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JumpinJalupes t1_ixydgul wrote

That’s actually not him, it’s an animated cat. He just does the voice


Skipdr t1_ixymg4y wrote

He did the dub?


Wadep00l t1_ixyx43m wrote

This is what Antonio wanted to say!


AaronZOOM t1_iy1a9v0 wrote

It's not 'a guy.' It's Antonio. Antonio did the dub.


Perpete t1_ixymskc wrote

Voices are important in animation movie, but the writing and the animation part are even more important. That's what make those movies.


Maester_Bates t1_ixylew9 wrote

Are you telling me that Tony Flags didn't do mo-cap for this movie?


doc_55lk t1_ixyka47 wrote

Might as well be him. The best VAs really become their characters.


TheTrueRory t1_ixzd5x9 wrote

Wow, would never have noticed, technology is incredible.


NoNefariousness2144 t1_ixybx2e wrote

It would be funny if Dreamworks films this year (Bad Guys and Puss in Boots) do better than Disney’s flops (Lightyear and Strange World). Talk about the lead getting too cocky.

Not to mention Minions destroying Lightyear two weeks after its released.


TheTrueRory t1_ixzd1vy wrote

Disney putting Turning Red on Disney Plus instead of in theaters is possibly the worst marketing decision they made this year.


AnnenbergTrojan t1_ixzpn6z wrote

I'm sure at this point that Turning Red wouldn't have done well in theaters either because there would have been a big online wave about how "inappropriate" and "woke" it is for kids.


vanillabear26 t1_ixztxtx wrote

I’m convinced that Fox News was the reason First Man flopped and I’m still angry about it.


SuspiriaGoose t1_iy0o90z wrote

Which is frustrating in itself, not just because it’s the best Pixar film in years dealing with perfectly normal adolescence, but because there is some criticism to be made in good faith on some of that. But now it can’t be made without seeming like you agree with a Fox News Troll.

I didn’t like how it was okay for Mei to buy into the capitalist sexualizing of other children (the boy band) without any sort of questioning of that paradigm, but only celebration. Especially when the other half of the film is so critical of institutions exploiting and repressing children for its own benefit. I also didn’t like a child twerking being shown as a heroic act.

But the rest of the film is incredibly well made, and there’s so much more to discuss than just that. It was targeted just as much for being about Chinese-Canadians as it was for being about tween girls.


mranimal2 t1_iy2p4km wrote

In fairness the boy band members might've been 18+ and I think it's normal for a 13 year old to crush on people they legally can't be with; I mean I was crushing on Angelina Jolie and an extremely beautiful teacher of mine when I was 13. Doesn't mean I had a chance with them!


SuspiriaGoose t1_iy2ph66 wrote

That would make me feel a little better, but I’m pretty sure they were meant to be teenagers, or even pre-teens. I guess Disney does do that with their own child stars, so they were unlikely to criticize it, but it did feel weird to me. If the genders were reversed, I’d bet we see a lot more criticism of how certain dynamics were handled.

It wasn’t egregious or anything, but it was dissonant in the film’s own story and themes.


mranimal2 t1_iy2sczf wrote

Maybe but then again most of the members of N'Sync or Backstreet Boys were 18 or in their early 20s at the height of their popularity


SuspiriaGoose t1_iy2thup wrote

Possibly, though when I look at their designs they look like children to me. I was thinking they were the age of Disney child stars, who are nearly always in the age group they’re meant to appeal to.

If they are adults, that makes some other interactions creepy instead.


[deleted] t1_iy138fq wrote



SuspiriaGoose t1_iy148gj wrote

Personally, it weirded me out to see a kid do it. Sorry. It’s different for an adult. Generally they know what it means.


tregorman t1_iy0t6bo wrote

Eh that kind of outrage marketing often propells movies into being more popular. No such thing as bad marketing and all that.


AnnenbergTrojan t1_iy0x678 wrote

I think the failure of "Lightyear" disproved that. Not that the queer fear that alt-right media was peddling was the main reason that film failed -- it had many other problems -- but the film never got any watercooler talk outside that outrage.


tregorman t1_iy1078z wrote

There was outrage around lightyear?


