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DIXIExCUP t1_j2f2yqi wrote

I think it was a cool idea to show the effects of the power vacuum left after the fall of the empire. I just wish it was done well by people that seem like they actually enjoy Star Wars. The basic remake of ANH without a planned ending for one of the most successful film series was the dumbest choices to make


Chen_Geller t1_j2fcayf wrote

>without a planned ending

That's true of all Star Wars trilogies, though. The norm in Hollywood is not plan ahead: if you plan, you get "locked" into a certain direction with the plot and the characters that you can't necessarily get out of, if audiences don't like that direction.

The classic Star Wars trilogy was like that: hence out-of-left-field nonesense like Leia being Luke's sister. But even the prequel trilogy was like that: it was only planned insofar as Lucas knew "Yoda and Obi Wan must survive and go into exile, Anakin must turn into Darth Vader, Palpatine and the Stormtroopers take over."