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Ozark_Bosn t1_iy5qip0 wrote

I predict the top 3 will be Tokyo Story, Kane, 2001 in some order. Vertigo in top 5.


Breathless will be top 10. Jeanne Dielman will be in the top 20.


The Searchers and Man with a Movie Camera will drop out of the top 10. Potyemkin will drop but I don't know by how much. Godard's Histoire(s) will be out of the top 100 due to its unavailability.


Eyes Wide Shut will be in the lower 50. Shawshank won't be in the top 100.

No film more recent than 2011 will make it into the list.


BEE_REAL_ t1_iy5rh5l wrote

> Shawshank won't be in the top 100

Shawshank Redemption isn't gonna get more than a few votes. It is in no way an important or interesting movie in the grand scheme of things


Ozark_Bosn t1_iy5qob7 wrote

Make Way for Tomorrow would be a great addition especially as S&S critics love Tokyo Story so much.


AbleInfluence1817 t1_iy6avas wrote

May I ask why you think Vertigo will not only drop from number 1 but out of the top 3 entirely? Personally I’m not a huge vertigo fan but I cannot see such a huge drop


Ozark_Bosn t1_iy8rmua wrote

Watching it again recently, I thought that today's view of healthy romance makes it obvious that Stewart's character is a creep from the very beginning. Dulls the impact of the second half.


naynaythewonderhorse t1_iy85f5b wrote

Potemkin has gained a HUGE surge in relevancy this year, and I can see it being moved to first or second on that merit alone. For a nearly century old film that’s still astonishingly groundbreaking and relevant is surely worth celebrating.

I’d say it deserves the spot.


EricDericJeric t1_iy8h7ks wrote

>I predict the top 3 will be Tokyo Story, Kane, 2001 in some order. Vertigo in top 5.

I had the same thought (though I think 2001 will be #1) but can't think of what would fill out the top 5. Maybe Rules of the Game or Joan of Arc.