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bluejester12 t1_j29tbv2 wrote

Cocaine Bear is probably going to be a contender.

Edit: and thankfully so


pimpvader t1_j29u1u4 wrote

Yeah, but I’m still gonna get high AF and watch it


Street_Dragonfruit43 t1_j29v12u wrote

Let's be honest, there wouldn’t be a movie if it didn't go the way its going.

I say it's warranted change


Asha_Brea t1_j29sksz wrote

Catch Me If You Can is supposedly almost all bullshit.

It is a great movie, though.


Lord0fHats t1_j29w1ov wrote

The funniest part about it is that the guy who looked into it built a convincing case that everything Abagnale has ever claimed about himself is bullshit.

Which means the guy conned the entire world into believing he was a great conman, which probably still qualifies him as a great conman XD


yoaver OP t1_j29sr80 wrote

What's the true story it's based on? Didn't even know that one was based on a true story.


Asha_Brea t1_j29t17i wrote

The character Leonardo Di Caprio plays is a real life character.


ole_greg_07 t1_j29ucpb wrote

The book is amazing. Just sayin'....


girafa t1_j29wy9n wrote

The book is likely half bullshit too though. That's the thing about conmen autobiographies - they're still conning.


lizzpop2003 t1_j29svn0 wrote

Bohemian Rhapsody. Rearranged the events, did strange things with Freddie's sexuality and wholesale made up events for "drama". On top of that it's generally a pretty bad movie.


yoaver OP t1_j29t3n4 wrote

In general, I hate when movies depict all the terrible events in a person's life happening at the same time. Real life is not neat like that, especially when the character is based on a real person.


myeff t1_j29wtio wrote

And Mr. Robot as Freddie was terrible. Can't believe he won an Oscar for that. Sasha Baron Cohen was the only guy for that part.


bombsiteus t1_j29uai7 wrote

Dude that movie is awesome.

That recreation of his live aid concert is epic and pretty spot on at the end in the last 15 mins.

Stop hating.


yoaver OP t1_j29umee wrote

The movie is awesome, but is also very far from reality and in many ways tarnished Mercury's character and legacy for the sake of dramatization. Two things can be true at the same time.


bombsiteus t1_j29xduh wrote

Well at least you're reasonable to speak with. All I know is the main character did a great job at recreating his physical image and all the music was spot on.

If I get downvotes for this statement we're going to bring up the Elton John bio movie next lol


S3simulation t1_j29vddw wrote

That one scene doesn’t fix the movies many other flaws, your argument is like saying Bonfire of the Vanities is a great movie because it has that really good opening tracking shot.


bombsiteus t1_j29warg wrote

Yeah dipshit except the Queen movie has a 90% positive review by all reviewers and the vanity of the bonfire has 15%. Sorry you kids don't know a good music movie. But keep the downvotes coming lol


S3simulation t1_j29xmpr wrote

All musician biopics are the same movie. As engaging as listening to a greatest hits album by the artist. Ever since Walk Hard parodied the genre so excellently I honestly have a hard time taking them seriously. For example the Live Aid scene serving as a framing device in Bohemian Rhapsody felt way too much like “Dewey Cox gotta think about his whole life before he play a show”


bombsiteus t1_j29z6t5 wrote

Ok so the Elton John biopic... You're going to categorize that in the same way?

/Much superior to the queen movie in almost every way.

/If you say that's an inaccurate movie I believe Sir Elton John would disagree.

/Walk Hard is one of the best comedies ever. (Glad we have common ground there)


Gumwars t1_j29wy9y wrote

My kids spotted the issue with the Live Aid concert immediately: you can watch the real thing, which is objectively better.

Why would I want to watch a replica of that moment when I can see the actual moment?


bombsiteus t1_j2a10pp wrote

I saw the movie first and that got me turned on to Queen in general. I started listening to all their albums and live performances. And I think that's why I'm defending this movie so much because it made me appreciate the actual artist so much more.

I mean I'll be honest if I'd seen that concert first I don't think I'd be impressed.

And I know I'm not going to win this argument online haha but oh well


Gumwars t1_j2a26bc wrote

I can't knock that. Queen is awesome and my age, to a degree, is showing. I was born in the 70s and grew up with music like this. When I had kids, I made sure to raise them on the classics so that by the time this movie came out, they were already fans.

I totally get why you'd be defensive about something that turned you on to great stuff like this.


yoaver OP t1_j29smac wrote

The more I read about Turing, the more I hate the Imitation Game. Way to ruin a person's legacy whose legacy was already tarnished beforehand.


