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Poobrick t1_j11kxyz wrote

Did you forget andor and mando exist?


curtydc t1_j11m12l wrote

Solo was good too.


ITstaph t1_j11o2va wrote

And Rogue One.


Richard_Sauce t1_j11rtvr wrote

I'm of the opinion that both were fine. RO, for me, was two hours of underwhelming with underdeveloped characters saved by an amazing battle at the end.

Solo pleasant but insubstantial.

Both of these movies have a lot of love in the fan base, though, so maybe that's just me.


AramaticFire t1_j12xctq wrote

I can’t believe Solo is beloved. I think that’s one of the worst movies in the franchise. It’s so inconsequential and pointless.


BattleForIthor t1_j12yxl0 wrote

Rogue One has been the only good Disney Star Wars movie. Solo was ok.

The rest have been shit, backed by shit with a few interesting new things trying to salvage the whole work of shit. And Disneys way of making it ok is by screaming let the old die over and over.



Steezywild12 t1_j12b6tc wrote

Im surprised to see this, I liked Solo when it came out it was a nice one-off that barely connected to anything else but I saw tons of hate online for it. Some even said it was the worst star wars film ever created (those some clearly haven’t seen the holiday special Lol)


ArabianJuice94 t1_j11ny7t wrote

I get people were feeling Star Wars fatigue by the time Solo released but it was so enjoyable! Not as good as Andor but at least up there with Mando for me. I wish it had been made a couple years later though because I think it would have excelled in the TV medium where the story would have a little more room to breathe.

It was basically a (good) Indiana Jones story in space! Better than most popcorn flicks coming out these days.


partizan92 t1_j11nca8 wrote

I think you are solo in that opinion.


leongpakchao1 t1_j11nub3 wrote

Andor is ok, and overhyped. Many non Star Wars fans watched and found it incredibly boring. Mando is fan service to Star Wars fans.


matcha_me t1_j11ldje wrote

They're breaking their backs trying to carry the series, but the problem is, we know how their stories end. Maybe not Mando, but every time things get into a lull, they'll try to recreate Luke's entrance or cast Bill Burr and ruin it.


MLD802 t1_j11lmiq wrote

Bill burr was awesome and generally well liked??


sendhelp t1_j11m82o wrote

Are you trolling? Bill Burr was one of the best parts and his episode in Season 2 was amazing, the speech he gives the acting was incredible.


choldslingshot t1_j11m1qa wrote

I assume they mean he can be overdone because he was so liked.


matcha_me t1_j11mjey wrote

Yes I know. He's one of my favorite comedians. I listen to the MMP EVERY week. My point is that just guest stars in a TV show is a sign of the ratings flagging.


Voradorr t1_j11neco wrote

Burr killed it. You're fried.


matcha_me t1_j11oi6g wrote

I know he did. But he can't carry poor writing. And it was getting pretty shit near the end of the second season. Especially the episodes with Luke and Ashoka were absolute shite.


Mddcat04 t1_j11lmsz wrote

Lol. Wtf.

Like a week ago there were a bunch of posts about how Andor is maybe the best piece of Star Wars media ever. Now we're on, "Guys, is Star Wars dead?"

Are you insane?

Like, its fucking Star Wars. Its survived worse. It will outlive all of us.

Edit: Look at this list of upcoming projects. There's at least 5 SW properties releasing new content next year. That's not including games, books, comics, and other kinds of media. Yeah, some of the things on that list will be delayed, or be canceled, or come out and be bad. But that is not the development schedule of a franchise that is "dead," or even one that is in trouble.


hypnotic20 t1_j11mazn wrote

How many trilogies do you think we'll have in the next 60 years?


TruthOf42 t1_j11mjyw wrote

The better question is how many will be reboots?


hypnotic20 t1_j11mr7o wrote

I doubt there will be reboots. Though I can see it happening around a decade after the last original actor passes.


EshayAdlay420 t1_j11myvi wrote

I can see them remaking the OT as some kinda Netflix/Amazon exclusive show in like a decade lol


TruthOf42 t1_j11n5qw wrote

Star Trek was rebooted, though at that point Star Trek was on life support


hypnotic20 t1_j11ndhn wrote

didn't it do a alternate univese, along with new episode of picard in the original universe?


TruthOf42 t1_j11pzkb wrote

The new Star Trek movies are a reboot, but I think the shows and and movies with Picard are an alternative timeline


rocketwilco t1_j11n4sh wrote

100% chance of robots.


TruthOf42 t1_j11nb2p wrote

Well of course there's going to be robots, but I think they prefer to be called droids


Mddcat04 t1_j11muno wrote

A good question. Honestly I don't know. Possibly none. It might be that we've moved away from the "Trilogy" as the ideal structure for franchises like Star Wars. There's a lot of baggage that you get from affixing Episode: XX to your movie that you don't have if its just "A Star Wars Story." (There's also the question of whether movie theaters are going to still be relevant decades from now).


hypnotic20 t1_j11n4vs wrote

I mean final fantasy is nearing that question too haha. Yeah the "A Star Wars Story." would work tremendously, same concept with the MCU I guess.


