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Alphal66 t1_ixcw9ae wrote

Anything from Guillermo Del Toro. The sceneries are really nice, the settings are beautiful and his figures and fictive characters look dope but man the plots just bore me out. I had high hopes for his netflix show but it was really lame to me besides one or two okayish episodes


kieroda t1_ixdpd4v wrote

Doesn't matter for your point, but the individual episodes of Cabinet of Curiosities aren't really made by Del Toro. He picked out directors he liked and gave each one an episode.


Radiant-Discipline71 t1_ixczase wrote

Same-I appreciate his visuals and passion, but his stuff just completely falls flat for me


Scharobaba t1_ixd75on wrote

Same. I've seen all his movies and they are fine.


Rangomango89 t1_ixgs5w1 wrote

His comic book efforts Blade 2 and Hellboy were solid.


deathmouse t1_ixgptaf wrote

Haven't been able to finish his newest movie, and that's cause I consider myself a big fan of his. It bores me to tears. Works better than sleeping pills.