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BastiTheEnd t1_j2eynui wrote

Yes it is. Its a Michael Mann Movie.


soeurdelune t1_j2f0d1f wrote

The soundtrack is incredible, too!


garrisontweed t1_j2f1wb8 wrote

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida and 80s Slow Motion.The perfect combo.


kekeb0327 t1_j2f46ls wrote

Best use of music in a movie. Ever. Love this movie.


tangcameo t1_j2fd7fb wrote

That soundtrack from that scene where Graham figures it out is amazing.


TheGuv69 t1_j2fa8t1 wrote

It's a brilliant film. Also, has a young William Peterson.


[deleted] t1_j2f01p2 wrote



BastiTheEnd t1_j2f0hbn wrote

Michael Mann did TV History with Miami Vice. Movies like Thief, Heat, Collateral, the Miami Vice Movie, The Insider, The last of the Mohicans. He is a really good director


Previous-Comment-552 t1_j2fbql7 wrote

The last of the mohicans is amazing. That chase scene at the end, and not a car in sight!


Jackieirish t1_j2f3t4m wrote

If you'd ave said The Keep, I'd have agreed with you, but Black Hat was top notch.


LAWAVACA t1_j2fcryb wrote

The director's cut of Blackhat is pretty rad, only trouble is finding a way to watch it. Pretty sure it's only ever aired on FX.


Chen_Geller t1_j2eyvfg wrote


Get ready for a much more underacted (in the best sense) Hannibal, though! Very, very different to Hopkins and Mikkelsen!


Againity t1_j2f22qo wrote

True. It is like watching an actual Psychotic serial killer, instead of a super villain.


-SneakySnake- t1_j2fc9v3 wrote

And that's what makes him the best, to me. He's the only version of Hannibal I buy as someone capable of doing awful things and being able to hold down a job while seeming normal and beyond suspicion. Most of that is from Cox's performance. Hopkins and Mikkelsen are both wonderful actors and their portrayals are great in their own way, but they never seem like real people, to me. I couldn't picture either actually existing.


JimmyDaro t1_j2fdfbz wrote

Respectfully disagree on Hopkins. To each their own.


-SneakySnake- t1_j2fdlfz wrote

You don't rate him?


JimmyDaro t1_j2fdqbd wrote

I thought he portrayed a conceivable person.


-SneakySnake- t1_j2feg4v wrote

I think he was extremely entertaining and the actual portrayal was excellent, but with all the little quirks and nuances I just can't picture him being the kind of person he's said to be, this pillar of the local community and esteemed academic who the FBI's best and brightest managed to almost miss entirely. Even in Red Dragon where they flashback and show Hannibal before he was caught, he just seems like a Bond villain. Hopkins is one of the best actors alive and his Hannibal is so iconic for a reason, but he seems more like a demon than a person.


JimmyDaro t1_j2ff64s wrote

Part of the problem is that he portrayed it out of chronological order. I would agree with Red Dragon-which is more attributable IMO of him playing up to the mythos of Lector he created in SOTL and Hannibal.

In SOL you see flashes of how it could conceivably blend in with his calm, and charming demeanor. I'd say the same in the first part of Hannibal as well.

Mads is actually my personal favourite performance, but it's a much more out there concept than the previous iterations.

And we can all agree to just forget about the young Hannibal prequel.


-SneakySnake- t1_j2ffigz wrote

We can definitely agree to forget about young Hannibal. Of all the characters that didn't need a sympathetic backstory told in prequel form, it was Hannibal Lecter.


JimmyDaro t1_j2fe5r6 wrote

I thought he portrayed a conceivable person.


Mr_Stenz t1_j2f2v8b wrote

Ah, operator, I don’t have the use of my arms…


Hamon_Rye t1_j2f44i3 wrote

In a movie filled with extremely proficient people doing things extremely proficiently (i.e. basically every Michael Mann movie), that sequence stands out as one of the best ones because of how casual he was about it...just enjoying his gum.


Mr_Stenz t1_j2f6p1b wrote

It solidifies his ‘genius psychopath’ character for me. He’s casually going about this seemingly complicated process, to gain details on a man he wants to organise the murder of, all the while chewing his gum and with an air of entertaining himself on a rainy afternoon. It’s so normal to him that it doesn’t even cause a tremor in his voice. He’s so in control of his environment that he doesn’t even glance at the door to see if the guard is coming (a guard, by the way, who backed out maintaining eye contact, with a hand on his gun, whilst Lector was behind bars) to disturb him.

The whole scene is just… chefs kiss.


seanx40 t1_j2fftee wrote

He's having fun. Which he normally doesn't do. He really hasn't had fun since carving up Will.