The_Global_Norwegian t1_j29txzq wrote

Didn't know this - what were the primary inaccuracies regarding Turing?


yoaver OP t1_j29vd03 wrote


  • Turing wasn't autistic, nor was he insufferable. He was reportedly very well liked among his peers.
  • The film majorly downplayed Turing being gay and his gay relationships
  • All the drama in the enigma team never happened
  • The thing with the not reporting the ship is not a call researchers are in position to make in the first place
  • The movie focused a lot on Keira Knightley's character despite the real person not being that close to Turing
  • The "breakthroughs" in research shown in the film of looking for patterns in coded messages is the very basis of code cracking, they dumbed it down because they thought audiences were too dumb for the actual breakthroughs.
  • They downplayed the horrors he suffered through the end of his life

Dangle76 t1_j2a4dy7 wrote

To be fair, a mainstream audience probably won’t understand the breakthroughs


jeppeww t1_j29vprv wrote

The funniest innaccuracy is when they only think of the central purpose behind their machine after they've already built it and it doesn't "work".

It's a bit like if you made a movie about the invention of the boat, and only after it can't move on land do they think of putting it in the water.


StMirrenU12s t1_j29vx3j wrote

I didn't see any, I don't know what OP is talking about.


stalsefart t1_j29u4s8 wrote

This probably barely qualifies, but “30 Minutes Or Less” was very clearly inspired by the true case of a pizza delivery driver forced to rob a bank with a bomb strapped to his neck but fudges the story quite a bit to make it into a comedy. Spoiler alert: the situation ended much worse for the real guy than it did for Jesse Eisenberg.


StMirrenU12s t1_j29w29x wrote

Just watched that documentary again last night. That bitch is fucking evil.


Earlvx129 t1_j29uxhe wrote

A Beautiful Mind is one of the worst. Barely anything that happens in the film seemed to be actually true.

And it bothers me when "true" stories have to create a villain, or turn a real life person into one, just to have some dramatic stakes...Imitation Game, Titanic, Cinderella Man...


firvulag359 t1_j29wc9l wrote

I believe this is what happened with Charles Dance's Admiral character in Imitation Game? There he was quite antagonistic against Turing whereas in real life he was quite supportive and a mathematician in his own right. Made him a jerk just for tension :(


yoaver OP t1_j29zz28 wrote

Man how did they manage to have a bunch of great actors in that trainwreck of a movie.


girafa t1_j29x5dw wrote

> just to have some dramatic stakes...Imitation Game, Titanic, Cinderella Man...

..Men of Honor...


Clear_Watt t1_j29ue59 wrote

I believe you'd enjoy History Buffs over on yt. They review historical accounting in any film based on true events.

From what I remember, Braveheart and The Patriot are both pretty bad.

Apollo 13 screwed up how dramatized the problem solving was. They'd had everything figured out beforehand for a scenario like they experienced, and executed the playbook.


BOSZ83 t1_j29w7mp wrote

One of Chris Hadfield's books basically explains that an astronauts job is to figure out what could go wrong then figure out how to fix that thing, then memorize all of the things so when it happens you can fix it immediately without hesitation. So yeah, it's no surprise NASA had Apollo 13's issues in the playbook.


Sexmascheen t1_j29tmn9 wrote

I’ll toss in woman king. They were the badies


yoaver OP t1_j29tvs3 wrote

Yeah, I mean, why of all african history would you choose to depict the most prominent slaver nation?

There's a good chance that for many of the actors in the film, their ancestors were enslaved and sold to slavery by the Dahomey. They were the villains.


mothman83 t1_j29ufbi wrote

in this particular case i would have assumed it was pretty obvious that it was because they liked the idea of an elite all women special forces.


Which was a real thing. But again, they were not good.


I mean we all liked the fictionalized version of the idea in Black Panther so why not work with the real version... oh cause they enslaved their neighbors and sold them off to the triangle trade? yeah that would be a good reason not to...


kyrtuck t1_j29ugys wrote

Practically all the African kingdoms did some slavery well before Europeans visited.


Rottimer t1_j29x8av wrote

True, but for most of history slavery was very different to the race based chattel slavery practiced in the new world. Even slaves in the Muslim world were often not slaves for their entire lives and their children weren’t automatically slaves.


kyrtuck t1_j2a5ra5 wrote

Palace slaves in Muslim countries got castrated.


fakeballz t1_j29ui7e wrote

Oliver Stone’s JFK


Snuggle__Monster t1_j29x8ny wrote

Ehh, that was kinda the point though. It dove heavily into conspiracies, unproven incidents and questionable theories. Fantastic movie though.


shadman86 t1_j29tte7 wrote

The strangers: based on true story. That means a bunch of random stories turned into nothing I guess.


