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DrugsArentAlwaysBad t1_ixrctop wrote

Gonna get downvoted cuz it’s recent and “white people just don’t get it” (lol) but you’re right. Nope is by far the worst of the three

At least US had a unique storyline like get out. Nope was just a drawn out spaceship movie where the spaceship was just fuckin ribbons

But at least Glenn was in that one. I miss that mf


YHofSuburbia t1_ixretsj wrote

>"white people just don’t get it"

Who is saying this? The movie wasn't even about racial issues. Twitter and Fox News has destroyed your brain dude.


DrugsArentAlwaysBad t1_ixrftr6 wrote

Black people when white people say they didn’t get it lol

Have you never seen this movie be discussed in a public setting before


ReptiIe t1_ixrgata wrote

Who hurt you lmfao


DrugsArentAlwaysBad t1_ixrgidt wrote

Oh, so we’re literally just pretending that isnt a narrative now? Lmao when did that happen?

here’s an article from Jordan peele himself (the director and writer of the movie)

Do a bit of reading before you blindly speak up so you can tell yourself how self righteous you are on Reddit


TheOneWhoCutstheRope t1_ixrinvl wrote

Except both peele and the guy above you are right? Peele is fully aware black people might most likely act differently to this situation and yet the movie was still more than just race?


Moron14 t1_ixrfref wrote

Yeah. We’ll both get down votes, but that’s the point of an opinion I guess.

Trailers for Nope made it look creepy, and spooky. Instead it was melodic and sleepy.