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The decennial Sight & Sound list of the greatest films is being published four days from now. How much do you think the top 100 will change? Will a new winner overtake Vertigo for the top spot? Make your predictions. Those who haven't seen the 2012 critics list can find it here.
I'm going to guess:

  • Vertigo will retain its #1 position
  • Seven Samurai and Mulholland Drive will both move up into the top 10
  • We will see one or two films from the 2010s, most likely one of:
    • Certified Copy (2010)
    • The Tree of Life (2011)
    • A Separation (2011)
    • Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)
  • I am doubtful we will see many new additions from the 2000s, but these may make an appearance:
    • Spirited Away (2001)
    • No Country for Old Men (2007)
  • Five pre-70s classics absent from the 2012 list that will hopefully get a placement this time:
    • Make Way for Tomorrow (1937)
    • The Red Shoes (1948)
    • In a Lonely Place (1950)
    • Harakiri (1962)
    • The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (1966)
  • Godard will not have as much representation as last decade, films like 'Contempt' and 'Pierrot le fou' may fall off the list entirely.
  • Malick, Kubrick, and Kurosawa will likely all be better represented as films like 'Badlands', 'Days of Heaven', 'Paths of Glory', 'Dr. Strangelove', 'Ikiru', and 'High and Low' have a good chance of joining this decade's list.


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Ozark_Bosn t1_iy5qip0 wrote

I predict the top 3 will be Tokyo Story, Kane, 2001 in some order. Vertigo in top 5.


Breathless will be top 10. Jeanne Dielman will be in the top 20.


The Searchers and Man with a Movie Camera will drop out of the top 10. Potyemkin will drop but I don't know by how much. Godard's Histoire(s) will be out of the top 100 due to its unavailability.


Eyes Wide Shut will be in the lower 50. Shawshank won't be in the top 100.

No film more recent than 2011 will make it into the list.


BEE_REAL_ t1_iy5rh5l wrote

> Shawshank won't be in the top 100

Shawshank Redemption isn't gonna get more than a few votes. It is in no way an important or interesting movie in the grand scheme of things


Ozark_Bosn t1_iy5qob7 wrote

Make Way for Tomorrow would be a great addition especially as S&S critics love Tokyo Story so much.


AbleInfluence1817 t1_iy6avas wrote

May I ask why you think Vertigo will not only drop from number 1 but out of the top 3 entirely? Personally I’m not a huge vertigo fan but I cannot see such a huge drop


Ozark_Bosn t1_iy8rmua wrote

Watching it again recently, I thought that today's view of healthy romance makes it obvious that Stewart's character is a creep from the very beginning. Dulls the impact of the second half.


naynaythewonderhorse t1_iy85f5b wrote

Potemkin has gained a HUGE surge in relevancy this year, and I can see it being moved to first or second on that merit alone. For a nearly century old film that’s still astonishingly groundbreaking and relevant is surely worth celebrating.

I’d say it deserves the spot.


EricDericJeric t1_iy8h7ks wrote

>I predict the top 3 will be Tokyo Story, Kane, 2001 in some order. Vertigo in top 5.

I had the same thought (though I think 2001 will be #1) but can't think of what would fill out the top 5. Maybe Rules of the Game or Joan of Arc.


SpreadYourAss t1_iy98z5z wrote

What's up with A Separation being that highly regarded?

Don't get me wrong, it's a really good movie and I loved it. But it's... just that? A really good movie. I don't understand how it started to come under consideration for all time greatests.


igoslowly t1_iy61i0h wrote

fury road will make the top 250


koeniedoenie t1_iy69szq wrote

I figured Citizen Kane would take it’s place back, but based on the replies you might be right on Vertigo. My hope is that 2001 will rise 5 spots to first place. It’s been rising each time and IMO most deserving of the spot.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_iy6jti0 wrote

The Tree of Life was already in their 250 at #102 so it will probably move up:

Several of the other movies you listed were already in the 250.

Contempt only shifted a few positions between the 2002 and the 2012 lists so while I am not a fan of that movie I doubt if it will drop more than twenty places.

In the 2012 update only a dozen or so post 2002 or later movies were added to the 250:

The highest ranked new addition to the 250 will probably be Parasite which will definitely make the top 100. I think other movies from the last decade that also will make the 250 are Ida, Shoplifters, 12 Years A Slave, Moonlight, and Shoplifters. I assume at least one Korean film will make the list and I wish it was Poetry but The Handmaiden or Burning seem more likely.

I really hope some of the movies near the bottom of the 250 move up but they probably will drop out. Two movies in the 18 way tie for 235 that I hope move up are The Double Life of Veronique and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari.


CharmingSoil t1_iy5os0i wrote

Unlikely Vertigo maintains top spot.


BEE_REAL_ t1_iy5s7z7 wrote

Vertigo got 1.5x as many votes as any other movie with female critics last time (not saying that negatively, it's one of my favorite movies), and I think the gender distribution is only getting more even.

I've heard the new voter base also has way more British people for some reason, which probably helps Hitchcock (and also means The Third Man might finish inexplicably high)


sgmctabnxjs t1_iy5qz0i wrote

Paddington 2 will take the top spot.


Warm-Enthusiasm-9534 t1_iy78qju wrote

I find it hard to believe that Vertigo will be number one again, but that's because I found it hard to believe it was number one last time.


naynaythewonderhorse t1_iy86lp7 wrote

I can see Her getting into the list somewhere near the bottom of the list as a more recent entry. If there’s one film that’s the epitome of how the world has changed and evolved in the 10 years since the last list, it’s that one.

It’s also worth mentioning that the social media age has brought a lot of films to light in the past 10 years than ever before. I think the list will be more vivid and have a lot more perspectives and voices across culture than ever before. I can see it changing dramatically.

If anything takes number one that isn’t Vertigo or Kane it will be Battleship Potemkin. The Ukraine war is fresh in everyone’s mind, and this film is emblematic of that struggle.