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Do you guys feel the movie is more of a crime drama or a historical drama?

I personally feel the film has so much more in common with something like Underground Railroad or The Crown or a 19th century book adaptation, than it does with like, The Town or Breaking Bad or Heat.

What does everyone here think? Asking since, I feel like when people ask for movies similar to The Godfather, people recommend modern crime movies, rather than historical dramas/epics.



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melvin_the_gremlin t1_j1me3ct wrote

Crime drama.


logicalfallacy234 OP t1_j1mey3l wrote

What about it makes it a crime drama rather than a historical drama? Only Becuase the films feel soooooooo much more interested in the culture of wealthy Italian Americans in the mid-20th century, than it does the criminal antics of its main cast.


Chen_Geller t1_j1pvw14 wrote

You remind me of something Joe Mantegna said in one of the Godfather documentary retrospectives about how the films “got nothing to do with the occupation it’s got nothing to do with the good and evil aspect of what these people did for a living.”

I used to think that was bollocks and…I still do.


Beneficial_Barber934 t1_j1on347 wrote

They weren't wealthy legitimately though lol definetly a crime drama. I get the respect your going for though for the movie, but like the underground railroad was a thing. The Godfather wasn't lol

I see your point though, it's just a well made movie


logicalfallacy234 OP t1_j1pxql2 wrote

Idk though! Part of the reason the film is so legendary is how much it sums up 20th century American history.

The replacement of family values with soulless capitalism WAS a thing that actually happened, like the Underground Railroad.

I think to separate the history from the film is to not understand why it’s so often held up as The Great American Film.


naparsei t1_j1mdobo wrote

Check out “The Offer”


00collector t1_j1o9jex wrote

Crime Drama, because it’s fictional.