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When it comes to Goofy & Max's relationship, what I love so much about it, is how they both clearly love each other but they have issues that result in both of them being at fault over it!

When it comes to Max, his issue is how much he takes his father for granted! He is focused too much on the aspects of him being an "embarrassment", that he disregards the fact that he is in fact lucky to have a father like him who actually loves him and would do anything for him compared to the type of father his best friend; P.J. has in Pete (who doesn't care to give him any form of validation or love, and only loves the power he has over him)

When it comes to Goofy, his issue is how he doesn't want to accept that his son is growing up and doesn't respect the fact that he needs boundaries so he can self-discover! Although his strong attachment to him could be understood where Max is the only family he has, and they're all they have. His fear of losing him, is part of what causes Max to have some resentment towards him.

I loved that scene in the movie where they are chasing after their car, and they both let everything out on how each of them created these problems



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ZorroMeansFox t1_j229b60 wrote

You should check out the fake documentary about the making of this movie by Disney's "first Black CEO." It was an outstanding episode of the great show Atlanta called "The Goof Who Sat By The Door."


forever87 t1_j22maac wrote

> "I'm guessing that [Donald] loved it when he was a kid. I'm just guessing — and I'm supposed to talk to him. I have a friend of a friend. There have been a couple of videos online that people have made calling it like 'The Blackest Disney Film Ever Made.' I've watched a couple of those things just to get a sense. The Black community just adores the movie and takes ownership of it in a big way. So I'm sure it's the perfect storm of all of those things. And then I figured FX is owned by Disney. So there's that little connection there."


bourbonbadger t1_j24ikmk wrote

I watched that episode and totally fell for it. In fact, I still believed it until I just read the article you linked lol. It felt so believable that I didn't even think to fact check it. I assumed Donald Glover was using his platform to educate and inform the public. omg


woahdude12321 t1_j25yynv wrote

When it started I skipped it and was like I’ll come back to this later. Wasn’t until I saw people in the sub for that show I had any idea it was fake. If I hadn’t read it online I probably would’ve never known lol


NeedMoarCowbell t1_j24baur wrote

I came here to say the exact same thing, that episode of Atlanta absolutely blew my mind.


SpiritPaper t1_j228iwf wrote

Goofy and Max's back and forth ad their car is going down hill is one of my favorite parts.

Max- "I'm not your little boy anymore. I've grown up, I have my own life now."

Goofy- "I know that, I just want to be part of it."


Fellers t1_j230ult wrote

My dad and I had a convo about this after watching this movie. He said Goofy was so on the nose with how it feels to watch a child grow up.

EDIT: This line especially. He'll always be my dad and I'll always be his son. No matter how old I get, he still wants to be there for me.


AsleepInstruction703 t1_j22ft23 wrote

The blackest movie ever made.


[deleted] t1_j24h35b wrote

A father-son road trip movie where they go fishing, end up at a concert and talk through their issues is the “blackest movie ever made”?


AsleepInstruction703 t1_j24r6gy wrote

Jokes aside, the fact that you see that scenario as so non-black is part of what's wrong with how Society views black people. We aren't a monolith, yes black dads take their sons on roadtrips wtf.


[deleted] t1_j26jcnz wrote

I don’t see it as non black - I also don’t see it as black. It’s a cartoon about anthropomorphic dogs. No race or ethnicity owns it.


AsleepInstruction703 t1_j27721f wrote

That's not what you just said though, you implied that black people going on a road trip and talking about their problems is non black. That's a stupid thing to say.


[deleted] t1_j279ul5 wrote

That’s what you inferred. I merely illustrated that the movie is about X and the categorisation of X as solely “black” media is nonsensical. It’s about X and the idea that X is limited to one culture or ethnicity is absurd - it can be about any culture or ethnicity.


circio t1_j27yg5w wrote

Lmao no one is arguing this just take the L. The original comment was also a reference to an episode of Atlanta about this movie


[deleted] t1_j2800ac wrote

It’s not about winning or losing. It’s just my opinion that, regardless of how Donald Glover or others feel, and I can’t believe I even have to type this but, ‘A Goofy Movie’ (1995) is and should not be attributable to any culture or ethnicity.


circio t1_j28s27z wrote

That's not what you were implying originally and no one is buying that this is what you "merely illustrated." A joke went over your head and you were low key racist about it


[deleted] t1_j28xe2b wrote

Keep posturing bud - might net you more empty upvotes from others like you. Read my first comment and take it at face value. Or don’t - either way you’re objectively wrong.


circio t1_j290gzm wrote

Others like me? What are you trying to imply here?


