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Double_Jelly2589 t1_ix46gqe wrote

At least there are loads of good shows on Apple TV Serverance is a must , Ted Lasso, Slow Horses , Blackbird , Bad Sisters are all really good


TravisBlink t1_ix5njo7 wrote

Seconding this. Really enjoyed all of the above. Bad Sisters was superb. Also the Servant.


TheraKoon t1_ix48sff wrote

Severance is good. None of the other ones you mentioned are great, just meh. Ted Lasso wasn't half bad season 1 but season 2 was a wreck. Blackbird was absolute drivel.


TKDCaleb t1_ixb6zsz wrote

Ted Lasso is one of the highest Emmy nominated shows of all time. It's amazing.


Double_Jelly2589 t1_ix4b6ed wrote

Season 2 wasn't as good as season 1.I thought Blackbird was a slower pace but well acted but everyone will enjoy different shows there is enough good on the streaming site that there will be something everyone will like.