KimSmoltzz t1_j2a2dtc wrote

Ahh yess. This is the one I immediately thought of!!


Starfleetmom t1_j29vgsp wrote

Greatest Showman. But it’s got great musical numbers!


yoaver OP t1_j29y0hh wrote

And it could've been great if they just invented a character instead of using the name of a real life asshole.

PT Barnum was a horrible man.


vainbetrayal t1_j2a0v5r wrote

Did you expect any less in a movie about a guy who coined the phrase "There's a sucker born every minute?"

Always found it ironic the circus shut down for good the same year this movie came out.


Starfleetmom t1_j2a3ejj wrote

I’ve been saying that since I saw the movie in the theater. It’s a great uplifting story about acceptance and inclusion with a talented cast and excellent music and dancing. But why the fuck make it about a real life asshole?


scooterboy1961 t1_j29ttxm wrote

Bridge on the River Kwai was pretty much completely made up but it was a good movie.


hydralisk_hydrawife t1_j29v4xf wrote

Anchorman. Without a doubt.


SirDigbyChickenC-Zer t1_j29ww7c wrote

Yeah, fucked up how they had to fabricate a whole "fall from grace/redemption arc" just to add some drama, when the real life Ron Burgundy in fact has just stayed at the top killing his whole life, where he remains to this day with 0 scandals.


kyrtuck t1_j29upjm wrote

A Beautiful Mind, in real life his hallucinations were only auditory.


clichekiller t1_j29vfwb wrote

I think a much better questions would be which “based on a true story” films didn’t butcher the true story?


colobirdy85 t1_j29vkuv wrote

Not a movie but The Watcher tv show muffed that story up so bad...


uncle_monty t1_j29spb3 wrote

Enigma (2001) was probably even worse than The Imitation Game.


yoaver OP t1_j29suiq wrote

Never heard of it. What did they change in this adaptation?


uncle_monty t1_j29tj3v wrote

Well, omitting Turing entirely is the most egregious...


yoaver OP t1_j29tlp5 wrote

Dafuq? Now I must read about this


firvulag359 t1_j29wsqg wrote

As we're on the subject I just remembered U-571. Pissed off a lot of British people with that film. I've not seen it so don't know if it has the "based on a true story" aspect.


dupontred t1_j29tnox wrote

That Billie Holiday movie with Andra Day. Just all over the place and most of the stuff to advance the plot didn't happen.


DONNIENARC0 t1_j29ua6n wrote

The Revenant has to be up there


guitarman4321 t1_j29upro wrote

Walking Tall. To say that was based on a true story is like saying Cocaine Bear is a documentary.


Mistapeepers t1_j29v6kc wrote

I was gonna say that. I love The Rock, but that’s my hometown and man I wish they’d left that one alone.


augustusjc t1_j29xyl6 wrote

A lot of family are from that area and the older ones that are still alive always complain about how inaccurate that was and how terrible Buford really was and that he was on the take from those same criminals. Best story is how my cousins were told their dad was "off at college" when he went to jail for bootlegging.


LifeAsAPickledFish t1_j29vfs6 wrote

I don't think the movie every actually says that it's based on a true story, but The Greatest Showman portrays a very different P.T. Barnum from who he was in real life based on accounts of those who knew him and his own personal letters. I actually loved the movie, but you can't take it as a history of the actual Barnum.


forgotmyemail19 t1_j29w9z6 wrote

All this thread is showing me is that...real life stories don't make compelling movies or shows. Some of the ones coming up a lot here are Cinderella man, a beautiful mind, Catch me if you can, Fargo and Imitation Game. I know for some history buffs the true story in and of itself would make an amazing story you would love to see on screen. You have to realize movies are made to make money. I fucking loved Catch me if you Can. When I found out the real story, I instantly could care less. I wouldn't watch a movie based on the real story, most people wouldn't.


Syn7axError t1_j29zdk4 wrote

Yeah but they keep adapting the people who had compelling stories. More compelling than their movies. Alan Turing's story happened during World War II. There was plenty of actual drama to go around. They didn't have to make it a soap opera.

I don't care about Abegnale though. That's hilarious, and it only adds to the story.


yoaver OP t1_j29zmt4 wrote

But these movies can and have tarnished the legacy of real life people. You can't just say "it's just a movie".


Eeenodee t1_j29wdw2 wrote

Green Book and The Blind Side.


National-Leopard6939 t1_j29wg9g wrote

This is one of my favorite movies, but there were so many ways the true story was altered to where it almost hurts: David Lynch’s The Elephant Man (1980).