Arge101 t1_j12x0r1 wrote

Sometimes I end up having an existential crisis when I realise that there will one day be a Star Wars movie and a Bond movie that I’ll be too dead to see.


Breezezilla_is_here t1_j11mjcq wrote

> Like a week ago there were a bunch of posts about how Andor is maybe the best piece of Star Wars media ever. Now we're on, "Guys, is Star Wars dead?"

And it bombed when it launched because of the current state of most of Star Wars, only incredible word of mouth (and putting it on Hulu) has helped it rebound. It's a ray of hope, but it's an uphill battle.


reznorwings t1_j11keu1 wrote

Ya imma disagree with you on this. Mando and Andor have been great. Can't wait for Ahsoka and Mando season 3. The franchise is doing just fine IMO. It needed to move on from the original Trilogy and I think they have done a good job of that.


Hezzikiah t1_j11lvqi wrote

Came to say this. Spot on. There’s way too many stories outside the OT/PT/ST. Revan, Thrawn, Ahsoka, etc


goppy2004 t1_j11mnlf wrote

I am a physical therapist. I reopened my phone and was briefly confused because I didn’t remember seeing a post about the therapy: Occupational Therapy/Physical Therapy/Speech Therapy (OT/PT/ST)

Took me a minute to translate


ScionMattly t1_j11mmpc wrote

Seriously, Rosario Dawson chasing Thrawn trying to find Ezra? SIGN ME UP.


rondonjon t1_j11kcls wrote

Star Wars is alive and well. There is an entire universe to explore. I’m stoked for the Ahsoka show.


TheHillPerson t1_j11o8bq wrote

That's the problem... There's an entire universe to explore and up to this point, they mostly haven't.

Is Star Wars dead financially? Absolutely not. Is it dead artistically?...

I'd say the fanbase has ensured that. The Last Jedi actually tried to do something new and interesting. They challenged the idea that the Jedi are these near perfect beings who are nothing but good for the universe. That is something new and interesting. They could have done something with that.

What did the fanbase do? They rejected the movie entirely. Now the movie has issues, sure, but it isn't the steaming pile everybody says it was. It just challenged the narrative... you know... like art frequently does.

There is room in the spinoffs (Mandalorian, Andor, hopefully other new shows someday), but the main line story (or anything about Jedi, which is kinda the heart of the original Star Wars universe) is creatively dead.


rondonjon t1_j127pnx wrote

The Acolyte is in the works. I think they will try to launch a whole new “phase” off this show.

The idea that Jedi are perfect all-good actors was explored long before TLJ.


TheHillPerson t1_j14kpli wrote

Not in the shows/movies. My comments were directed at the movies/shows. The fans I refer to almost certainly are not familiar with the books/comics/whatever.


rondonjon t1_j14ypgj wrote

Both Clone Wars and Rebels have multiple story lines about it.


TheHillPerson t1_j166viw wrote

I am really just talking about the mainline movies & Disney shows. I bow to your superior nerdiness. 😀😛


rondonjon t1_j16djn6 wrote

Well we can both hope that maybe they will eventually launch a set of movies about the Jedi-Sith war, made for adults and exploring the ambiguity between light and dark. It would be great. Characters similar to the evolution of Maul through TCW and Rebels.


Bossanova87 t1_j11kynn wrote

Andor is imo one of the greatest shows of all-time, and is a perfect example of how to tell a "Star Wars story."


mrsunshine1 t1_j11mva8 wrote

It was fine, but I really don’t understand the praise at all.


prion_death t1_j11nmnm wrote

It builds off of the best movie (Rogue One) in my opinion. Characters are more fleshed out. Real life themes of the empire are explored. The actuality of living in this world are shown in detail.


Jdubshack t1_j11orby wrote

Agreed, and I’m going to sound like an ass and I know it but I’m sorry, anyone who disagrees is likely one of the reasons Big Bang theory was a massive hit. The writing and acting are utterly fucking incredible. Sorry there aren’t big explosions in every episode


stupv t1_j11kojy wrote

Kenobi - flawed but fun

Mando - Fun and great

BoBF - Flawed but fun

Andor - One of the best shows of the last decade

Star Wars isn't dead, it's not even dying. Discerning fans know that JJ just went full JJ, neutral fans probably don't hate the sequel trilogy nearly as much as we do. There are still many stories to tell in the universe, and Disney are still making money on their investment, so we will continue to get Star Wars content.

And hopefully that content will be good


Yakostovian t1_j11m1c7 wrote

As I grow older, I am more certain I don't hate The Last Jedi.

It's a flawed film, but for reasons most haters don't seem to understand.

If the film had featured characters other than Luke and Leia, it probably would have been loved by fans.

Even the prequels are enjoying a loving resurgence after having been hated on for years.

Give TLJ time and it will probably endure a similar fate. Rise of Skywalker was just the fan service of The Force Awakens turned up to 11. I haven't come around to calling that one good yet.


ScionMattly t1_j11muqg wrote

"Flawed but Fun" is basically Star Wars in its entirety. The movies are always bad when they forget this. But like, even the original? Those performances aren't winning awards. Those plots are, like, b-. But they're -fun-. The tech is amazing for the time.


