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Atli_Thor t1_ix5v15h wrote

It was okay I guess. I liked the concept much better than the film itself.

And I feel it was very front-heavy with the fast paced and loud songs like it was desperately trying to grab our attention, total sensory overload. And I guess the filmmakers felt that way too because they deleted one song number.

I think they could've simplified the plot and maybeee not made it a musical? Could've fixed the pacing and giving more time for better character moments? Idk, just spitballing here.


throwaway-7744 t1_ixokwyn wrote

Yeah. The pacing, character development, and character arcs felt rushed to me. It was an enjoyable experience and I was honestly impressed by many elements of it, but the story felt a smidge muddled thematically.


Comprehensive-Fun47 t1_ixqbnqt wrote

Finally a comment close to how I felt.

They tried to cram way too much into this. It was a mish mash of completely different tones and it needed some serious editing.

Some parts were laugh out loud funny. I wish there was more of than than earnest singing. I love musicals, but I was annoyed by most of the songs.

Good afternoon was hilarious and catchy. I would have liked more of that. But even the concept being explored in that song didn’t go anywhere. It should have been more of a story arc.

There was just way too much going on. I would have cut several songs and upped the comedy. It swung really hard from wacky comedy to dark places to musical numbers with huge ensembles, and trying to make a commentary on social issues like “karens” and social media sowing division. It didn’t flow, it was too much to take in, and they didn’t follow through on most of the ideas presented.

I just wanted something a little simpler. And as a musical lover…I also think being a musical did not improve this movie!