TheTrueRory t1_iy10lhn wrote

There's a Disney patented blink and you miss it reference to a gay relationship


AnnenbergTrojan t1_iy1aous wrote

Which led to 'gO WoKe gO bRoKe" gloating from the Breitbart crowd.


RespectThyHypnotoad t1_iy4hwql wrote

I don't think the fake "woke" criticisms ever are the result of a film failing. The projects that receive the most criticism about it do just fine from a financial perspective. Star Wars and Marvel come to mind.


cancerBronzeV t1_iy015it wrote

I almost never go to the theatres for Disney movies, but I (as well as a bunch of my friends) would've been there for Turning Red 100%. I'm probably biased because I'm from an immigrant family in Toronto, and I especially relate to the movie, but I do feel like Turning Red would've been much better on the big screen. Especially the last part with >!the giant Kaiju!<.


coolaznkenny t1_iy06vz7 wrote

big slap on the face to alot of asian communities out there.


_Quest_Buy_ t1_iy0zm3j wrote

Eh, it likely would've flopped unfortunately. There was a large crowd of weirdos saying how 'inappropriate' it was and 'brainwashing children'.


JDLovesElliot t1_iy0s5nr wrote

It's still my favourite movie of the year, so far. Would've loved to see that ending on a big screen.


Effective-Cap-2324 t1_ixyrl53 wrote

I do think universal studio might have a chance ad taking over disney on the animation boxoffice since they own both illumination and dreamworks.


Spetznazx t1_iy2yjae wrote

So excited for the new Universal park. They have a lot of great IPs to use there.


nba-player t1_ixzmemv wrote

Light year was a movie without depth and the story was strange.


cancerBronzeV t1_iy01l8l wrote

Bad Guys was unexpectedly good. I had nothing to watch on a Tuesday, and ended up watching it basically alone in the theatre. Was surprised by how fun it was, both visually and story-wise.


Colalbsmi t1_ixyam1w wrote

Thanks, I will show my 6 year this article so she can decide to watch it or not.


MissingLink000 t1_iy1zzoz wrote

Thanks for perpetuating the idea that animation is only entertaining for kids 😐👍


wookiewin t1_iy0q1y7 wrote

The trailers have been really good. Movie looks hilarious.


mamarama- t1_iy1kggh wrote

Brought my kids to an early screening yesterday, it was lots of fun.


debaser64 t1_ixzgzcn wrote

The Puss in Boots show on Netflix was fantastic.


RealJohnGillman t1_iy2ypfe wrote

I do find it funny that at this point, the overall franchise has been Puss and Boots-focused much longer than it ever was Shrek-focused.


aw-un t1_iy0wpif wrote

Anybody know where I can watch the first one?


EcstatMec t1_ixz84ym wrote

Looked absolutely awful from the trailer


Smithsonian30 t1_iy2ilob wrote

Having seen it, I can tell you it’s not absolutely awful. I’d even say it’s pretty good


EcstatMec t1_iy2mnso wrote

I don't trust your opinion


TheSeventhAnimorph t1_iy2p6vg wrote

It's at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes right now. (Though there are only 8 critic reviews so far.)


Smithsonian30 t1_iy3phuq wrote

Do you have any specific questions about it? I’d be glad to talk about it with you


EcstatMec t1_iy3wlyt wrote

How does it stack up against Shrek 1 and 2?


Smithsonian30 t1_iy3zxqf wrote

I’d rank the Shrek/Puss in Boots movies as follows: Shrek 2, Shrek 1, Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, Puss in Boots 1, Shrek 4 (Forever After), Shrek 3.

I felt The Last Wish had more fairytale references than Puss in Boots 1 which made it feel more like it was in the world of Shrek. The new animation style is the biggest change and it’s going to be up to your personal taste. I really liked the new animation which looked like a combination of 3D and 2D (akin to Into the Spider-Verse) but it probably won’t be everyone’s cup of tea.

The story was very solid and even quite mature at times with Puss having to face his mortality. The one aspect of the film I didn’t love was the little dog who was clearly put there to sell plush toys to children, but even he served a purpose in the overall plot. I took my nieces who also enjoyed it. In terms of animated movies, I liked it enough to give it a 7.5/10 and I’d rate Shrek 1 8/10 and Shrek 2 9/10.

Hopefully that gives you some insight.