Mr_Stenz t1_j2fhphb wrote

Exactly that. Having fun engineering a man’s murder


kleptophobiac t1_j2f7zwp wrote

One of my favorite line deliveries ever.


Mr_Stenz t1_j2f84o9 wrote

I say it all the time when asking someone for help at work and no one gets it


Qorhat t1_j2f5puh wrote

The way Will Graham vibrates with a mix of barely contained rage and fear while talking to Lector is so well done.


sendep7 t1_j2feai8 wrote

Hes more "whimsical" than Hopkin's version.


Electric43-5 t1_j2f1jng wrote

Yeah. In a lot of ways I find it superior to Red Dragon.

-Brian Cox plays a very different kind of Hannibal Lector. He's not charming at all and really wears his assholish nature on his sleeve

-William Petersen as Will Ghraham seems a lot more unhinged and way more into getting into the headspaces of the murderers he investigates

Plus its got Michael Mann at the height of his artistic powers. An absolute must watch


Jackieirish t1_j2f3mu9 wrote

And it's got Dennis Farina who's just great.


Electric43-5 t1_j2f46l6 wrote

I gotta rewatch Midnight Run, love Dennis in that.

"You and that other dummy better start getting personally involved in your work, otherwise i'm gonna stab you in the heart with a fuckin pencil"


tacoma73 t1_j2f4s0w wrote

One of my favorite lines of his hahahahha


Gorevoid t1_j2f4cg2 wrote

Pretty much every way. I still don’t understand how Ratner got such a bad performance out of Ed Norton.

Also Tom Noonan was super creepy.


Electric43-5 t1_j2f4mws wrote

Well Ratner is no Michael Mann first off.

And I don't think Norton gave a bad performance its more like his Will Graham is more reserved and afraid of how he can get into the mindset of killers. Its different and I would understand why some people would prefer it.

I think William Petersen's take is just more entertaining


Gorevoid t1_j2fg770 wrote

Norton just had a comically slack jawed confused look on his face most of the time, it was super awkward.


newworldpuck t1_j2f71ix wrote

I always thought Noonan was a scarier Dolarhyde than Fiennes.


TheSmithySmith t1_j2fd1ha wrote

Because Fiennes’s Dolarhyde is basically Green Goblin with how he’s battling a murderous alter-ego. It’s not very grounded or unbelievable and, consequently, not very scary.


loserys t1_j2fdq88 wrote

William Petersen should have been a bigger star. Hugh Dancy definitely borrowed a lot from his performance on Hannibal.

His line delivery is full of classics.

“Just you and me now, sport.”


buttsniffs4000 t1_j2ff0nn wrote

I think Peterson intentionally stepped away in the 90s to do theater.

Lots of rumors he turned down the role of Henry Hill.


MrSpindles t1_j2f0gjn wrote

I actually prefer this to the remake, Red Dragon.


garrisontweed t1_j2f267a wrote

They changed the ending and it’s great.Graham jumping through a window in slow motion like a fecking boss.


MrSpindles t1_j2f4rlv wrote

I thought the bad guy had way more menace as well, genuinely creepy.


TheSmithySmith t1_j2fd644 wrote

The opening scene to the film may be the most unnerving shit I’ve ever seen in a movie. Fuckin chills.


SDHester1971 t1_j2f2h2o wrote

It's a real Classic, Brian Cox underplayed Lecter in comparison to Anthony Hopkins and Mads Mikkleson, also the Film came out prior to Silence of the Lambs so there's less material to play with (Lecter is more of a Cypher in the Book and Cox keeps it that way)

The only warning I would give is it's very 80s in look, you can see Michael Mann using pretty much the same Visual Style he built with Miami Vice.


Soggy-Speed-4906 t1_j2f4bvi wrote

Manhunter + To Live and Die in LA = Perfect 80's movie night.


SonnyBurnett189 t1_j2f7vf0 wrote

Alphabet City as well.


Soggy-Speed-4906 t1_j2f944f wrote

I will check that one out, thanks!


SonnyBurnett189 t1_j2f9vpu wrote

I was recommended it the other day. Awesome intro. Like Miami Vice in NYC, so very similar to Tubbs’ intro in the pilot and the NYC scenes in Prodigal Son.


Rykdawgg t1_j2ezpr4 wrote

Definitely worth the time.


paulthomasking t1_j2f0n5n wrote

I still watch the badass climax on YouTube to this day


ReviewOk929 t1_j2ezqgk wrote

oh definitely I'm not really into the genre but I loved the movie. Really well done and I preferred it to the other movies..


ketzcm t1_j2f32rq wrote

Great movie, Great cast.


avidrhl t1_j2f8iz4 wrote

Hell yes. Michael Mann is always worth watching


jackofslayers t1_j2f0g6g wrote

I did not like it as a teenager but based on the responses in this thread I need to give it another look


Poorly-Drawn-Beagle t1_j2f55x7 wrote

I know some people who insist they prefer Cox's performance over Hopkins'.


