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cloistered_around t1_j23zhzn wrote

I just recently saw the sequel and was pleasantly surprised too. Of course it's nowhere near as good as the first--but it didn't suck, and I was impressed that they really did mature Max up.

For example: When his dad follows him along and does horrendously embarassing things he is way more tolerant and polite about it than in the first film! First film Max would have yelled and gone off to mope, but you get more a sense that college age Max understands he gets why his dad is doing it and doesn't want to rake him over the coals even if it's annoying.


phantom_avenger OP t1_j246m1h wrote

But even that movie, Max reached his breaking point and might’ve crossed the line where he tells him in a harsh manner to “leave him alone and get his own life!”, but the more I rewatch that movie I lean more on Max’s side. He learned his lesson from the first movie, while Goofy still had a long way to go and didn’t learn his lesson.


mattmortar t1_j257hz5 wrote

Yeah, it's one of the few direct to dvd Disney sequels that is actually decent and holds up as its own film. The only other ones that I think can say that are Cinderella 3 and maybe The Lion King 2, although I haven't seen the latter in ages.