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Chen_Geller t1_ixpt4is wrote

Is this the version of the movie that has an intermission? Because I think this movie plays better with the intermission than without.

Its a great film of rapturous visuals, awe-inspiring scale, meticulous setpieces and memorable performances, but it moves at fits-and-stops sometimes. It needs that breather of the intermission.


nbarbettini t1_ixqo723 wrote

It's been a few years since I watched the DC but I don't recall it having an intermission. At least not one where the movie actually stops.


Chen_Geller t1_ixqpg9g wrote

There are three versions of the movie:

  1. The theatrical
  2. The director's cut
  3. The Roadshow, which is the director's cut plus an intermission after Kerak

I always tell people to go for #3. The movie really needs that intermission.


thedarkknight16_ OP t1_ixqsxc2 wrote

Yes it was the Roadshow Director’s Cut so it had an Intermission which added to the experience, much needed