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ProbablyASithLord OP t1_j270ap7 wrote


YahsQween t1_j270zeh wrote

Yeah, I think it’s just as simple as that. He’s done some great performances ever since his rants, but his image is irreparably tainted.


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_j27295a wrote

Sucks too because everything he’s directed is amazing too, probably missed out on so many great projects.


ZwischenzugZugzwang t1_j2ar0p4 wrote

Hacksaw Ridge is prime post-outburst Gibson. I wouldn't be surprised if he has more big hits eventually.


clutzyninja t1_j2bka6j wrote

Well that's not true


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_j2bl11j wrote

Excluding The Man Without a Face, everything he’s directed is amazing.


clutzyninja t1_j2blu4u wrote

He's directed 5 whole movies. I haven't seen Hacksaw Ridge. But Braveheart is simply not as good as people want it to be. It's disrespectful to history. Passion is a Christian circle jerk. Apocalypto is racist as hell.


srathnal t1_j27ddjq wrote

How will we ever know? I mean, I won’t watch anything he’s starred in, directed, produced or tangentially was associated with… even… Braveheart.


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_j27kcz0 wrote

You’re missing out, Apocalypto and Hacksaw Ridge are unlike anything I’ve seen before. His direction is impeccable.


Successful-House6134 t1_j29s8p1 wrote

I like Apocalypto but Hacksaw Ridge was the one of most befuddling critically acclaimed movies I've ever seen. Basically a grand Andrew Garfield mopefest and I generally like Andrew Garfield.


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_j2a94jk wrote

Really? I thought it had some of the best writing, acting, cinematography and direction I’ve seen in a very long time, it felt complete. Garfield’s character is positive, to a fault, so I’m not sure how he came off as a moper. Idk it just worked for me, the dads WW1 backstory, Desmond’s childhood, the love story, the trial, then the 2nd half in Okinawa being its own thing obviously.


Nldngooner t1_j28pb66 wrote

Apocalypto, agree, but Hacksaw Ridge? Lol


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_j28ru25 wrote

Should have won best picture easily. I’ve never seen a war movie like that, it just hit in every area for me.


Nldngooner t1_j2a605q wrote

I've seen it twice, good film but I don't see what's so different or unique about it


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_j2ae3a7 wrote

It felt complete, directing, acting, cinematography all felt on par with each other and the story really worked for me. The dads WW1 backstory, Desmond’s childhood, the love story, the trial…and Okinawa being the full 2nd half was just compelling to me. Also that it’s a true story, and the true story is even more impressive than what they had shown in the movie.


srathnal t1_j28p9mc wrote

I’ll take your word for it. But, for me, watching those would be tainted. I would constantly be thinking, nice camera angle - for a racist. And I suspect that would take away from the film.


YahsQween t1_j28zx0v wrote

Hahaha “nice camera angle ….for a racist.”


Cashios t1_j27plma wrote

You can’t separate the person from the art?


srathnal t1_j28p4j7 wrote

Nope. Which sucks. I would love to show Braveheart to my son, but while MG lives and benefits from people watching, that’s a pass for me.


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_j28s0u9 wrote

Ouf imagine applying this level of activism to everything in your life, there’s about 1000 companies with something nefarious in their past or the past of their owners and ceo you should be boycotting as well. What kind of cell phone do you use?


yousyveshughs t1_j2a5qgw wrote

Right?! Guy thinks he’s being super righteous and fighting injustice or something while he’s texting on a phone made from slave labour after enjoying products from a company that clear cuts rainforest and displaces tribes for palm oil. He’s easily manipulated by far worse people and lost the plot.


Economy-Inspector-23 t1_j2adga3 wrote

Legit, director said bad thing 20 years ago can’t watch. Shop at Walmart: even though they destroyed small business and local retailers (by design), buy new phone every other year even though company exposed for illegally making products with planned obsolescence. But don’t enjoy this art because director said bad thing.


yousyveshughs t1_j2antm4 wrote

It’s beyond ridiculous how proud people like that are to be dumb-dumbs.


