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MrWigggles t1_j27w0fp wrote

I'll take the most shit CGI over practical, if it means the actors are and production staff is safer.
This custom barely fits the actor, there no room for cooling, they cant even pee in it. Takes a long time to get into it.
These big customes. The actors inside of them couldnt see where they were going. It takes forever to get into it, and multiple actors suffered heat stroke because of them. Even with the AC they had buitl into the suit.
The person that hard to work this suit, had to get in it backwards and contort themselves into a heap.

They look great. Its never worth the suffering on those preformers.

Fire in the movie Backdraft looks great. Its real fire. That means the actors are near real flames, are exposed to that real heat. It meals all the production staff has to be next to something that can quickly turned from controlled into a fire bomb.
Compared to the climax to Stallone Samaritan. Its in a burning building but it was all done CGI. It looks worse.
But it means the child actor in there isnt at risk of getting burned, isnt at risk of heat stroke.

It doesnt matter for me if CGI is always terrible, if it means safer easier on preformers movies.