Veszerin t1_j11ke16 wrote

>Is it possible to save Star Wars or is the franchise completely dead?

I bet $100 someone has said this every time something new comes out in Star Wars since the 90s.

Stop claiming your opinion as "universally agreed" fact.


[deleted] OP t1_j11kviv wrote



Veszerin t1_j11lam6 wrote

Perhaps you're the contrarian, seeing as how you're the one who thinks, ZoMg StAr WaRs Is RuInEd FoReVeR BeCaUsE hUrR dUrR sEqUeLs BaD.

I remember people like you when the prequels came out. But it sounds like you're too young for that so for you it was the sequels.


A_Hideous_Beast t1_j11mk1c wrote

Wouldn't doubt it. But then again, SW fans have terrible memory.


[deleted] OP t1_j11luwa wrote



popoflabbins t1_j11m3x2 wrote

You may not be old enough to remember it but they absolutely were


Breezezilla_is_here t1_j11nfy9 wrote

You may not be old enough to remember but the prequels were liked when they came out, it was later after Sith when people had time to think (and the internet happened) that they became hated.


MrDaveyHavoc t1_j11nuhp wrote

>(and the internet happened)

The Internet happened after RotS?!


popoflabbins t1_j11ov4i wrote

There were still plenty of online forums back then, and their reception wasn’t good, especially from the older crowd. They were far from loved to the extent they are now. Their reception was mixed critically and from adult audiences. It takes a 5-second google to see their reception was far from glowing.

The difference now is simply that we see more of the general populace’s opinions due to the digital age we live in. I get there’s a lot of nostalgia with people aged 21-30 for the prequels but at the time of their release they were not even close to being widely adored. Hell, I’d even argue they weren’t met with general favor at all until Disney started putting out their films.


Breezezilla_is_here t1_j11qkmg wrote

"Mixed critically" would be the way to put it, overall reception was still more positive than not. It was "The People vs George Lucas" that started the "They Suck" trend. And I wouldn't say they are loved now either, your last sentence is spot on, they were just used to slam the Disney movies.


popoflabbins t1_j126682 wrote

I don’t know, it was pretty bad at points. The toxic negative reaction quite literally ended Ahmed Best and Jake Lloyd’s careers. Even McGregor has also said that he felt the reactions during their releases were mixed. Like, maybe there was a more negative swing in the early 2010’s but the statement that the initial reactions to the prequels were largely favorable doesn’t have a lot of ground to stand on. Star Wars fandom has never really been super positive though, there always seems to be a lot of backlash and toxicity. The prequels were no exception.

From what I can remember (and it’s been a minute haha) I’d actually say the overall fan reaction to the prequels and sequels was pretty similar up until the points both series wrapped up. Prequels had the benefit of ending on their best movie which made the general consensus much more positive, but it wasn’t until Disney started to release their films that I started to see the common opinion being that the prequels were good.

I’m just saying it how I remember it, and how I remember it is much different than what OP was claiming.


Veszerin t1_j11m90t wrote

>Lmao. The Prequels were never as hated as the Sequels are.

Lol, oh my sweet summer child...they were hated so much more.


Pls_no_steal t1_j11ml90 wrote

I was there, the PT was hated by EVERYONE, up until prequel memes became a thing they were seen as a joke by pretty much everyone in the community and the general public. People now in the general public are at best neutral or meh on the ST, but you couldn’t go far in the 2000s without seeing people shitting on the PT on TV or online or even in person.


PlatinumSarge t1_j11mi10 wrote

Only because social media wasn't as prevalent when the prequels came out.


EshayAdlay420 t1_j11nb58 wrote

Lol the prequel love of the last decade only came into existence ironically through making fun of how bad they were.


MrDaveyHavoc t1_j11n7m0 wrote

> universally agrees.

What metric are you using to make this determination?


soulmachines t1_j11m1fv wrote

The better question is: how do we get Star Wars fans to stop cannibalizing themselves and each other and the content they like and just… enjoy things


[deleted] OP t1_j11m72w wrote



Comgddx-Abrocoma1425 t1_j11o272 wrote

Don't you dare criticize disney everything they've done for star wars has been great so far


city_boy1989 t1_j11ob1d wrote

Judging by this subreddit, there's still lots of fans so you are mistaken. Although, more people are sick of SW outside reddit than inside IMO. It seems it impacted mainly people that were not fans of the extended universe content. As a guy who wouldn't give a damn about Ahsoka SW is dead to me too.


vladivan t1_j11liks wrote

We need new characters. Everything in this huge galaxy seems to revolve around like 5 people.


TylerBourbon t1_j11mzrs wrote

This is what annoys me with all the cross overs. There were thousands of people involved in the Rebellion, and there are thousands of worlds in the known space, and then there are the uncharted territories. So many opportunities for new stories and characters it's mind boggling.


colantalas t1_j11s6z3 wrote

Yes, thank you. That was one reason Mandalorian was super compelling when it first dropped, it was a cool story divorced from everything else. Now he hangs out with Luke Skywalker and Boba Fett.