Bibble4Shitz t1_j28j78p wrote

I can and will. Gibson has said some awful shit in his life, he’s also done some incredible charity work and outreach work for alcoholism. It’s nice to get on our soap boxes and judge everyone from time to time but in the end we all make mistakes and just hope we learn from them.


srathnal t1_j28nnq5 wrote

Agreed on the learning from mistakes part. But, I have not heard an amends from Mr Gibson. So, that’s a soap boxing hard pass for me. You feel free to support him and all he stands for, but I can’t.


Bibble4Shitz t1_j28siwm wrote

Hahaha. ‘and all he stands for’ must be tiring be as self righteous as you are. Have a blessed day.


NeitherAlexNorAlice t1_j289kq1 wrote

Uh, he was literally nominated for an Academy a few years ago...


KevinRyan589 t1_j297u6n wrote

The academy isn’t representative of what general audiences like.


alegxab t1_j2b76d4 wrote

It turned in a nice profit and has pretty good audience ratings


KevinRyan589 t1_j2boqxm wrote

What does?


alegxab t1_j2c1j5d wrote

Hacksaw ridge


KevinRyan589 t1_j2e1oss wrote

Ah. Well Mel wasn’t selling that one per se. You could prob tell someone he directed & they’d be surprised.

He wasn’t front & center the same way Christopher Nolan would be or Quentin Tarantino.

So for Hacksaw, I’d argue it turned a nice profit cuz of Andrew Garfield & it just being a solid story.


VisforVenom t1_j27kc1l wrote

It is. I occasionally write for very low level Hollywood stuff on the side. I work with partners. None of whom are white. None of whom fit into other racial stereotypes either. But the one line none of my partners will budge on is Mel. Idk why. My primary partner is a huge supporter of Clint Eastwood... despite everything I try to show him about Eastwood vs the everything about Gibson. He's one of my best friends so we've pushed the topic further than I'd be comfortable with others... no traction at all.

I don't condone what Mel did. But I don't think he doesn't regret it. I also don't think it was in his true character. I also think his art surpasses his mental illness. And I find genuine compassion and remorse in his response to these things that I don't find in other great artists who have exhibited similar behavior. But for some reason that's beyond me he is an uncrossable line.


SeekingTheRoad t1_j28jj5u wrote

What’s wrong with Clint Eastwood? The guy is a legend.


unreliablememory t1_j28kckx wrote

He BELIEVES he's a legend. That's an enormous part of the problem. I love some of his movies, but he's a one-note actor who caught lightning in a bottle a couple of times as a director. He's not the pathfinding genius he seems to think he is.


SeekingTheRoad t1_j28m3ft wrote

Wow. Could not disagree more. The man has made some many good and wildly varied movies (and a few stinkers, sure), and he has a ton of charisma.

And watching behind the scenes interviews and footage of him it’s clear he makes movies because he loves stories and storytelling. He’s trying to tell standard tales; at no time have I seen anything indicating he thinks he’s a pathfinder or revolutionary.


heresyforfunnprofit t1_j28a90n wrote

It’s definitely part of it. Violent Night didn’t take itself seriously - Fatman did. Mel Gibson sucked the fun out of it.


TheHouseOfGryffindor t1_j29vgd1 wrote

I’m gonna disagree with people here and say no, that isn’t it. At least not fully. It might’ve had some effect, but just look at his other stuff. Dragged Across Concrete came out 2 years earlier and has a 76%, and, while not the lead, he’s like second or third-billed in Bandit which came out this year and has a 74%.

So, his public image might not be helping him out, sure, but it’s clearly not enough for critics to completely write off anything he’s in.


AnyNamesLeftAnymore t1_j29ueg6 wrote

Might actually be that. Someone more jovial could have really improved that movie. Nothing about Mel Gibson says 'Santa' other than not exactly being enshrined in Jewish-American hearts and minds. And his beard is more white than not-white at this point.

Russel Crowe could have done that movie. I'm not sure there's a better example of a jolly actor with a twinkle in his eye more than him at this point.


davedwtho t1_j29drih wrote

I had never heard of of Fatman (terrible title btw) before this post, and as soon as I read “In Fatman Mel Gibson….” the answer was very clear to me.