For one, the real man’s name was Joseph Merrick, not John Merrick. Second, he was never forcibly entered into the freak show against his will and abused by his manager. In actuality, Merrick sought out a job in the freak show himself after being unsuccessful at other jobs + HATED the workhouse. He had a very good relationship with his manager (who was named Tom Norman irl, not “Bytes”). Apparently, he made a pretty hefty amount of money doing freak shows.

The film never went into his childhood and gave a false impression that he felt like a disappointment to his mother. In actuality, he and his mother were very close (she was the only person he was really close to besides Mr. Treves and Norman). She was handicapped and died at a young age. Merrick also had siblings who were sickly (but not grossly disfigured as Merrick was) who died at young ages. His father was the abusive one, along with his stepmother.

He wasn’t kidnapped by his manager after Treves housed him in the London Hospital. Merrick himself sought out a new manager after freak shows were starting to become culturally taboo (and illegal), and he felt like that was the only place he could generate some kind of income. So, he got the new manager and they moved him over to Belgium. THAT new manager wasn’t as good as Norman, and ended up stealing Merrick’s earnings. That’s when Merrick sought out going back to Treves (he had a card in his pocket after a prior meeting), and they sent him to the London Hospital where he’d eventually live out his final days.

He also never met Madge Kendall irl. They only communicated with letters.

The paper church he built wasn’t some artistic masterpiece he designed completely by himself, as depicted in the film. It was one of those pre-made paper models that you could assemble.

Part of me would like for there to be another adaptation that represents the REAL true story of what happened to Merrick, but the other part of me thinks no one could do that role justice besides John Hurt.


ReelBigPIG t1_j29z991 wrote


The movie is basically historical fiction.


andrewta t1_j29st6j wrote

The worst not sure

Big ones are:

Apollo 13

Imitation game

Sully (how the faa and ntsb were portrayed)


hioo1 t1_j29uhl5 wrote

Curious, I always thought apollo 13 was relatively accurate, what was in accurate about it?


Lt_Rooney t1_j29xqje wrote

It's fairly accurate except that many of the fixes they came up with in the movie were actually developed much earlier in the program, and not after the accident. It's not quite as dramatic to just read the solutions out of a handbook.


andrewta t1_j2a8sy0 wrote

Was going to respond with basically what you just wrote. Thank you


vince_irella t1_j29xkdm wrote

The only thing I remember Jim Lovell saying was that nobody doubted Jack Swaggert‘s abilities as a last-minute replacement IRL but Lovell didn’t seem to think the little bit of extra drama was a big deal.


JanncorLennox t1_j29xprd wrote

The crew's dynamic in the disaster was slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect. In the movie there's a strange tension between Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon which culminates into a shouting match trying with them at each other's throats. In real life they were completely calm and cool as cucumbers focusing on the task in hand and troubleshooting their dilemma.

Other than that small element, I actually admired the historical accuracy of this movie. The command module and lunar module were exact replicas of the real thing down to the actual switches and knobs and they accurately corresponded to the real "button presses" in several scenes when they are stirring their O2 tanks and resetting electrical transfer busses.


RevengeWalrus t1_j29v39p wrote

The conflict of Sully was almost entirely fabricated by Eastwood to grind his very specific axe.


Bushgjl t1_j29vx2q wrote

What axe did he have to grind?


RevengeWalrus t1_j29wmh0 wrote

Heroes being persecuted by government bureaucrats. He got to do a much less bullshit version of it with Richard Jewel, though there was some pretty gross embellishment. There was an investigation of Sully after the flight, but it was completely routine and by all accounts completely amicable.


vince_irella t1_j29x65g wrote

It was some bullshit about how “government scientist flight simulations” said that Sully could have landed the plane safely and he had to defend himself in front of the FAA or something. It was nonsense.

EDIT: Just realized my comment is poorly-worded. Sully did of course land the plane safely; the shitty plot conflict that Eastwood shoehorned in was that the “government scientists” contended Sully could have landed safely at a nearby airport, meaning on a runway.


LAffaire-est-Ketchup t1_j29upjh wrote

The Libertine. The script is based on a play written by someone who hated Rochester, and next to nothing is accurate. It’s a very very wrong movie


NoirPochette t1_j29v5fi wrote

Cool Runnings was one that irked me when I did a paper on the Olympics lol. Chariots had its own issues but yeah Cool Runnings wasn't as fun as.the movie makes


ides205 t1_j29w1ai wrote

Frost/Nixon basically took a historical footnote and fabricated a story of journalistic activism. While Frost held a series of interesting interviews, he didn't trick Nixon into admitting his corruption - his team didn't expose buried clues. The interviews were not an impactful moment in history.

