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HalfwayPowerRiot t1_iyb6yvj wrote

That's cool. There are a lot of older films I'd love to see on the big screen.


Rhomega2 t1_iybix0c wrote

My local chain does Tuesday Night Classics.


DeckardsDark t1_iyd2a5i wrote

usually agree, but i feel like It's A Wonderful Life has to be watched at home cozied up on the couch with a nice fire going with an old fashioned in hand. preferably a blizzard going on outside too


Thejudojeff t1_iybyfr8 wrote

Makes me cry every goddamn time


tenderbuck t1_iyc3hcm wrote

I have to watch it alone. Love it so much, just the opening makes me tear up.


Schism213 t1_iybemjw wrote

Fathom Events is a scourge. Now that they have this locked up in an exclusive agreement for a few years, local single screen theatres can't book this classic. The single screen I'm at always has this play Saturday and Sunday morning on Thanksgiving weekend. Not this year though. A Christmas Story will also be locked into an exclusive agreement soon as well.


JLDZYV t1_iybhyqz wrote

You sure? IAWL actually fell into the public domain decades ago because the studio forget to renew the copyright. Then because it was public domain, TV stations started playing it every year, bringing it back from obscurity and making it a popular classic.


Schism213 t1_iybiiqs wrote

We’ve always booked through Paramount and this year was told we had access through November 14 as it was being pulled that day.


kpt_graubrot t1_iyco574 wrote

Wasn't it then discovered that the short story the movie was based on was still under copyright?


crystalistwo t1_iycrun2 wrote

If I remember, I think Universal discovered they owned music in the movie that's still under copyright, so the movie's not public domain anymore. It'll be public domain in 19 years.


MovieNachos t1_iyf3lpu wrote

Ohhh so this is why I can't find it playing anywhere. My wife and I would see this every Christmas at our local small theater and suddenly it's impossible to find showtimes anywhere other than these two dates.


georgeststgeegland t1_iyf649l wrote

This is one of TCM's classics on the big screens. They've done To Kill a Mockingbird, Casablanca, In the Heat of the Night, Smoky and the Bandit...and others I can't remember in the past year. At least we have a national release for any classic movie. They are few and far between. If you don't have an arthouse theatre in your city this is your only chance to see a classic in a theatre.

No idea if fathom is evil or if this means they have an exclusive agreement.


allmimsyburogrove t1_iybd75o wrote

interesting fact: when the film was released, conservatives and the FBI considered the film to be communist propaganda


SpinCharm t1_iyc6qb7 wrote

Fun fact: Zuzu (Karolyn Grimes) is still alive and well. I emailed her back in the 90s before she undoubtedly had to cut off this new-fangled direct approach to tell her how wonderful I thought she was. We had a bit of back and forth for a short time.

I was overjoyed to discover that she’s still alive some 30 years later!

I still watch the movie every year. It’s not Christmas without it.


BillMcCrearysStache t1_iybgdii wrote

I watch this movie like 3-4 times every december, its just so good


yankeeinexile t1_iyc6p79 wrote

One of my dads favorite movies. We went and saw it in a restored art-deco style theater from the '40s a few years back. Really hit the Christmas spot.


clockwork655 t1_iyd7gk7 wrote

The exorcist III should also be played in the same theaters


Yolandi2802 t1_iybxmm9 wrote

Ugh. Highly overrated movie.


ADrizzleofHoneyy t1_iybqsxw wrote

Lol like Morbius, rerelease of a movie that didn’t do well because people “like” it now.


QuebecQueefs t1_iyc0y6l wrote

I can’t even begin to unpack how fucking ludicrous this statement is. Dear lord. Maybe don’t speak about things you know nothing about?


ADrizzleofHoneyy t1_iyd4nfg wrote

I do know things, like how this movie absolutely bombed at box offices when it was shown originally, so nobody wanted to buy it, so it was free for tv execs to play on tv over and over and over, so people saw it over and over and over then decided it was tradition so suddenly it was good.


QuebecQueefs t1_iye072e wrote

And that makes this like Morbius how? Personally, I love this film, and millions of others do too. It doesn’t matter how it got here. For the record, they didn’t just make it free cause no one wanted it. A clerical error led to it entering the public domain. Then in ‘93 the courts removed it from public domain and returned it to Paramount.


ADrizzleofHoneyy t1_iye3crf wrote

They are just alike both are films that did terrible on the initial run and both got a rerelease in theaters. How about you take a chill pill and stop acting like I insulted your mother. It is a movie, I saw a similarity and I pointed it out. You can suck this movie off all you want that isn’t going to make it good.


Internal_Pool_7760 t1_iybeer2 wrote

Fuck yeah!! We finally gonna get the mass shooting cut version?


BillMcCrearysStache t1_iybgbru wrote

I always thought it was funny how in the alternate reality part where George is running from the cop (bert or ernie I can’t remember which one was the cop) he just starts shooting at him even though there are so many bystanders close by lol


Oicu-8-1-2 t1_iyb7pdf wrote

Not so wonderful after all


Silent_HRH t1_iyba0hl wrote

It’s a Wonderful Bingemas staring Tim Meadows is so much funnier and will replace this classic over time.


DavefromKS t1_iyb7b2b wrote



NikinhoRobo t1_iyb7p15 wrote

Why not


DavefromKS t1_iyb8l66 wrote

But why?