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ColdPressedSteak t1_iycq83p wrote

I recognize literally none of these. Must be bottom feeder movies that never made it on any public radar

Oh, I do for Once upon a time in China if that's some sequel to the Jet Li movies


DeathMetalViking666 t1_iycuenx wrote

Left Behind was the Christian rapture one with Nic Cage in if I remember right. But that's the only one I recognised. If it wasn't for him, I'd have never heard it either.

From what I know, he's also not very 'Cagey' in it either, so it's not even funny bad. Just 'I had bills to pay' bad.


January28thSixers t1_iycwt3h wrote

Hercules made a sequel that's coming out next year. Expect to hear boring excuses about poor performance about wokeness.


dreamnightmare t1_iycyxme wrote

There were already two “Left Behind” movies that were made in late 90s early 2000s.

Starring Kirk Cameron (of course) and Clarence Gilyard (Trevette from Walker Texas Ranger).

They were tv movie level mediocre.

The Nic Cage one was supposed to be the big Hollywood version…

It didn’t work out.


Ccaves0127 t1_iye4l0a wrote

Cage said he starred in the movie because one of his brothers is a pastor but really I think it's because he just had to be on a cockpit set for like 5 days and get paid $1 million, which I would also happily do.


Lucaonthetub t1_iydr2qu wrote

It’s a shame because the books are pretty fun.


Pryoticus t1_iye9q03 wrote

I actually enjoyed reading the books. I’m not exactly religious but they were an interesting and entertaining interpretation of Revelation, especially considering the “let us save your soul” vibe


LiveJournal t1_iyekg2d wrote

I remember the Kirk Cameron one being pretty good. No idea why they bothered remaking it.


sonofeevil t1_iycyy6v wrote

Yay... I can't wait to fall asleep to yet another Dawyne Johnson movie.


January28thSixers t1_iydjysh wrote

Shit, I forgot they made that. Yeah, pathetic grifter from the TV show Hercules.


Usual_Concentrate_58 t1_iyczutd wrote

I watched the trailer and Left Behind looks like The Leftovers meets 7th Heaven meets Snakes on a Plane. I'm intrigued.


Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_iyd2k8i wrote

it’s not. it’s not even so-bad-it’s-good, it’s a boring slog. Nic Cage is a pilot mid flight when the rapture happens and people just disappear from the plane, yet he is the most calm, level headed person imaginable.


AlistarDark t1_iydadma wrote

And don't forget, he doesnt go to heaven because he thought about cheating on his crazy wife. His daughter is atheist. A person on the plane was going to buy stocks with insider information. A reporter (aka the level headed hero guy) was a reporter, which was enough to prevent him from getting to heaven.. I forget the other ones, but they were all barely a sin.


holy_plaster_batman t1_iyeb6ei wrote

My wife and I really like watching terrible religious movies (shoutout to the Thief in the Night series) but this was literally unwatchable


Rage_Like_Nic_Cage t1_iyeftye wrote

same. My wife and I love to laugh at movies like God’s Not Dead, but Left Behind was just a boring slog despite is batshit insane premise.


holy_plaster_batman t1_iyegzqs wrote

If you also like terrible Christmas movies, our favorite is called All I Want is Christmas (also known as Switchmas)

It's about a Jewish kid Ira Finkelstein who really, really wants to be able to celebrate Christmas. It has everything a terrible Christmas movies needs: super low budget with a C-lister cameo, a big city person stuck in small town, a weird and even lower budget animated musical scene, plot holes so big you can drive a semi through, and Jewish stereotypes not seen in cinema since Triumph of the Will.

