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2FeetOffTheGround t1_j23u8ri wrote

Mary LOVED George. Should could have married rich (Sam Wainwright), if only to please her mother, but she's not that kind of person. Too genuine and pure of heart. She wanted George because she saw the good in him. When he blows up on her and tells her he just wants to live his life and never wants to marry, you can see how devastated she is. George was a good man, but he lacked focus, He wanted adventure and excitement like most young people, but really he wanted escape; to be anywhere else than his "boring" little hometown. It may seem that bad luck kept him in one place all his life, but there he had purpose. He did a lot of good for a lot of people in his father's "shabby, little office." He had a life filled with love in that "drafty, old house." He could have left Bedford Falls and seen the world. He would have lived an interesting or even and exciting life, but not one quite as wonderful.


HiddenCity t1_j26mayy wrote

George didn't "lack focus", it's that at every turn of his life he had to make a choice: act in his self interest, or in the interest of others. He sacrafices his dreams every single time to help others.