[deleted] t1_j290rj1 wrote

Man you really are incapable of reading the words explicitly recorded without reading anything more into them hey. Others like you means other posturing idiots who can’t do the above.


circio t1_j2918cz wrote

What would your interpretation be if someone said this, "A father-son road trip movie where they go fishing, end up at a concert and talk through their issues is the “blackest movie ever made?"


[deleted] t1_j291se4 wrote

It needs no interpretation.

The movie is about THESE THINGS HAPPENING (see ‘X’ a few posts back). None of THOSE THINGS have ANYTHING to do with race or culture and are obviously universally normative. So, saying that the movie (which is made up of THOSE THINGS) encapsulates a race or culture (other than possibly 90s Americana) makes no sense. That’s what I intended by the post.


circio t1_j2920cq wrote

Not what you said though


[deleted] t1_j292aen wrote

I was incorrect in assuming Americans like you could read a very simple and concise sentence without getting heated or drawing extreme political inferences.


circio t1_j292icc wrote

Lmao a reference went over your head and you implied something racist. Get over yourself. If that's what you wanted people to get out of your post, then maybe you should have written something else


[deleted] t1_j292rx4 wrote

I’d probably be as jumpy as you if my country was in the state yours is in. Hope things improve for you mate.


platypus_tuxedo t1_j238okn wrote

Underrated classic from Disney. A genuine go-to for me. Original soundtrack slaps too!


DeLousedInTheHotBox t1_j258ioo wrote

Is it underrated though?

Seems like a movie that is remembered fondly by most people.


platypus_tuxedo t1_j25asi4 wrote

In the context of Disneys other animated movies, I’d say it is. Generally overlooked by most in favour of The Lion King, Aladdin etc


magepe-mirim t1_j22lho1 wrote

“Hi dad soup.” Crying a little just thinking about it


jayeddy99 t1_j22q1qz wrote

It’s why so many people find parallels to the new God of War and this movie . I love how it’s about fathers and sons and wish Disney would invest money into a sequel of Max as a Dad for 3 generations perspective on it in current times what it means to be a dad


itmik t1_j23ssqv wrote

Those would be the dustiest theatres and couches in the world. Manly tears everywhere


quirkus23 t1_j24ceuo wrote

I want a full on continuation of Goof Troop with Grandpa Goofy moving in with Max and his family.


quirkus23 t1_j24cfi9 wrote

I want a full on continuation of Goof Troop with Grandpa Goofy moving in with Max and his family.


Wh00ster t1_j227n9i wrote

The Mitchells vs the Machines is another great road trip movie that follows a similar plot/premise but A Goofy Movie did the relationship dynamic better


walkingtalkingdread t1_j22ds1k wrote

god, Mitchells vs The Machine does not get nearly enough praise as it should.


AmeriToast t1_j23l48k wrote

I was surprised at how good the movie was. Not a goofy movie good but still a good movie.


PrivateIsotope t1_j22bv54 wrote

I'm making my way through the show Atlanta, and I'm waiting to see the one with the Goofy Movie "documentary." I'm halfway through the 3rd season, just passed the reparations episode.


positivfeedback t1_j230sva wrote

You can just watch it now. It doesn't have anything to do with the show and can be watched on its own. Could've been released as its own thing.


WanderAllen t1_j233xqn wrote

I agree with you. It’s a great movie and the relationship between father and son and the group of friends is interesting. And what about the soundtrack? Powerline is in my playlist since I’ve seen it when I was child! It is also interesting the relationship between Goofy and Pietro and the difference between them as fathers. The scene when Pietro arrive at the camping with the camper is impressive and it is the right metaphor of different kind of tourism. In my opinion The Goofy Movie is not only a cartoon but between the lines it tells different stories and get people to think. Now sorry but I must control the garden because of the Bigfoot😋


KevTravels t1_j22j04z wrote

Don't forget Ben and Jake Sisko on Star Trek Deep Space Nine


PMzyox t1_j22yld2 wrote


something something something something



Dheovan t1_j247buq wrote

Jonathan Young had a solid as hell cover of Eye to Eye.


benglescott t1_j22arle wrote

I like their part in Twice upon a Christmas. I have a teenage son and I feel like it fits.


ProjectShamrock t1_j24ft27 wrote

This stood out for me as well. It's not to the same degree as A Goofy Movie but it still hits me both as a parent but also as an ungrateful son whose dad was flawed but not with bad intentions.


cloistered_around t1_j23zhzn wrote

I just recently saw the sequel and was pleasantly surprised too. Of course it's nowhere near as good as the first--but it didn't suck, and I was impressed that they really did mature Max up.

