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Chen_Geller t1_j2ez137 wrote

The Star Wars sequel trilogy is the definition of unnecessary. EVERYTHING was wrapped-up in Return of the Jedi. Everything.

So I don't care how many movies George Lucas promised in 1979, the fact of the matter is the story was concluded


DIXIExCUP t1_j2f2yqi wrote

I think it was a cool idea to show the effects of the power vacuum left after the fall of the empire. I just wish it was done well by people that seem like they actually enjoy Star Wars. The basic remake of ANH without a planned ending for one of the most successful film series was the dumbest choices to make


Chen_Geller t1_j2fcayf wrote

>without a planned ending

That's true of all Star Wars trilogies, though. The norm in Hollywood is not plan ahead: if you plan, you get "locked" into a certain direction with the plot and the characters that you can't necessarily get out of, if audiences don't like that direction.

The classic Star Wars trilogy was like that: hence out-of-left-field nonesense like Leia being Luke's sister. But even the prequel trilogy was like that: it was only planned insofar as Lucas knew "Yoda and Obi Wan must survive and go into exile, Anakin must turn into Darth Vader, Palpatine and the Stormtroopers take over."


Fluffy-Twist984 t1_j2eyr61 wrote

TS4, don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing Woody and Bo reunite after being separated for a few years, but it’s worth mentioning that TS3 concluded it perfectly with the characters being passed down to a new owner.


[deleted] OP t1_j2ezdk7 wrote



DIXIExCUP t1_j2f0e5b wrote

The first scorpion king was a fun dumb action movie that fit in with the times. The other four were trash


VikingOfZen t1_j2ezvl3 wrote

Rambo:last blood. The previous chapter Rambo (4) aka riverboat Rambo wrapped Everything up perfectly. Actually an excellent movie.


Maladjusted95 t1_j2ez8is wrote

The majority of horror sequels, particularly in the slasher genre.


22Seres t1_j2ezcve wrote

Don't Breathe 2 was what instantly popped into mind.


swimneko t1_j2ezdd7 wrote

Avatar 2. It was a tech demo in my opinion.


Luna2442 t1_j2ezghc wrote

Donnie Darko 2... nothing short of an attempt to ruin a movie


AggravatingOne3960 t1_j2ezj84 wrote

American Graffiti 2. The biggest stars weren't in it, and the plot sucked.


redleg50 t1_j2ezklf wrote

Legally Blonde.


dameon5 t1_j2ezni1 wrote

Highlander 2


augsav t1_j2f02sz wrote

I couldn’t even finish it, it was so boring.


Cardkoda t1_j2f05eh wrote

Taken 2 and Taken 3. Didn't need em.


rumski t1_j2f0ai0 wrote

Saw they’re doing yet another American Pie 🫠


same1224 t1_j2f0ffg wrote

The OG Halloween 2 from 1981 and pretty much all of the other Halloween sequels. The lore became so ridiculous and convoluted.


Mork-of-Ork t1_j2f0xzm wrote

Die Hard 4 & 5

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull


trixter69696969 t1_j2f1moi wrote

MILF Bang Bus #12. Very derivative and uninspired.


ImYourBeaux t1_j2f2ykh wrote

Jurassic Park. The Lost World deviated so far from the book and the third one just cobbled together unused bits and added a new monster and everything after that has just been CGI dinosaur cash grabs. But specifically unnecessary? Idk. You could say a million action or horror movies but the whole point is to churn out product and make money just like every JP sequel. Unnecessary would imply that the story was wrapped up and didn't need to continue. First thing that comes to mind is 300 Rise of an Empire or whatever. Didn't even have anything to do with the 300 Spartans besides flashbacks. Just doesn't need to exist even if Eva Green is hypnotic in it.


owen_skye t1_j2f6prb wrote

American Psycho 2