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whiskey_jones t1_iy74x08 wrote

It can't be worse than the Disney remake, and it will likely be a lot better. The Disney remake missed the point of the original entirely. Pinocchio wasn't even bad in that film. He was just naive. It felt like Robert Zemeckis turned him into Forrest Gump.


undefeated_Equality t1_iy74yzw wrote

It's just visually more mystical and presents such a profound sense of wonder. I really dug it the most.


whiskey_jones t1_iy752yx wrote

Guillermo specializes at that. His films are always beautiful and wondrous.


undefeated_Equality t1_iy756g2 wrote

It felt like the original classic story of Pinocchio, but with Pan's Labyrinth themes. It felt like Guillermo was respecting the actual story more so than anyone else has done. You could see the love and passion in it.


gunter_grass t1_iy7wthc wrote

I think it's Guillermo's most watchable movie. I didn't feel exhausted midway through the movie. I love all his work but sometimes I wish he had a bad editor or script writer


Throwaway_Codex t1_iy8d3m7 wrote

I thought it got exhausting in the last half hour, felt a lot like the coda to A.I.. Guillermo is terrible at pacing.


gunter_grass t1_iy8dlbn wrote

He is very bad at pacing. I was drunk at that point. Maybe your right.