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chocolate_milk_dude t1_j2cccbo wrote

Jude Law plays such a good creep. And Daniel Craig plays such a good asshole.


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j2cct40 wrote

Jude Law is one of those "forgotten" greats. Rarely mentioned when someone asks for the best actors, but also regularly kicks arse. Playing opposite Michael Caine in the Sleuth remake was his best, imo, but yeah...never seen him make a mistep.


Ilovepickles11212 t1_j2d5wy6 wrote

Maybe I’m wrong but I feel like his receding hair line/hair loss pushed him out of the spotlight for the roles that he was traditionally cast in during the late 90s early mid 2000s

He’s given fantastic performances in almost everything I’ve seen him in


aroorda OP t1_j2cckef wrote

Craig is so repellent. It’s crazy that he plays such a crazy spread of characters. This to Bond to Blanc. He’s also underrated as hell.


trippingWetwNoTowel t1_j2cms7f wrote

he’s in this movie?! Shit i’ll be checking it out asap. I came to like Craig from Layer Cake, but I had no clue he was in this and it’s been on my list


ColdPressedSteak t1_j2cfyc4 wrote

Jude Law, Collin Farrell. Two dudes who are great and always meant for mostly supporting character roles that got a bit mistakenly shoehorned into atypical leading man roles early in their career


Opening_Tap123 t1_j2cunq9 wrote

"Why are you always smiling?"

"Cuz it's all so fucking hysterical."

Daniel Craig was really good in that. Even his eyes looked feverish and he had the whole "dead inside" persona down perfectly.


UltraPromoman t1_j2ccldr wrote

It's also among the great comic/graphic novel movie adaptations too.


Nicholarse_Angle t1_j2dlzhf wrote

A History Of Violence is another one (based on a comic by John Wagner, one of the 2 main guys who created the Judge Dredd character/comic in the 70s).


UltraPromoman t1_j2f5jm4 wrote

Yes it is. It didn't have the cast of heavy hitters that RTP has but it's a classic in it's own right. It's underrated and only started getting appropriate attention after it's theatrical run. RTP did have a sequel limited series, Road To Paradise.


Sekshual_Tyranosauce t1_j2cgc0g wrote

Absolutely. I think…and this is controversial I know…it’s one of the best American films I have ever seen. It has everything, and very well done.

It’s beautifully shot, written, acted, scored….everything.


JacktheStripper5 t1_j2ce07d wrote

None of us in this room will see heaven Michael.


TheClayroo t1_j2chktv wrote

One of the all time greatest films. It's one of the few movies I consider perfect.


suzer2017 t1_j2d7kwx wrote

One of the best endings I have seen in a long time.


ViolentAmbassador t1_j2ce045 wrote

Fun fact - the son from the movie grew up to be the CWverse version of Superman. He's also awesome in Everybody Wants Some!!


aroorda OP t1_j2cgdcg wrote

He’s honestly maybe second only to Hanks in quality here and that’s saying a lot with this cast.


ViolentAmbassador t1_j2ch5vv wrote

That is bold. I'd have to watch the movie again to say if I agree, but it's an awesome movie so maybe I should watch it again anyway haha.


beast_unique t1_j2ckipz wrote

They should make movies on the sequel comics too. Did 20th century fox buy rights for those too from DC.


Friendofthegarden t1_j2dokdp wrote

>They should make movies on the sequel comics too.

Yes, please. They have plenty of great source material!


Spankywzl t1_j2cd0bb wrote

“Why are you always smiling?”

“Because it's all so fucking hysterical,”

The film is not without its charm, and Paul Newman is watchable at any point in his career. Perhaps audiences preferred Hanks in his Sleepless in Seattle type roles at this point in his career. IMO, he did a fine job in the role, and the film still stands up well today.


Tallgirl4u t1_j2cjvkg wrote

Yeah it’s a 10/10 for sure


Fiyanggu t1_j2cy0l7 wrote

If you enjoy this movie, you should check out the manga, Lone Wolf and Cub. A lot of parallels between the two stories.


Nicholarse_Angle t1_j2dn4vm wrote

Road to Perdition is based on a comic book which in turn is actually based on Lone Wolf and Cub. The creators of the film and comic have mentioned it in the past.


kaZZlimaXX t1_j2cy65g wrote

I have no shame in saying that the beautiful climax scene in the rain makes me cry a lot. It is just magic cinema!

"I'm glad it's you."


ivemadeahugemissteak t1_j2cmpxe wrote

It’s such a great film. It reminds me of the Bronx Tale in regards to the father/son dynamic. Something about these films makes me feel nostalgic when I didn’t even live in that era.


FreeLook93 t1_j2crkdv wrote

Very solid movie. Easily my second favourite comic book movie gangster movie.


OathOfFeanor t1_j2eb0uq wrote

I absolutely love this movie

It's John Wick but with a better story, with better characters, and with no sequels to ruin it


Vangaelis t1_j2e0ozm wrote

It’s honestly my favorite Hanks movie. So goddamned good.


RedTrout811 t1_j2fdqp3 wrote

Maybe I will look at it again.


Iyellkhan t1_j2fxhie wrote

its arguably cinematographer Conrad Hall's masterpiece