Far_Lifeguard5220 t1_j2f632m wrote

Yes, Brian is a great Hannibal plus it’s Michael Mann


kekeb0327 t1_j2f48b2 wrote

Yes. Yes. Yes. It is fantastic.


IWishIHavent t1_j2f4d77 wrote

It's a good movie. I honestly don't understand why it didn't get more attention. Cox is great as Hannibal, even if he depicts the character with different gravitas.


MeganW1980 t1_j2f5kv6 wrote

I watch Manhunter over and over again!!


blakesq t1_j2f6gcx wrote

Fight scene with Inna Gotta Davida playing is awesome.


Eddiebaby7 t1_j2f76l4 wrote

Far superior to the Brett Ratner version.


xdirector7 t1_j2f85af wrote

I think so because Hannibal is a secondary character. So it is a different perspective than Red Dragon since they beefed up his part.


Mg5581 t1_j2f8h0g wrote

Great film, absolutely worth watching. Stylish as hell.


Swissstu t1_j2f8n9q wrote

Yes. It is brilliant, however slightly dated. Good soundtrack too.


pawnman99 t1_j2f912w wrote

Yes. It's a slower burn, but in my opinion it's a much more scary take on Hannibal than Anthony Hopkins over-the-top performance. Brian Cox plays Hannibal as a very methodical, intelligent, and insightful villain.

Don't get me wrong, Silence of the Lambs is phenomenal. But Hopkins' Lecter is a comic book villain compared to Cox's believable performance of a highly organized and intelligent serial killer.


T_raltixx t1_j2fa8da wrote

Personally I hated it. A bad adaptation. Many people like it so I say give it a try.


cleverusernameistook t1_j2f515f wrote

I have always liked Cox better as Lector than Hopkins. I’m in the minority but Hopkins was just chewing scenery.


wagswag t1_j2fj580 wrote

But what a glorious 8 minutes chewing the cud, though. Don't care for Hannibal or Red Dragon, but Silence of the Lambs is a lesser movie without Hopkins' Lecter.


blueboykc t1_j2f5ern wrote

Yes!! It’s got some great actors and one of the best directors of all time..


spatial_interests t1_j2f5pta wrote

>but it didn't get much attention when it was first realesed leading to there not being any sequels

Well, the Silence of the Lambs was the sequel to the book Red Dragon, which Manhunter is an adaptation of. Would there have been a stand-alone Silence of the Lambs if Manhunter hadn't been made? I don't know, but usually a film adaptation of the first book in a series is made first; since Manhunter was already made, there was no sense in doing Red Dragon again at that time.

As everybody else said, it is very good, though not quite as true to the source material as the Red Dragon movie years later. I can't say I prefer one over the other, although Manhunter is a very unique film with a peculiar atmosphere, where Red Dragon is very much in the Hopkins-as-Lecter universe.


crabeatingseal t1_j2f770x wrote

Yeah it is. It doesn't feel like a Hannibal movie but it's an awesome 80's thriller and actually gets pretty intense. I still have my special edition VHS.


Theda1969 t1_j2f7wl8 wrote

Definitely watch it.


Franz_Walsh t1_j2f8rzy wrote

It’s a bit corny and dated with its proto Miami Vice aesthetic and a surface-y performance by the five o’clock shadowed William Petersen, but it’s worth a look. Might have been the first movie to truly show forensic analysis and I think Tom Noonan did a great job even if his Dolarhyde characterization was incomplete. Brian Cox’s Lecter (Lektor in this movie) is a subtle psychopath, and basically laid the groundwork for Hopkins’ take. At the very least, it further showed that Michael Mann knows how to put a movie together.


SonnyBurnett189 t1_j2f8sj5 wrote

First you gotta watch Thief, then Alphabet City, then To Live and Die in LA, then Manhunter.


Vicious_X t1_j2f8wow wrote

Everything related to Red Dragon is so evil, I personally wouldn't risk it.


Stupefactionist t1_j2f8yqh wrote

I don't think there was a single "no" answer on this thread. And there shouldn't be.


otackle72 t1_j2f9gdo wrote

Criminally, underrated movie. I love everything about it, even the music.


g_st_lt t1_j2fac6p wrote

What is the point of posts like this lmao


craftbr t1_j2fhgdc wrote

Makes me wonder if OP has only a few hours left to live or something. /s


EngineerBoy00 t1_j2fajhp wrote

Yes, it's fantastic.

It has a definite 80s look and feel, but it nails that, too.