Kadiss t1_j11lp23 wrote

You should probably watch the Clone Wars and all the animated series such as Rebels, Bad Batch, and Visions. Such great series.


totaldrk62 t1_j11mu6m wrote

Worst thing about Star Wars are the fans. Movies are still decent, people like OP just want something no one could ever provide. Move onto the next franchise that was better before x y or z happened.


[deleted] OP t1_j11n9uq wrote



totaldrk62 t1_j11nht1 wrote

Yes yes…George would never…oh wait…

Well it was better when it wasn’t mainstream…oh wait…

Move on bud.


Shady_Hound t1_j11k8cs wrote

It was going to be difficult to live up to expectations dealing with legacy characters. (and it's a reason something like KOTOR should never get a film)

Star Wars already has renewed life with original characters such as Andor (whose show is probably the best thing in the entire new SW canon IMO) The Mandalorian, and even eras from the books such as the High Republic are pretty interesting.


LunaRealityArtificer t1_j11n80h wrote

This guy must have literally just woken up from a coma and doesn't know about Mandalorian or Andor


numbr87 t1_j11mgss wrote

Bro just watch Andor


truckturner5164 t1_j11kbdo wrote

Nobody damaged anything, nothing needs to be saved. Nothing has been agreed upon.


[deleted] OP t1_j11kr4e wrote



willardmillard t1_j11llsu wrote

TRoS was infinitely worse than TLJ. Just like unbelievably worse.


ScionMattly t1_j11n3ne wrote

I was about to say this, and i saw you wrote it. TRoS is a 2.5 hour shitstorm of nonsense. It makes no sense in its own canon, the canon of star wars, or even from a "thats fun" perspective. It is agressively, loudly dumb for the sake of spectacle.


ijflwe42 t1_j11mvsv wrote

I agree, but TLJ was still absolutely awful. That trilogy was fucking terrible


Fasterix t1_j11mkuy wrote

I think it's kinda silly to put the blame on Rian Johnson's shoulders when it's infinitely more likely that the movie was terrible because of the Disney executive committee responsible for crafting that trilogy.
Let's not forget that Force Awakens and Rise of Skywalker were also terrible for their own reasons.

They fly now!?


Breezezilla_is_here t1_j11m6rm wrote

It's no use, you've summoned the stans now, logic and reality will not stop them.


truckturner5164 t1_j11ytc3 wrote

I enjoyed The Last Jedi (I preferred the other two though). The fact that its critical rating was so high is equally as important as to why the audience reaction was so mixed/negative. So just because you think it damaged the brand does not make it objectively so. TLJ was a divisive film, but so was the next one (people tend to either like one or the other), and so was Solo. And guess what? So was Return of the Jedi. A lot of people hated the Ewoks. Did Return of the Jedi damage Star Wars? Of course not. Also, Solo had behind the scenes baggage leading into its release, which surely had a big role in its underwhelming box-office.


Ardenraym t1_j11li55 wrote

Andor shows that Star Wars can be amazing.

Invest in the brand and stop making the simple shows and cartoons.


Kryolimidus t1_j11nl0q wrote

Honestly they need to keep making cartoons, Clone Wars, Rebels, Bad Batch and Visions are just flat out some of the best Star Wars there’s ever been.


YOURMOMMASABITCH t1_j11lzq4 wrote

It's funny. Everyone I speak to loves the new content. It's only here on reddit that I hear people complaining about it. I haven't heard a single person say the franchise is dead except for the occasional reddit post, and even then most people comment that they love the new content.


SonovaVondruke t1_j11nsn1 wrote

I expect most of the disaffected first and second-generation fans have just moved on and that's why you don't hear them. Why complain loudly about something that other people are enjoying but just isn't your cup of tea?

I loved Andor, I liked parts of Mando, I loved the early days of the old "Legends" books, and I was even on board with TFA, but I'd erase everything made after 1983 in an instant if there was even a 1% chance that they might make something better in its stead.


el_scorn t1_j11m5d9 wrote

Not dead at all. There is a ton of material that has some amazing stories. Plus reading the books and comics really rounds things out.


Mstablsta t1_j11k3om wrote

Overall the feeling is that they need to find someone and trust that they have the franchise in mind and not the more powerful ones who just want profits. That's my dumb guy breakdown haha


christiandb t1_j11lzi9 wrote

You’d have to have a severe lack of imagination to right off a whole universe that’s rich to be mined with content. Eg andor.

Dare I say you can go a little further and further from the main story, loosely connected to the events of the movies…eventually. As long as the fans are willing to follow


GodFlintstone t1_j11mcc4 wrote

Make Favreau and Filoni the Kevin Feiges of the entire Star Wars universe and reduce Kathleen Kennedy's role to one of general oversight.


Micksar t1_j11mmiu wrote

There are more bad movies and shows than good ones. And the bad movies and shows kind of ruined the characters and story of the good movies and shows. That’s the point of no return for me. I’ll try to have an open mind. But the “canon” of the show is fucked for me.