We were pretty stoned when we first watched it and laughed a lot, it's now been added to the annual holiday watch list.


justduett t1_iyevc17 wrote

Even in a thread of comments about Cage’s Left Behind terribleness, I still wasn’t expecting a Thief In The Night shoutout! It’s been 25+ years, but we watched those movies on a summer retreat one year and I still can’t forget how cheesy those were!


holy_plaster_batman t1_iyezpj1 wrote

My wife calls them duct tape movies. When she was forced to watch them as a child, the VHS cassette was held together with duct tape


Ozlin t1_iyfdodp wrote

In college my English teacher made us read the book and then watch the movie. I fell asleep in class. It's indeed terrible and boring and not worth anyone's time. The book is also poorly written and I only kept it in case I ever need a book to burn. The movie deserves all of its 0%. If a movie could go into a negative percentage, this would be one of them.


DeathMetalViking666 t1_iyd1lpm wrote

Only going off second hand knowledge here (watched a youtuber review it once), but I wouldn't bother unless you're one to find Christian movies really funny.

It's your absolutely standard rapture movie, except there's a B plot with people getting raptured on a plane. Cage spends most of the movie in the cockpit not doing any of the things that makes Cage enjoyable to watch. He's clearly there just for a paycheck.


AnAquaticOwl t1_iyd9t0v wrote

The Leftovers is quite possibly the best tv show ever made. Left Behind is Revelations fan fiction


stomach t1_iydbfl5 wrote

even the movie cover for that one lol

looks like whoever retouched the photo thought nic cage was someone else entirely.


PhinsFan17 t1_iye59lf wrote

The books came out in the 90s and were first adapted to movies starring Kirk Cameron. Chad Michael Murray plays his character in the remake.


timojenbin t1_iydwkfx wrote

>he's also not very 'Cagey'

He claims to never have phoned it in. I'm pretty sure he's forgotten about this movie.


HalloweenBlues t1_iydhtqu wrote

Oh wow I didn't know they remade it with Nic Cage and Chad Micheal Murray. That's quite a step up from the Kirk Cameron one.


Pryoticus t1_iye9fst wrote

Surely, nick Cage left behind cannot be worse than Kirk Cameron Left Behind…


Spherical3D t1_iyefcfo wrote

I thought you were describing The Knowing until I hit up Google. I guess Nic Cage is the go-to guy to star in a terrible film about the Second Coming lol!


uhhhhhhhhhhhyeah t1_iyektbr wrote

I thought he took that million dollar birthday gig in Majorca, and retired. huh.


PickleGaGa t1_iye7nyn wrote

Im having a hard time believing once upon a time in China 6 got 0%. Even if the story sucks it's Jet LI and Sammo Hung directing. At least the fight choreography should be decent. It has 6.1 on IMDB.


King-Of-Throwaways t1_iyf9e19 wrote

It's got 4 critic reviews - 2 positive and 2 negative. It apparently has 5000+ user ratings, but only 1 review, in which the reviewer praises it.

So I'm inclined to think the 0% audience score is a glitch, or the result of a bot mass-voting campaign or something.


ingloriousbaxter3 t1_iyd279s wrote

I only know Left Behind because God Awful Movies did an episode about it


Financiao t1_iydmvll wrote

As a church going kid, I always felt weird reading those books.


Monster-Zero t1_iye82qe wrote

Well yeah, that's kind of the point isn't it? Bad movies that turn into cult movies, like Xtro, get some people praising it so naturally the RT audience score gets a boost. By contrast, Xtro II the Second Encounter is just awful and has no redeeming factors, so it never becomes a cult favorite, so it ends up here.


Great_Zarquon t1_iydb9v6 wrote

They exist so people who figure out how to sort by rating on rotten tomatoes can write bottomfeeder articles


DMPunk t1_iye1vb7 wrote

I know of Left Behind. That's it.


Coupe_on_Zs t1_iyeewtb wrote

I’ve never heard of any of them, but I was aware of the Kirk Cameron Left Behind movie being on the VHS shelf at Video Depot 20 years ago.


Kalabula t1_iyd2rr8 wrote

Hmm? My definition of “0” is different from theirs.


MissingLink101 t1_iyd81cb wrote

A bunch of them don't actually even have a Tomatometer rating according to the article, so some of those 0% values are not accurate either


andbruno t1_iydwrg2 wrote

I'm not saying it's the case here, but on RottonTomatoes there are different ratings from audience than from critics. A movie with a "30% Tomatometer rating" could still have a 0% audience rating.