For example: When his dad follows him along and does horrendously embarassing things he is way more tolerant and polite about it than in the first film! First film Max would have yelled and gone off to mope, but you get more a sense that college age Max understands he gets why his dad is doing it and doesn't want to rake him over the coals even if it's annoying.


phantom_avenger OP t1_j246m1h wrote

But even that movie, Max reached his breaking point and might’ve crossed the line where he tells him in a harsh manner to “leave him alone and get his own life!”, but the more I rewatch that movie I lean more on Max’s side. He learned his lesson from the first movie, while Goofy still had a long way to go and didn’t learn his lesson.


mattmortar t1_j257hz5 wrote

Yeah, it's one of the few direct to dvd Disney sequels that is actually decent and holds up as its own film. The only other ones that I think can say that are Cinderella 3 and maybe The Lion King 2, although I haven't seen the latter in ages.


Rob1150 t1_j228k9w wrote

The movie was hilarious.


CroBro81 t1_j23gz2a wrote

Legit LOLs in the cinema when the Bigfoot starts dancing.


phantom_avenger OP t1_j247aa6 wrote

Don’t hate me, but when I was a little kid and I first heard that song “Stayin’ Alive” in this movie and thought that song was something P.J. was working on and that was him singing it.

A couple years later, I realized that song existed long before this movie came out


initials_games t1_j23olm2 wrote

The animation is crisp and it flows so smooth. Great film.


v_for__vegeta t1_j23sx1a wrote

Nothing against this post at all, but what’s up with the recent uptick in this subs activity? Is it just me? Home page is flooded with posts from here, most of it very repetitive. Less mod control?


YoDawgWassup1 t1_j24du33 wrote

It happens in every sub. Someone makes a low effort post that gets a ton of attention which results in a flood of copycats trying to get easy karma with similar posts. It's really bizarre


JagexBlocksUrPass t1_j25fyxd wrote

I think Reddit’s algorithms have changed or something. Been getting a huge amount of posts from a couple subs I occasionally frequent, way more than normal.


MulciberTenebras t1_j25jgc0 wrote

I've noticed weird stuff like that on the little sub I moderate, DisneyGifs... subscribers have been dropping like crazy (and no new subscriptions to make up for it).

Reddit's algorithms have definitely done something weird, that's the only way to explain this kind of behavior.


YAdam013 t1_j23wd4j wrote

I agree the relationship between a dad and his son is shown well through this movie


squidp t1_j24d62f wrote

You are spot on. This might be my actual favourite Disney movie although this movie gets constantly overlooked. The music is excellent too and it is such a great homage to 90s kid culture.


Bernthewalldown t1_j24gvv9 wrote

One of the best written animated films I’ve seen


puffguy69 t1_j254o6d wrote

If you’re looking for animated father son dynamics watch treasure planet and the lego Batman movie. Top tier movies right there.


ieabu t1_j258kbm wrote

I fucking love A Goofy Movie. I don't really have a relationship with my dad so watching it was a total fantasy for me. I was wishing my dad would try to connect with me but no go.

I rewatched it recently and as a new father, that movie slaps.


phantom_avenger OP t1_j25fp4f wrote

Yeah I know the feeling. I don’t have much of a relationship with my own father either.

I cut him out of my life for 5 years before finally deciding to have somewhat of a relationship with him, but I’ve come to accept that he is who he is, won’t ever change and that I won’t get the type of father I want out of him.


ElahaSanctaSedes777 t1_j25y76z wrote

And one of the best fictional music acts in movie history


slickestwood t1_j22vr8s wrote

Suddenly I'm hungry for cheese whiz


phantom_avenger OP t1_j2470rl wrote

“Hey Max! Look it’s a leaning tower of Cheese-a!”

I’m confident Bobby was a weed smoker, but he was a highlight and I’m glad he got a bigger role in the sequel!


Dheovan t1_j247ibj wrote

It's the leaning Tower of Cheeza!

I finally got my wife to watch the movie if for no other reason than that she'd understand why I can't stop saying that phrase.


NotKemoSabe t1_j25e5rh wrote

I had a rough relationship with my Dad. He died in 2017 after a lengthy illness.

I was fairly indifferent towards his passing for months.

I watched this fucking movie with my daughter and I legit lost my shit.

Disney/Pixar are the absolute masters at hitting you with feels out of nowhere.


CaliforniaLove11 t1_j26l0ut wrote

My favorite Disney cartoon movie. Powerline is my shit! Anything powerline I collect.


Alternative_Ad7459 t1_j27tx5h wrote

I don’t want to see any of you in the electric chair