Benbot2000 t1_j1220rd wrote

I agree with OP completely here. My enjoyment of any series is tempered by the knowledge of how things ultimately turn out. The only way they can save it is by disregarding the sequels as a “bad future” which our heroes can avoid. I am totally ok with recasting. Those characters are bigger than the actors who played them, and their impact is timeless, so why limit their stories?


nakedmike13 t1_j11kyg9 wrote

Been dead since the 80s. The nerds ruined it.


nerdlygames t1_j11lrsb wrote

The movies were trash but I've loved all of the series apart from Kenobi. I think for future films, they should just go back to the Old Republic and build their own story. Some preplanning would be nice for any future sagas, rather than just making it up as they go, like they did with the sequel trilogy


tfdst1 t1_j11mnx4 wrote

You liked boba?


nerdlygames t1_j11naiw wrote

Well, I liked the second half of it at least haha


tfdst1 t1_j11orjs wrote

Ha. Yeah back end was better. First few eps though? Wowzer


AlmostTomClancy t1_j11m1pf wrote

It’s been how many years and we still have these “sequels bad” posts?


[deleted] OP t1_j11m4ss wrote



AlmostTomClancy t1_j11ms2y wrote

“Well that’s just like, your opinion, man”. Personally I like the sequels. If you don’t great? But people have been complaining for 7 years and nothing new has been said for a long time. Your post is just repeating the same whining we’ve heard for years.


tour79 t1_j11m20k wrote

You can go forward or backward 100 years and Disney’s mess is cured. I don’t have a lot of faith in Disney making a near term correction for movies, but the shows are enough. I can watch ESB if I have a itch that needs scratched


Warlofe2 t1_j11m8ek wrote

I don't know. star wars is wishy washy with stuff i love and stuff I wish they got better writers for.


[deleted] OP t1_j11mdvt wrote

Yes, we gotta leave the skywalker family behind though


colantalas t1_j11mjg9 wrote

I’m watching Andor right now so the idea of calling Star Wars “completely dead” is funny. If we get more media on that level then SW would be better than ever.


trer24 t1_j11mo21 wrote

If Reddit was around in the early 2000s, there would have been a million posts asking if the Prequels had killed Star Wars.


chihuahuazord t1_j11n3fh wrote

“Universally agreed they heavily damaged the brand”

Assuming that means “wah I didn’t like it because it wasn’t specifically geared towards my interests”

Every movie made over a billion. Star Wars on D+ is better than it’s arguably ever been, and they’re releasing their best games in years with more like Jedi Survivor on the way.

Star Wars is fine.

But it might be something you’ve moved past as a fan. Which is also fine. Happened to me with the MCU. Just find something else to put your nerd passion into. We’re spoiled for content in 2022


DoScienceToIt t1_j11n9w0 wrote

"Nigh universally agreed" translates as: I personally have decided this and have framed my personal opinions as the immutable and inarguable will of the majority.

I mean, I know this post is just rage-comment bait but at least put just a smidgen of effort into it.


Voradorr t1_j11na3k wrote

Dude da fuck you on? Andor was lit. Mando been mostly good. Tales was also super good.


stephen2005 t1_j11nclw wrote

Oh look, the 'Star Wars is dead' guy showed up again. You've been popping up since the ewoks in ROTJ.

You don't speak for all fans. Never did.


[deleted] OP t1_j11nfua wrote



stephen2005 t1_j11ofar wrote

You keep speaking for 'most people'. You are confusing your opinion for 'most people'.

Ewoks were just one example of fans getting angry. My dad owned a comic shop when ROTJ and the prequels released. He's got stories for days about fans coming in with your "Star Wars is dead" narrative. The prequels were obviously much bigger of an issue but my point was that fans have been saying this since the 80s with no actual truth behind it.

Star Wars never died. Anyone telling you differently is lying or doesn't know how money or franchises work.


Girthwurm_Jim t1_j11nmq8 wrote

It’s unpopular but I completely agree with you. Part of the allure and mystique of Star Wars to me growing up was the fact that there were only a few films. It was like 15 years between return of the Jedi and phantom menace. That made them special. When a new one came out, it was a global event. Now there’s a new film and/or series it seems like every 3-6 months. I just simply don’t care anymore. I tried mandolorian and just couldn’t get into it. I’m just over Star Wars as a whole now because there’s so much of it and it’s really a shame.


Ungrateful_bipedal t1_j11nmwu wrote

Why was this post removed?

It had some great discussion points I wanted to address and hear others comment. How lame, Mods.


blueglove92 t1_j11nrnd wrote

There is more shitty Star Wars than there ever will be of good Star Wars. I hope I get proved wrong


Breezezilla_is_here t1_j11ka4t wrote

> Would Disney be willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater?

Not under current leadership, very much a double down until the scorched earth end mentality there. Until the leadership changes, it's dead.


MrDaveyHavoc t1_j11njcy wrote

>it's dead.

How do you reconcile this with the fact that Andor, an extremely recent release, is on many "Best of 2022" lists?


impstein t1_j11lz52 wrote

Disney drove it straight into the ground, now we have to wait 10 years and someone hopefully does it the right way


extremewit t1_j11m93u wrote

Reading Star Wars Wiki about Mara Jade made me think that there is a lot that can be done. At the end of the most recent trilogy the galaxy is essentially left at same spot it was at the end of the original trilogy. There is no reason why you can’t back story Jedi’s that got away into a new struggle to put the galaxy back together. The galaxy is essentially at the point where the USSR was when the wall fell.