And to second something another commenter said, TO THIS DAY I watch the climactic scene regularly (and listen to the song, too, no spoilers).


LostOnWhistleStreet t1_j2fb28w wrote

I watched it after watching Red Dragon and still got involved. Michael Mann really gets the atmosphere right for tension. The only noticeable thing watching it theses days is it's uber 80s.


outbound_flight t1_j2fbeby wrote

I think it's wonderful. It doesn't have the same sense of encroaching darkness and grime that Silence of the Lambs has, but that's to its benefit. Scenes are more brightly lit, sets are more sterile, but that all adds to the realism. Nothing's really overdone, everything feels like it's firmly happening in our world. I really got the sense that Fincher took inspiration from Manhunter when he was making Zodiac.

I still probably like Silence of the Lambs more since that's the one I watched first, but Manhunter is a close second as far as the series goes. Definitely like it better than Red Dragon.


ghallway t1_j2fccxu wrote

There is so much right about this movie and it is overlooked. Watch Cox and his interpretation of Hannibal. I feel he was far more frightening because he was damn near likable. I am not counting out Hopkins, but his Lecter seems so superior that it would make him sort of obvious. Cox took a different, and in my opinion, more deadly approach.


manored78 t1_j2fda06 wrote

Manhunter >>Red Dragon

Not to dismiss RD at all tho


TheSmithySmith t1_j2fdaz8 wrote

Absolutely incredible movie. THE definition of a forgotten gem.


sendep7 t1_j2fe89c wrote

Yes, its better than Red Dragon. Watch Manhunter and then Red Dragon again, and you'll see. If you were a fan of the OG CSI vegas, they brought Tom Noonan back as a Killer that Willam Petersen's Grissom has to find...its a HUGE nod to manhunter.


jupiterkansas t1_j2f2srr wrote

It's a much drier and more clinical take on Hannibal Lector so don't go in expecting another Silence of the Lambs, but it's pretty good. Some people like less emotional movies and consider them more realistic and prefer this version, but I'm not one of them.


DRS1989 t1_j2f3gpx wrote

Yes it’s a good movie. It has a VERY 80s feel, so expect it to feel a little dated.


danh138 t1_j2f3vkk wrote

Yes, the fashion and overall look screams the 80’s but it holds up


Oy778 t1_j2f59iw wrote

Better than the Demme film


NathanDarcy t1_j2fadbk wrote

I absolutely love this movie. Great acting from the entire cast. And Brian Cox is a very convincing psychopath as Lector.


LeftLanePasser t1_j2faesx wrote

“Dream much, Will?” Yes, great movie.


squeakyrhino t1_j2faynr wrote

Yeah it rules. Almost as good as Silence imo and easily the 2nd best Hannibal Lector movie (not that there is much competition).


OopsyDoopsyMan t1_j2fb1od wrote

Its awesome seeing another different yet great intrepretation of lector


Previous-Comment-552 t1_j2fblq1 wrote

Yes, soundtrack us a bit off-putting because of it being dated, but there's some epic moments of symbolic imagery. Particularly with a tiger, if I remember correctly.


phudgeoff t1_j2fe9mv wrote

Yeah it was better than I expected when I watched it last year.


shaninejam t1_j2feh45 wrote

Yes , definitely one to watch


Isame_mario t1_j2fehss wrote

Yes, yes, yes. It is my favorite of all the Hannibal movies!


8itmap_k1d t1_j2ffd8f wrote

Yes. Great film, great cast. Excellent soundtrack. Deeply atmospheric.


seanx40 t1_j2ffd9r wrote

Yes. A great movie. A bit...80s in style. But fantastic. Watch it many times


MrSnoobs t1_j2ffvd0 wrote

Yes. Next question?


the_barncat t1_j2ffw94 wrote

Better than silence of the lambs imo. In fact I prefer Brian Cox plays lecter better thanks Hopkins. If you read the books, you see that. Again just my opinion


wandabarr t1_j2fgtmt wrote

Hell yea. A neo-noir classic by Michael Mann


L3sPau1 t1_j2fihlf wrote

Yes. Superior


Howhytzzerr t1_j2fntop wrote

It’s got William Petersen in the Will Graham role, the guy who caught Lecter, it was a very good movie, but Silence of the Lambs was just so good, it got forgotten about, it was remade as Red Dragon with Edward Norton in the Will Graham role, had Ralph Fiennes as Dolarhyde, very good as well. And


smithyithy_ t1_j2f7w1e wrote

Don't even joke about hunting no man. I was hunted once. I'd just came back from 'Nam. I was hitching through Oregon and some cop started harassing me. Next thing you know, I had a whole army of cops chasing me through the woods! I had to take 'em all out--it was a bloodbath!