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ladyem8 OP t1_iybcivp wrote

Some truly bonkers things that happen in the movie when David Arquette shows Kermit what a world without him would be like:

  • Fozzy is a pickpocket
  • Miss Piggy is a Jamaican fortune teller on a 1-900 line
  • Rizzo the Rat is forced to torment contestants on Fear Factor and then is eaten
  • The Muppet Theater is a sleazy nightclub hosting raves; Scooter dances in a cage and Beaker is a terrifyingly buff bouncer

HoleyerThanThou t1_iybfll8 wrote

You left out the best one... River dancing ANIMAL!

And I love his rendition of little drummer boy.


shinobipopcorn t1_iybvha5 wrote

Plus it did the plot of the Disney Muppets film before they did. But since this one was largely forgotten, they got away with it.


OtterProper t1_iydu4to wrote

A couple things:

  1. Have you seen Meet The Feebles, and

  2. Muppet movies are not to be trusted by their titles.

I once was challenged to make a drinking game in college out of The Frog Prince, and chose "Drink when: the word "prince" is spoken; twice when they break into doing; and do a shot when a Muppet is thrown". Within five minutes the first musical number started, a spastic ditty about the frog prince wherein Muppets were launched for emphasis. By the end of that scene alone, we were down to less than half of the alcohol and two people were already tapping out. I don't remember if we continued the movie/game, but I doubt anyone there does. 🤦🏼‍♂️


mikeyfreshh t1_iybb0vu wrote

Is that the one where Kermit did 9/11?


charliemike t1_iybj13n wrote

Yes and I fucking lost it reading about that in the article


stainfellow t1_iybdohl wrote

I fucking adore this bonkers piece of shit


thetriplefault t1_iybl257 wrote

But does it top the Cabin Fever scene in Muppet Treasure Island?


FunnyPresentation656 t1_iyci73v wrote

I think about this scene every once in awhile and I'm in my mid 30s now ha. I used to rewind the VHS tape and watch it over and over again as a kid.


volanger t1_iybjsb3 wrote

Where can I find this? Disney+?


Jagermonsta t1_iyd1fhz wrote

It’s cheap on Amazon for DVD or Blu-ray. Not sure if anyone has it in stores.


jl_theprofessor t1_iybzelr wrote

This thread has quickly convinced me that I need to watch this.


_night_cat t1_iybbixo wrote

Plus there is a booze funnel in it


Coconut-bird t1_iydd03k wrote

I own this movie! I love it! It has a great Steve Irwin parody too.