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enderandrew42 t1_j245x9f wrote

Mulholland Drive fucked with my mind the most. When it was over I truly wasn't sure what I had just watched. I rewatched it a bunch and then thought I knew what it was about, and then I see a variety of completely different and yet well reasoned arguments about what they think it is about.


fossilreef t1_j2467cz wrote

Basically describes almost Lynch's entire filmography.


Huevos___Rancheros t1_j246hun wrote

Memento- one of the best twists I’ve seen in a movie that makes the movie even better the second time around because you’re noticing things you didn’t the first time which just enhances the brilliance of that movie.

The Witch- I’m not a Catholic anymore but I grew up as one and somehow Robert Eggers managed to tap into that really irrational fear I had of the devil when I was a kid. That movie gave me so much anxiety that by a certain point where I was dying for the movie to end just so I could relax, everytime it got to scenes in the night time I just knew I was about to absolutely shit my pants. This movie made goats scary I think it’s fantastic and the best horror movie of the 2010s.


Infernalism t1_j2445wy wrote

It wasn't a big mind-fuck, but Lucky Number Sleven was the most 'fun' mind-fuck movie I've had the pleasure of watching repeatedly.


man_of_your_memes t1_j244fij wrote




The prestige

Mr. Nobody


HarambesEmbrace t1_j245bf1 wrote

Coherence (2013) will always be my pick, not the highest budget but my god does it leave you feeling some kind of way


roboborealis t1_j2462ab wrote

Enter The Void will fuck you up mentally


mindtropy t1_j247s5u wrote

TalHotBlond - docu/movie with a twist about online relationships and obsessions

Roberto Benigni’s Pinocchio - you have to watch that one to understand… words cannot describe the amount of mind fuckery in this piece of art


bmbmwmfm t1_j248l32 wrote

Jacobs Ladder.

And somehow I didn't see the ending of End of Watch coming. Not a mindfuck just...


MartinScorsese t1_j245uan wrote

I love Arlington Road. Not enough folks have seen it! My recommendation is Tarkovsky's Stalker.