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spo96 t1_j27eqak wrote

> conspiracy theories weren't common, there was no such thing as mass manipulation by companies, nobody had to worry about nations like China seriously spying on them, bigotry was on the decline.

I'm sorry, but all of this is bullshit hyperbole. The Internet and social media hasn't made things worse, it just made the worst aspects of human nature a lot more easy to see than ever. That's not to say they don't represent challenges to us that we have no exact precedents for, but the "everything was so great before computers crowd" are just remembering a simpler time where they didn't have as many responsibilities and didn't have a broader understanding of the world beyond their own spheres of experience.


TheReverend5 t1_j27rfyi wrote

there were so many bad boomer takes that OP takes as unquestionable assumptions lol.


IXBlackHeartXI36 t1_j27sjl8 wrote

I'm not a boomer, and I learned what I did about tech in a programming class I took just a few years ago (we couldn't have a traditional graduation ceremony because of the pandemic to give you an idea). My opinion is my own, and certainly not taken from any 'boomers'. My own professor laughed it all off, until some of the other students apparently educated him about the modern tech industry. The next class session he went on a bit of a tirade about how we should all just avoid the internet, though he didn't elaborate on why. Guess he thought he didn't have to, even though not all of us talked to him about the topic (I know I didn't).

Tell me this. Before the internet, extremists and looneys had a much harder time reach an audience. No one would let such people lecture to students, or give them a stage and an audience. As many have said, the internet has removed the 'gatekeepers' who determined what was worthy of dissemination and what was not. This has allowed extremist views to spread farther than they ever have. I mean, even older minorities are claiming what we see now is far worse than what they experienced in their youths. Granted, the laws don't match up, but at this rate who knows how long that will last?

Yeah, these looneys existed in the past, but they weren't as common as they are now. They were rare, and now they are not. Tell me how that's a good thing? Its not, its worse than what came before. This world isn't just endless progress, regression is possible, and we're clearly regressing. You're a denialist if you think otherwise. I don't even need to read the news to see the ramifications of all this, I can just talk to people in real life and see everyone become increasingly extreme in their beliefs. If you don't trust the news, fine, a study I heard years back claimed that the only news station where over half the things they said were actually true was pbs, seriously. I don't trust it much myself, honestly. I do believe someone when they express their own views on the world though. Why would someone go on some bigotted tirade when they aren't a bigot? Seriously. Even my own mother went on an islamophobic tirade randomly just a few days ago. Again, you're an obvious denialist if you think our society isn't going downhill. Granted, its not solely because of the internet. Many of these problems we're having now have been mounting for decades, though that doesn't change the fact that we clearly would've been better off without the internet.


future_shoes t1_j28gpt0 wrote

Jonestown happened in the 70s the Satanic Panic happened in the 80s the red scare and McCarthyism was in the 40/50s Anarchist bombings we're in the 10s

All this stuff predates the internet


spo96 t1_j28tyrh wrote

> Yeah, these looneys existed in the past, but they weren't as common as they are now. They were rare, and now they are not. Tell me how that's a good thing?

I don't know, man. We fought an entire Civil War against these looneys, and they came back in the form of the Klan and Jim Crow. We had vaccine denialism, anti-maskers, creationists, and conspiracy theorists all over the joint since well before the Internet as well. We had Nazis holding huge rallies in Madison Square Garden in the 1930s, xenophobic immigration laws like the Chinese Exclusion Act, people were teaching quack science like phrenology in universities. Every time a new medium rises it presents challenges. Everything we are seeing has happened before and will happen again.

I don't think we're regressing so much as we're realizing just how much we never really progressed in the first place.