>The Tomatometer score represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show


LittleRudiger t1_iyfbqm0 wrote

Thenumbers listed are the audience scores, some of which aren't zero.


Sullinator07 t1_iycrb4w wrote

Haha Left Behind is so horrendous, manipulative and to this day brings back memories as a child thinking I was alone because I didn’t Jesus enough.

Just realized they remade that movie. Why?


TikiTraveler t1_iycrr61 wrote

Haha that’s the only one on the list I’ve seen. I was young and all I remember is how shitty the movie was


Denster1 t1_iycu2x9 wrote

It only came out 8 years ago


Embracing_the_Pain t1_iycwgik wrote

There was also a Kirk Cameron one that came out in 2000.


NamelessLegion87 t1_iyd3yi6 wrote

As a church going kid, I always felt weird reading those books. Probably because the antichrist was my favorite character lol. Honestly same for the original movie.


cfdeveloper t1_iyd4t8h wrote

my bible thumping gf made me sit through that and many others. we are happily no longer together.


bravesgeek t1_iyda1oh wrote

It was probably a use or lose it situation with the rights.


AnAquaticOwl t1_iydagco wrote

Because no one else seems to know: this movie is based on a series of books.


dennythedinosaur t1_iycyl9p wrote

Moscow Heat sounds like a fake movie from Seinfeld or Tropic Thunder.


Itdidnt_trickle_down t1_iyd1ks8 wrote

I remember Xtro II from the video stores. The human duplicators was on MST.


skojinge t1_iyedmro wrote

I genuinely like the first Xtro


bugxbuster t1_iyf2hlt wrote

Xtro could get remade nowadays and be pretty cool. It needed a decent budget and a decent director but it had a lot of potential deep down. It’s just one of those movies of it’s time like CHUD and Humanoids from the Deep that could benefit from the cheap and ubiquitous VFX of today


AmeliaMangan t1_iyddo13 wrote

I admit, I'm intrigued by Mummy Maniac. My hope is that the serial killer's process for "turning girls into mummies" consists entirely of wrapping them in toilet paper and then leaving them alive and unharmed but deeply confused.


TheJonnieP t1_iyczirr wrote

I think the only one I recognize is Left Behind. Had a religious kid in one of my classes read the books if it is the same thing.


MarkLawH t1_iydqfa2 wrote

Yup. One of the laziest ‘listicles’ I’ve ever been bored enough to skim.


Ok-Structure-1494 t1_iydimye wrote

Who the hell made a Once Upon a Time in China 6? Not Jet Li

Edit: My bad. It is EXACTLY that bad and stars Jet Li


stracki t1_iyf55av wrote

Wait, is that Once Upon a Time in China and America? It's not that bad!


jinxed_07 t1_iydl99y wrote

The only reason to visit that awful site is just to scroll the movie posters cause.. wow are some of them hilariously bad


papertomm t1_iydm1wi wrote

I love the first Xtro film. Now I have to see the second encounter!


Gorilla_Gravy t1_iydpn3d wrote

I thought FOR SURE Ballistics: Ecks vs. Sever would make the list! It's a 0% RT score staple!


safetyscotchegg t1_iydtnd4 wrote

Battlefield Earth missing from the list is a surprise.


bonjelascott t1_iydu8wf wrote

it's got 12%...


safetyscotchegg t1_iydvdxa wrote

That's way too generous


bonjelascott t1_iydwmdb wrote

I dunno, as hideously atrocious as that movie is, there are a lot worse out there... also, im 100% sure that the folks who gave that rating might also give money to flush out the great xenu from their colons.


PanzerWatts t1_iyf9krm wrote

>Battlefield Earth missing from the list is a surprise.

That was a campy and pretty bad book, though it did have the occasional good line. But I was amazed that they could actually make a high budget movie that was worse in every single way than the book.


