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WarmMoistLeather t1_ix42zpj wrote

Probably won't see it, especially if it's not on a service I already have. The commercials didn't do anything for me; I wasn't sure it was real because Ryan and Will in a Carol remake seemed like a strange concept.

Only Carols I watch for Christmas are Scrooged and The Muppets.


Merkle-bbs t1_ix44odo wrote

>Personally I got absolutely nothing out of this movie.

This pretty much sums it up perfectly.

One of the most forgettable films I think I've ever seen


Double_Jelly2589 t1_ix46gqe wrote

At least there are loads of good shows on Apple TV Serverance is a must , Ted Lasso, Slow Horses , Blackbird , Bad Sisters are all really good


Sea_Permit_8685 t1_ix46q78 wrote

Watched it yesterday but barely paid attention to it.


Double_Jelly2589 t1_ix4b6ed wrote

Season 2 wasn't as good as season 1.I thought Blackbird was a slower pace but well acted but everyone will enjoy different shows there is enough good on the streaming site that there will be something everyone will like.


Jenniferinfl t1_ix5k7ji wrote

I thought it was adorable.

I mean, most Christmas movies aren't super great critically speaking. I really enjoyed this one though, it will likely join my regular holiday rotation. I'm a sucker for musicals, so this one was perfect for me and what I'm looking for in a Christmas movie.

My current must-watch Christmas movies are Elf, Home Alone, Nightmare Before Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street, Noelle (cheesy, but, I loved it anyways), Klaus and now also Spirited.

I have my must watch list, but, I usually fill it out with some others I don't need to see every year, like The Santa Clause, Peanuts Christmas, Scrooged, Muppet Christmas and so on.


gunter_grass t1_ix5ry7p wrote

Accidentally found it online by specifically searching for it. I didn't want to sign up for another service. And I found a perfect copy and boy did it kind of Indifferently suck.


Atli_Thor t1_ix5v15h wrote

It was okay I guess. I liked the concept much better than the film itself.

And I feel it was very front-heavy with the fast paced and loud songs like it was desperately trying to grab our attention, total sensory overload. And I guess the filmmakers felt that way too because they deleted one song number.

I think they could've simplified the plot and maybeee not made it a musical? Could've fixed the pacing and giving more time for better character moments? Idk, just spitballing here.


octobuss t1_ix7bu5h wrote

I never would have watched it on my own volition, but my wife put it on while I was “working from home”. And I stopped working and watched the whole thing, cried a bit, laughed a lot.

The physical humour they both added was the perfect touch.

Fun movie :)


lifelongbruxr t1_ix7qchf wrote

I really enjoyed this. I went in with low expectations and was surprised. I called some stuff that was going to happen at the end (specifically with Ryan’s character). The musical numbers weren’t that bad either, but did remind me a hell of a lot of ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ with the numbers. Wonder if anyone from that show-like the writers or a producer-worked on this film as well.


BeefLilly t1_ix8mds3 wrote

This was just a good Christmas movie. Fun musical.


Jenniferinfl t1_ix8n0gl wrote

I watched that one for the first time last year, it's on my every other year rotation. It almost made the every year list, but my 11 year old used her one veto for it.


MUSCULAR_WALRUS t1_ix9l6or wrote

That fact that I never see “it’s a wonderful life” on lists anymore is so depressing to me.

To me, it encapsulates the spirit Christmas and the human condition.

It is THE quintessential Christmas movie.


Jenniferinfl t1_ix9nocw wrote

I've seen it probably 20 times. I'm burned out on it. I do need to watch it as my spouse and kid have never seen it. It was always on TV when I was growing up and we didn't have cable, same with Frosty and Rudolph.


fistingcouches t1_ixbadb7 wrote

OP I googled “Spirited Reddit” and this post came up. It appears me and you are the only ones who didn’t like it lol. I expected more from Ryan Reynolds and Will Farrell. Way too much music even for a musical imo. I had to turn it off with 40 minutes left.


nik-nak333 t1_ixfwt48 wrote

Just finished it with my wife, we loved it, beginning to end. Great musical numbers and top notch production, ton of great jokes, 5/5, will watch again.