RevivedHut425 t1_j11mbpy wrote

>damaged the brand

George Lucas making three awful prequels did a lot more damage that some middling sequels have done.

Know what the difference is? Social media and the internet have absolutely exploded in use since 2005 so anyone on them is bombarded with nonsense. If the prequels came out in 2016 instead of 1999-2005 they'd be a global joke and Star Wars really would have died as a movie franchise.

Like Marvel, if you put out a lot of content, some will be good, some will be meh and others will be bad. Star Wars is going fine.


guilgom71 t1_j11mevr wrote

It's nowhere near dead, they are going to milk that franchise forever. Even with the bad movies, it's a money-making machine. Expect more.


[deleted] OP t1_j11mok4 wrote



guilgom71 t1_j11zgvs wrote

That's a weird way to look at it. Sure they made less with each movie sort of, but the numbers are staggering.

- 2015 The Force Awakens: 2.066 Billion (Budget 306m)

- 2016 Rogue One: 1.058 Billion (Budget 200m)

- 2017 The Last Jedi: 1.333 Billion (Budget 200m)

- 2018 Solo: 392.2 Million (Budget 275m)

- 2019 Rise of Skywalker: 1.074 Billion (Budget 275m)

Almost 6 Billion in Box Office sales. They made all their money back since they bought it.


Then there's the merch, oh that sweet merch: 2-3 Billion per year, PER YEAR

They can afford to flop and I'm sure they aren't too worried about cancelling several projects.


If that's not a money-making machine, I don't know what is.


WhoDatTX t1_j11mgzq wrote

I think OP meant the movies guys


Land0f0ak_Raiders t1_j11mht1 wrote

They can put out anything. I like star wars. That means I like what they put out cause it is star wars. I hope they continue to put out star wars things for as long as I live.

Thank you for coming to my ted talk.


BEWMarth t1_j11mhwy wrote

As a casual nobody who isn’t super into Star Wars but dig it for it’s cultural relevance, I think there’s so much this franchise could milk out.

OP, your problem is you’re viewing the franchise from the lense of the movies. But as someone who only saw Episodes 2 and 3 in theaters and a little bit of the new stuff I can assure you people still want Star Wars stuff.

Idk to me the movies just feel like a small part of the larger universe. When I think of Star Wars I don’t really think about Luke and Anakin I think more about The Empire and The Republic, Sith and Jedi, Light and Dark.

Those general themes on a galactic scale are more than enough to keep people coming back for decades.

So basically even if the new movies suck they could announce a new Star Wars movie tomorrow and I would at least be interested in seeing what it’s about.

As a casual fan the possibilities really do feel limitless but your post makes it sound like the story is dead.


DNedry t1_j11miek wrote

The Old Republic. A fresh start, going back to old times, with loads of Jedi, Sith, Dark Jedi etc. I could be simple, glorious. It will probably never happen.


ShinePDX t1_j11mm5s wrote

Disney ruined Star Wars as soon as they nixed the expanded universe canon and created their own version for episodes VII, VIII and IX. They should have used the Thrawn trilogy as the basis for it.


DNA2020 t1_j11mppq wrote

It’s pretty bland. One Jedi pops up and low and behold there is another Sith. The galaxy wants to be in balance. There isn’t a real desire to root for one or the other.


gatorfan8898 t1_j11ms8i wrote

Yes, a lot of the spin-offs have proven it can be very strong.

As far as anymore movies tied into the original "episodes"... I think they fucking ruined those.

I honestly was one of those pretty easily pleased, almost mouth breathers *Look at da pretty Lightsabers* type of Star Wars fan when the last trilogy came out... but the last 2 movies really ruined that whole saga for me... or rather ever wanting to hear more about it (continuing the story).


ChefBoyarDingle t1_j11mu66 wrote

Star Wars has always had ups and downs and that’s no different now. I am a huge fan of the force awakens but the two sequels following that suck. Mando is of course great and Rogue one. I personally couldn’t get past episode 3 of andor but I’ve heard good things from most people


jmcdaniel0 t1_j11n433 wrote

I have been watching Star Wars for ever now, and generally I have enjoyed most of the content. The whole Anakin saga, with Jar Jar was the low point for me.

I have really enjoyed Mando and Andor. With Andor being one of the best shows I have seen period. Rogue One was also pretty good. I think it really showcased the grittier side of Star Wars. Not every main character lives and has a happy ending.

I though the Boba show was pretty good as well, but towards the end it bordered on being a Mando series’s episode.

Overall, no think there are countless stories left to tell. The Galaxy is vast, and there are a lot ways the franchise can go.

I think one of the best things they can do is to continue to diverge from the main storyline and focus on telling the stories that don’t directly involve Luke, Vader and the rest.

I for one would love to see a show based on the Mandolorians and their home world leading up to their fall. I think there are more stories to be told in regards to the Huts as well.