Heroic_Sheperd t1_iyeh7iq wrote

The list is filled with nothing but tax write off garbage Hollywood produces. Shocker they are so poorly rated.


Mo-Cance t1_iycp3fj wrote

So the first movie, 400 Days, has a 22%, while the next two have yet to receive a rating. I stopped at that point.


Ranulf5 t1_iycpr3o wrote

Dang it. I expected more from, I’m disappointed. They’ve lost a fan



January28thSixers t1_iycx5kw wrote

They were better in the 30s. Now it's just another pointless website trying very hard to turn a profit in the laziest way possible.


Dry-Mortgage5063 t1_iycycib wrote

Some of these movies even have mildly positive reviews. It just seems like the single person to contribute to the audience score didn't bother actually rating it.

Also a lot of these movies are just...old. Nobody's really going out of their way to just rate old, random movies.


Simsalabimbamba t1_iydmpm7 wrote

It's talking about audience scores, not critic scores. Not that the audience scores are all 0 either, but maybe they were when the article was written


PanzerWatts t1_iyf9vhc wrote

>It's talking about audience scores, not critic scores.

For Left Behind, the critic score is 0% and the audience score is 17%. So it probably depends. But either way, the listicle seems misleading.


harmonicsapien t1_iyctlzm wrote


DuffmanStillRocks t1_iyeyg38 wrote

Both of the articles are from 2021, why are they getting reposted now on top of being bottom of the barrel quality in terms of the article.


grafxguy1 t1_iyd68xz wrote

Dance With Death: An LAPD detective investigates a series of exotic dancer murders with a journalist going deep undercover as a stripper. They should have called it LAP'D


Tobias---Funke t1_iycyen4 wrote

I’ve only watched left behind and It really is one of the worst films I’ve ever watched.


Johannes_Chimp t1_iyd4j28 wrote

I saw the first movie on the list, 400 Days. I personally didn’t think it was that bad. Definitely some plot holes and points where the movie took itself too seriously. But it was watchable.

The number 6 movie, Dance with Death, has an amazing poster. And Mummy Maniac is a great name and I would probably watch based on the name alone.


Ghostyyyyyyyyyyq t1_iydhiff wrote

Left behind is hilarious. Such an awful movie it’s worth a watch. All about how you need to get saved & if you don’t you live on hell on earth while everyone else disappeared. Fucking hilarious idea


funkytownfunk94 t1_iydli6r wrote

For those bad movie lovers, please listen to Cinephobe!

Welcome to Cinephobe: The Podcast where Zach Harper, Amin Elhassan and Anthony Mayes review movies that are poorly rated on Rotten Tomatoes, and try to ascertain whether or not those movies are accurately poorly rated, or maybe just didn't get a fair shake.


xdsxblazinxdsx t1_iyesiio wrote

Fuck, Xtro II has 0%? Even with a legend like Jan Michael Vincent?


East_Refrigerator_13 t1_iye0efk wrote

Why does Once Upon a Time in China and America have 0%? I looked at the reviews the top one is 3,5 stars


Jawwaad127 t1_iyd0g7u wrote

I thought the title was referring to 30 Nicholas Cage movies with 0% audience score.


FloridaPanther t1_iyd48d3 wrote

I've only seen Xtro 2.

That experience made Xtro 3 look like Citizen Kane.


FloppedYaYa t1_iyd4y4l wrote

Fun fact

Speed II would have a 0% if it weren't for positive reviews from both Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert


mechanab t1_iyd9t6g wrote

I’m surprised there weren’t more Steven Seagal movies.


druu222 t1_iydaqb6 wrote

Five Card Stud? With Robert Mitchum and Dean Martin? That's a great Western!


makuthedark t1_iydqeav wrote

Oof. I loved the Once Upon a Time in China series. I wonder if the poor score is because it doesn't take place in China lol


Firelord_Iroh t1_iye4fnq wrote

Where is Avatar the Last Airbender


MrDman9202 t1_iyd31nl wrote

I liked Lured Innocence :(


persism2 t1_iyd5n17 wrote

Perfect list for RLM. Let's go Rich!


bongo1138 t1_iydoret wrote

I don’t get it. I click your links and they’re not 0%.