Jenniferinfl t1_ixgz1zp wrote

So we watched it last night. I think I get why it's not on many lists. You have to know something about history to be able to understand what's going on. My spouse kept pausing it to ask why things were happening. He didn't understand that banks could just demand a loan be paid immediately. He didn't know what a 'run on a bank' was. He didn't understand that Powell triggered it on purpose by closing the bank and calling in their loan.

When I was a kid I didn't get it either. As an adult I've had to take classes that covered that history and the modern banking regulation that it triggered.

I mean, you can watch the movie without knowing those things, but then you don't know why he had to skip the honeymoon and so on. It feels more like a choice he made rather than the only reasonable option.


MUSCULAR_WALRUS t1_ixhnx1r wrote

I’m not so sure I agree, my wife’s from the Dominican Republic and doesn’t know the first thing about anything before 1990, and she’s able to follow the story completely fine. I don’t think I ever had to pause it and explain it, I just asked her if she gets everything about the bank and she does.

I want to clarify I’m not tying to insult your husband, but even with that I don’t think it detracts from the message at all


Silestra t1_ixkjq0s wrote

I’ll just add that I can see it both ways. Not knowing all about banking regulations, but knowing that during the Great Depression times were really tough was enough historical context for me to feel a great emotional impact from the movie. I do think it belongs near the top of a Christmas must-watch list.


freezingkiss t1_ixl84uh wrote

I loved it. It's fun and sweet. I really enjoyed the concept and the songs. It made me smile and honestly I felt better after watching it.


poopenheimer22 t1_ixoisvx wrote

Musicals aren't very great. Will Ferrell could've been in something far far better


throwaway-7744 t1_ixokwyn wrote

Yeah. The pacing, character development, and character arcs felt rushed to me. It was an enjoyable experience and I was honestly impressed by many elements of it, but the story felt a smidge muddled thematically.


Comprehensive-Fun47 t1_ixqbnqt wrote

Finally a comment close to how I felt.

They tried to cram way too much into this. It was a mish mash of completely different tones and it needed some serious editing.

Some parts were laugh out loud funny. I wish there was more of than than earnest singing. I love musicals, but I was annoyed by most of the songs.

Good afternoon was hilarious and catchy. I would have liked more of that. But even the concept being explored in that song didn’t go anywhere. It should have been more of a story arc.

There was just way too much going on. I would have cut several songs and upped the comedy. It swung really hard from wacky comedy to dark places to musical numbers with huge ensembles, and trying to make a commentary on social issues like “karens” and social media sowing division. It didn’t flow, it was too much to take in, and they didn’t follow through on most of the ideas presented.

I just wanted something a little simpler. And as a musical lover…I also think being a musical did not improve this movie!


SableSlate t1_ixvy5ub wrote

I wasn't anticipating it at all! I remember Will and Ryan did that viral TikTok singing trend and was wondering what movie it was a promo for. When the movie started as a musical I was like "oh, geeze, not again..." lol like "not another holiday musical" and it's almost like they knew I would be watching. It was a GREAT movie, a wonderful surprised, unexpected little turns of events, and I've seen it four times now. It did leave me with some questions, but not enough to make me think it was terrible. LOVED it.

There were a lot of moral opinions in it that some may live against so I could see how that could turn someone off. Also, it's a bit of a departure from Will Ferrell's usual stuff which is difficult for people to see - there's less slap stick. And... idk, I've only ever really seen Ryan Reynolds in Van Wilder a million years ago and I stan his relationship with Blake. So I guess if you're into his more recent films (and he's a terrible dancer haha), this is a departure from that as well.


Electronic_Stuff4363 t1_iy1t2tz wrote

I had to fast forward through all the singing , to even finish it . This could’ve been so much better had they not put all the bad band bad songs in it .