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NorthernerWuwu t1_j2d2e7x wrote

I'm not sure Guillermo del Torro has ever done what I'd call exactly a kid's movie.


shewy92 t1_j2ecm9j wrote

Does movies he executive produced count like Kung Fu Panda 2&3?

> It was the early 2010s, when DreamWorks movies were starting to become darker and more daring, and del Toro wanted to push directors to try riskier, wilder things. “When I consulted on ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ they were debating what to do with the father character,” del Toro explained. “I said, ‘Kill him. That will give the entire movie a lot more gravitas.’” Likewise, “Puss in Boots” offed its villain, one of the heroes died halfway through “Rise of the Guardians”, and “Kung Fu Panda” included a panda massacre as a plot line.

LOL at the bold. "What should we do with the father?" "Just kill him"