing it would be brilliant, but somehow it still managed to surpass my expectations.


WatchMoreMovies t1_ixat86b wrote

Finally watched Benedetta. I'd been putting it off because I assumed it would be mostly a forbidden romance heavy drama. But I underestimated Paul Verhoeven. It was way more wild and layered than I thought. Lots of deception, violence, sex, hallucinations, torture and mystery. And I thought the dialogue in it was excellent. It was a really nice surprise.


Spankywzl t1_ixb2or2 wrote

Under The Silver Lake

I went in not knowing a damn thing about it, and it was a very enjoyable surprise. A trippy film noir style adventure with many a turn and a plot that involves numbers and conspiracies, but I wouldn't get hung up on that, because the film is so beautifully shot.

Also loved BJ Novak's Vengeance


2DEE831 t1_ixb2smo wrote

Barbarian, Prey, and All Quiet on the Western Front. I attribute it mostly to not watching trailers anymore so I go into all movies blindly now.

Hellraiser surprised me by how kinda mediocre it was. Good movie but had the potential to be so much better.


darkness_escape t1_ixamdcz wrote

A random movie I clocked in Tubi called Crush the Skull. It was a fantastic horror comedy version of Don't Breathe/The Collector. Where a team of thieves break into a fancy house that is actually the home of a serial killer. And it's really secure so once they are in they can't get out. It has suspense, alot of laughs. Very good movie


TheTurtleShepard t1_ixaolgj wrote

God’s Country

Wasn’t expecting much going in but I really loved it


cubcos t1_ixarf1b wrote

Surprised for the better: Emily the Criminal. Fantastic movie, great peformances and characters. Surprised for the worse: Smile. Everyone hyped it up so much and it was the most generic, boring horror I've seen this year. Just my opinion.


HoselRockit t1_ixatma9 wrote

Luckiest Girl Alive. It went down some roads I was not expecting.


heyclaude t1_ixayklj wrote

You Won't Be Alone.

Incredibly touching and human story, totally unexpected.


Best_Duck9118 t1_ixbu5cr wrote

Why would you expect it to be “meh.?” It got very good reviews.


drguru OP t1_ixc4i2g wrote

Of course it did...

I didn't read anything about it beforehand...

Went in completely blind about it the night or two of its release and loved it. Watched in three times now. Lol

By the way, reviews in general should be taken with a grain of salt. So many movies that got highly rated end up being terrible, and so many movies get poorly rated and turn out being excellent.


Best_Duck9118 t1_ixc75k7 wrote

We’re very, very different people. I always research things beforehand and rarely do the same thing twice.


Tom_Ace1 t1_ixcex9j wrote

I recently saw Jojo Rabbit and it was much better than I thought it would be (a comedy about Hitler youth, what?). It was funny and endearing at the same time, and very well played by the young actor. Taika Waititi even cracked me up, which is rare.


freezingkiss t1_ixcye7l wrote

Catherine Called Birdy looked so obnoxious in the preview but was actually so so sweet. It had the double effect of me thinking how many young girls went through what she went through over the centuries.


Lord_Darksong t1_ixdx46g wrote

Tropic Thunder. Never seen it before and it was really funny.

Tony Stark in what amounts to blackface wouldn't fly today. The absurdity of it though. Half-Squat at the end was my favorite part. Lol.


Purple_Channel_9147 t1_ixf07i1 wrote

I've been very pleasantly surprised recently. Weird Al was great, Barbarian and Smile were both super scary, Bros was funny, and I totally agree with you on All Quiet. I'm not a fan of war movies usually, but this was so...I don't know, compelling? It stayed with me and I wasn't expecting much.


ruderegime t1_ixoznvr wrote

Everything Everywhere All at Once.


blenderforall t1_ixsp923 wrote

RRR, the most refreshing over the top action movie I've seen in a long time. Probably since edge of tomorrow


Harryonthest t1_ixao9wv wrote

Bardo was sublime, third favorite of the year so far behind Tár(2) and Banshees(1)


HEHEHO2022 t1_ixaq77i wrote

looks like a huge malick rip off


Harryonthest t1_ixassga wrote

it did have the feeling of a Malick film but with the essence of Mexico if you can imagine that, I enjoyed it. not as good as "A Hidden Life" but better than lesser Malick's imo


nivem94 t1_ixc38dl wrote

Athena. Knew nothing about it went in blind. Well worth it. First French film I’ve seen too!