PDX_Duffman t1_iydq173 wrote

  1. I have seen none of these
  2. I can't believe there is 6 Once Upon A Time In China movies. Did #5 do well enough to get the sixth made?
  3. I hope GoodBadFlicks on youtube takes a dive into some of these

jfelici13089 t1_iye75ob wrote

A list the podcast Cinephobe would be proud to watch


Gopokes34 t1_iye92cw wrote

Wow. These are all my favorite movies.


lesterburnhamm66 t1_iyeb8pt wrote

Back in the day RT was a decent predictor for the quality of a movie. My guess is that monetization and social media ruined it.


Theoneandonlyzeke t1_iyeh7zu wrote

I feel like I'll have to give at least one of these a go. See 8f it can top the lofty heights Battlefield Earth has garnered in my brain


JohnnyAK907 t1_iyeku74 wrote

Now I feel bad because I've only heard of two of these movies but never watched any of them.


high_revs t1_iyey4wc wrote

13 year old me gave Dance with Death 10 boners up.


callmegoldee t1_iyf3czy wrote

And what do you know...I've never seen any of these.


Wuntoothrie t1_iydix6j wrote

First of all, fuck rotten tomatoes. That site wouldn't know a good movie from a colonoscopy.

Second ... Dead Heat 1988 11% RT rating ... totally worth the watch.


PuzzleheadedCat8959 t1_iycsxss wrote

I honestly stopped paying attention to Rotten Tomatoes when they rated Chapelle in the teens but audience gave it like 90%


CleverReferences t1_iycwsjo wrote

RT doesn’t rate anything themselves. They just average out critic ratings and audience ratings. What you referred to as RT rating Chapelle in the teens was the average critic score. Lots of stuff has a huge disparity between critical reception and audience reception. Being mad at RT for doing what they are designed to do and displaying both is ridiculous.


PuzzleheadedCat8959 t1_iyd47fh wrote

Mad? I just said I stopped paying attention to them.


PanzerWatts t1_iyfab0h wrote

>Mad? I just said I stopped paying attention to them.

I never pay attention to the critic score. The audience score is much more indicative of how much I'll like the movie.


PuzzleheadedCat8959 t1_iyfbc53 wrote

I took about four or five courses (been a decade now) of film review in college - majored in journalism. I was smitten (yes I said smitten!) with everything that went into a review and how complex of a job it ‘was.’ Nowadays it disgusts me because critics don’t appreciate the art and disregard the camera work, settings, etc. if the message goes against their beliefs.


bluemooncalhoun t1_iycvm1p wrote

Theyre just a review aggregator that compares the number of favorable reviews against unfavorable reviews. If everyone gives a movie 3/5 stars then it gets 100%.

Personally I'm not going to discuss the Chapelle rating specifically, but there are likely some broader reasons it got the ratings it did.


PanzerWatts t1_iyfaid1 wrote

>Personally I'm not going to discuss the Chapelle rating specifically, but there are likely some broader reasons it got the ratings it did.

It's not really that broad. The reviewers are strongly Left leaning and their vote reflects that.


January28thSixers t1_iycx7iv wrote

What's your rank in the culture war army?


PuzzleheadedCat8959 t1_iyd44xt wrote

What is that?


January28thSixers t1_iydjt0x wrote

How sad.


PuzzleheadedCat8959 t1_iydmd4r wrote

Didn’t realize my comment was so offensive - sorry to the RT fans out there


PanzerWatts t1_iyfaxji wrote

>Didn’t realize my comment was so offensive - sorry to the RT fans out there

Your comment wasn't really offensive, but this is reddit.


chuckusmaximus t1_iyda9ea wrote

What movie? Is it called Chapelle? I tried to look it up but I can’t find it and I’d like to know more.