[deleted] OP t1_j11n6zy wrote

The last trilogy was terrible. Rogue One was pretty good. Solo sucked. The shows are pretty good. Not a dead IP, just diluted and fractured. But Disney will churn out stuff forever with this stuff with varying degrees of success.


Scapadap t1_j11nggi wrote

Are you older by any chance? I am and I too did not like the sequels..However all my nieces and nephews are heads over heels the newest movies. Perhaps they aren’t made for us? They were always sort of young adult, now the new generation loves them


sketchahedron t1_j11ngmo wrote

Star Wars has almost unlimited possibilities for expanding the franchise. The only thing that’s “dead” is perhaps the Skywalker storyline.


bartender-san t1_j11nmzw wrote

Also OP I don’t get why they can’t reboot the series. The characters are owned by Disney. Superhero movies gets rebooted with new actors all the time. They can do whatever they want in the future.


Massiv_v t1_j11nns8 wrote

My kids love the mandolorian and the book of boba fett. They will grow up loving just about anything Star Wars puts out as long as they know how to keep their stories fresh and interesting . Maybe for Op it’s over but too many young people will keep it in business for a long time. My opinion.


vNerdNeck t1_j11nvzm wrote

It's is possible... maybe, but all the IP would have to be sold to someone that won't fuck it up... at this point I really don't know who that would be.

In general it's dead to me. New ones come out and I just have no desire to watch them. Honestly, the movies probably aren't that bad and I should give them a try, but I'm just done with the folks involved coming out and shitting on people or virtue signaling in interviews about the content of the movies.

Let the work of art stand on it's own. Let folks draw their own conclusions as to what was meant, let fans discuss and argue of over it. I'm sure there were tons of movies in the 90 and early 2000s that were allegories or satires for something the writers were thinking about, and maybe folks suspected it but they never just flat out said it or attacked the fan base.


AstroEngineer314 t1_j11nx28 wrote

Disney should just let the franchise cool down for a bit, maybe 5-10 years without any main storyline movies. (But keep the fan base fed with self contained movies that are actually good like Rogue One and series like the Mandalorian, Andor, and Obi Wan Kenobi). Use some of that time to get a great director with an absolute passion for the franchise, get some great writers, and start work on the script for the whole series years in advance - don't announce anything, don't even start any pre-production besides maybe sketches and concept art (no story boards or casting!) until the script is actually really good and it's polished to an absolute mirror sheen. Verify that it's an actually good script and not just 100% pandering, explosions, lightsaber fighting, and cliché moments by bringing in people from the outside who know their stuff and most importantly aren't afraid to be honest and say if / where the writers need to go back to the drawing board, but obviously keep it all under wraps by getting them to sign an NDA (NDA's are fine for movie details, not fine for sexual assault and toxic workplace environments). A good cinematographer would be a good edition but not entirely necessary.

TLDR: Script, script, script, script. The sequel series would be just so much better if it actually had a good script.

Make a good new trilogy and it will ensure there will be a new generation of Star Wars fans and it won't slowly die off in popularity like other franchises.


flyingtaco333 t1_j11o0qv wrote

I agree that the general direction of the most recent movies was awful and that it killed a lot of interest in the movies, but Disney has enough money to keep the universe alive until it finds its next successful franchise. Disney + plays a big role in maintaining a solid pipeline of content / storylines to build on.

Disney didn't just buy the characters we've seen in movies but bought the entire universe. At some point they'll find a storyline that's a hit. If I had to guess it will be mostly removed from the stories in the movies but exist somewhere in the Star Wars universe.


jackrack78 t1_j11o5e2 wrote

It ain’t dead till no on stops mentioning it


Lucky_Plan7855 t1_j11oiqo wrote

It's no use trying to save Star Wars. I just want the franchise to die at this point. Rogue One may've been awesome, but the Sequel Trilogy sucks, the Han Solo movie was lame, and the shows have no right or reason to exist. Disney is just pumping out pointless content for content's sake. And I don't wanna hear anyone say "BuT ANdOr WaS gOoD", cuz I don't care. The show doesn't look interesting in the slightest, and it doesn't even feel like a Star Wars show. Pokémon Detective Pikachu did the whole noir feel/setting so much better and yet everyone seems to give all the praise to a Star Wars show that feels NOTHING like Star Wars.


Sir_Grumples t1_j11ojjj wrote

How about we finally get away from the 60 year window in time between episodes 1-9


Vasslander t1_j11p530 wrote

The franchise is not dead, but I think we've hit a wall. Andor and Mandalorian are both excellent but since they are kinda they are their own thing and I don't see them becoming the driving plot ever.

I know its hard to give up on Darth Vader but I think its time to move on from Skywalker era. The universe still has enough material to produce lots of trilogies from the timeline, created by other media, video games etc. that are just as good.


RoyToTheWorld t1_j11p8qf wrote

Star Wars is actually in a pretty good spot right now. Lots of great content like Andor, Mando, Bad Batch, Visions, Kenobi, etc.

Book of Boba was a bit of a miss, but they can’t all be winners lol

Though I gotta agree with you about the sequels: I hate the way they retconned the old canon, and their characterization of Luke was just awful. :(

Luke is my favorite, and I think the sequels fundamentally misunderstood him as a character. It’s a horrible ending to his story, but I just pretend it doesn’t exist lol, and I still love seeing him in cameos. Seeing him in Book of Boba was the highlight of the whole show for me. ;)


[deleted] OP t1_j11p905 wrote

I think Star Wars is doing great. The TV shows have been overall amazing, especially Andor. I don't think the value of Star Wars lies in the legacy characters, and honestly think the sequel trilogy's reliance on that was a reason it is so disliked. What it needs is new stories and new characters.

Also, Disney doesn't need to move forward in the timeline. Star Wars has never been linear.


0ldPainless t1_j12ddfw wrote

Episode 9 was better than Empire. Change my mind.


wywern t1_j11m8fv wrote

Only redditors think that starwars is dead. If Disney were to release three more movies in a few years time, lots of people would go out to watch it and Disney would still make money hand over fist.


Dr__Reddit t1_j11mbde wrote

Originals were mediocre. I’ve loved everything they’ve done with it!


matcha_me t1_j11mc1a wrote

It's dying with DNR tattooed on its chest. They need new minds at the helm and not people thinking about the bottom line. If Lucas had been thinking of the bottom line in 1977 the franchise wouldn't exist. They need young, creative, experienced, hungry writers who write stories for the love of the game, not because they want to make money.

Also, woke culture is ruining the movie industry. Cast women, minorities, yes, but make it believable. Diego Luna is Mexican, has an accent. Killed it. Find the right actors for the right roles. Pedro Pascal, Spanish, killed it.

Find experienced actors like Adam Driver who see the job as a role, not just as a way to represent their race. John Boyega can't act for shit. The chemistry between him and whoever played Rey was so bad, it was a chemistry sink, killing other characters chemistry with each other.

Who the fuck was that orange Yoda looking force sensitive running that bar? No explanation. Don't introduce character and then not develop their stories in lieu of big explosions and pew pew crap.


A_Hideous_Beast t1_j11mex9 wrote

It's definitely not dead, and has been more alive than the time after the Prequels ended lmao.

God. Nerds are so cringe. Just pick and choose what you like dude, but passing off youtube and reddit comments as "universally agreed". There are farrrrr more people who enjoy the series, even casually, than what these little corners of the internet show.

They ain't rebooting or erasing the sequels. They've moved on, and so should you.

If anything, I hate that all the TV shows are just pandering fan service. Gotta have all the cameos, all the references, can't just have an original show with original characters with original stories. Nope, gotta retread left and right. Which is ironic, cuz sequel haters will say the sequel films did that, but can barely contain themselves when Durk Wiggins who only showed up in episode 3 in the background as a head at minute 38:20 gets a spinoff show.


karma457 t1_j11mgdn wrote

It’ll never die because they could just adapt things from the expanded universe if they run out of ideas. If all else fails they could just do Revan or the Shan family and be alright.


ScionMattly t1_j11mil4 wrote

I'm not sure you understand what the word "unmitigated" means.

Clone Wars Final Season
Rogue One
Mandalorean Season 1
Mandalorean Season 2
Tales of the Jedi
(id argue) Visions

Solo is mediocre. I'll put mediocre here.
Bad Batch is fine, middling

BoBF, 7, 8, 9

Batting record don't look that awful, honestly.


Legitimate_Cloud2215 t1_j11mpmf wrote

As dead as Avengers films.


[deleted] OP t1_j11mxo6 wrote



passivelypeloton t1_j11nl5z wrote

And you’re probably way too young to remember Phase One. Or rather, before there were phases. Exposition is kind of important kid.


Legitimate_Cloud2215 t1_j11rx1q wrote

Yes. The Avengers movies are dead. They died when Tony did. For the gentleman below who thinks I'm a child. I'm 48 years old.


boomclapclap t1_j11o92h wrote

Every movie and show to have come out so far has basically been set within a single 100 year timeframe. There are THOUSANDS of years that they can go back to in the past or in the future. They quite literally have a blank canvas if they really want it. The problem is… they don’t seem to want to do anything other than this one timeframe and IMO that is holding them back.

The ideas are honestly limitless.

Shit they could do something really crazy and bring in other galaxies, discover all kinds of new stuff, have true “aliens” that want to fight them, and unite Jedi/Sith against a new common enemy.


DeadFyre t1_j11mp5r wrote

You don't want to save Star Wars. I hope you'll forgive me, but I'm going to give you a Rian Johnson quote to explain why:

"You think you do, but you don't".

Now I don't mean you wanted the fetid slurry that he and his ilk have produced thus far. You didn't, and you don't. What I do mean, however, is that you don't actually want more Star Wars. The reason you don't want it, is that it's a complete product. Star Wars has told its story, and it's told all the stories that are peripheral to Star Wars. The only thing they can do now is just keep re-telling the same story, recycling the same themes and tropes, only not as good. And that's the best case scenario. The worst case is 'The Last Jedi', where they actively skullfuck your childhood memories, because that would be ORIGINAL.

What you do want, what I want, in all sincerity, is something new. You want a new monomyth, with new characters, and a new setting, and new, cool ideas, not a cynical, cowardly retread of better people's ideas.