Ron Howard always does this. A Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man were also pretty egregious. Don't believe anything you see in his movies.


TtK_Thanatos t1_j29wjnx wrote

Jaws, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


DetroitLarry t1_j29wk8q wrote

The Perfect Storm. I only saw it once when it first came out, but the way I remember it the last half of the movie had them lost at sea with broken communication. So the fact that they all died at the end means everything after the point where their radio went out was 100% BS.


yoaver OP t1_j29x7kv wrote

Another one: Saving Mr. Banks.

P.L. Travers, the Mary Poppins author, was cheated out of creative authority on the movue and hated how it had nothing to do with her books.

The movie about her depicts her as a sad old bitter woman that needed Walt Disney magic in her life. That movie was a low blow by disney.

It also depicts her as living alone despite the fact she lived with a female partner, which is probably why they cut it.


yoaver OP t1_j2a0qsz wrote

And they wanted awards for it. Yuck.


kendalloremily t1_j29xgis wrote

the new marilyn monroe movie on netflix. so much of that is the director’s fetishizing bullshit


fretterf t1_j29xu0f wrote

Netflix' Marilyn Monroe movie: "Blonde"

I don't think they explicitly say it's true, but they do imply so..
I sat through about 3 hours of torture only because I was watching it with friends, and the only thing I got out of it is that I can tell you all to not watch it.


mommy2libras t1_j29yqn3 wrote

I think people don't realize that "based on a true story/real life events" doesn't mean "we're trying to depict the story and all events surrounding it the way it totally happened". "Based on a true story/inspired by real events" generally means they take one aspect of some true event or a small portion of the story and then fill in around it with story that makes people more interested. And that makes it into an actual feature length film. Otherwise most of them would be people living regular life and then a singular but dramatic thing happening. You can't make an interesting 1.5-2 hour movie out of that most times. They also like to build up plot to make it more interesting because-surprise surprise- that's what makes money.


tokamec t1_j29zp3e wrote

Lone Survivor could be up there - By other accounts the SEALS got separated and slaughtered by a relatively small force. Marcus Lutrell has admitted he put his gun down, covered his ears and didn’t fight when he heard his team mate get hit. The local villagers said the sound of gunfire from the area was short lived. Marcus Lutrell was apparently found with all 11 of his magazines and very few or no enemy were killed.


ISTof1897 t1_j2a031o wrote

When Harry Met Sally


-Miche11e- t1_j2aqut0 wrote

Captain Phillips. The crew actually filed a lawsuit against him. He ignored warnings about pirates and sailed into dangerous waters anyways. He sailed far closer than was recommended and put his ship and all those aboard it into danger.


Damour t1_j29utzu wrote

Wasn’t The Conjuring supposedly based on a true story?


Lord0fHats t1_j29wjib wrote

It's based on the lives of the Warrens, who are real people, but the movies are mostly puff pieces that ignore that they're giant conartists (and Loraine Warren really wants you to know what a chad her husband was). The third movie is especially egregious in this regard because it completely glosses over how the Warrens screwed a man out of a sensible defense because they wanted another fiffteen minutes of fame.


st3akkn1fe t1_j29syox wrote

I think he was autistic wasn't he? I watched it with my father in law who is a big history buff and at one point was working alongside GCHQ and his gripe was that they down played how autistic the rest of the team were.

According to him they were all autistic as fuck and one of them chained his cup to the wall like Sheldon Cooper sort of thing.

Edit: not sure why I'm getting down votes as Turing is widely accepted as being autistic in the UK and a quick Google tells you the other two mentioned probably have/had autism too.


yoaver OP t1_j29tgb8 wrote

No he wasn't by any known source. He was reported to be very social and charismatic and made the presentations for the research group.

Can't say for the rest of the team however.


st3akkn1fe t1_j29tvs1 wrote

But isn't that like Steve Jobs though? Or Spielberg or whatever? I mean he can be outgoing and still be autistic. He had all the obsessive traits as far as I can see.


yoaver OP t1_j29uava wrote

There is no record of him being autistic, and many records of him being very social, which is uncommon for autistic people.

So there is no reason to assume he was autistic, let alone depict him as such in a movie.


st3akkn1fe t1_j29vo5d wrote

Yeah but autism and asperger's syndrome wasn't diagnosed until the mid 40s. The chances of Turing getting diagnosed or described as either is pretty slim.

I'm not well versed in the history of the guy but going off my FIL who is I assumed he was on the spectrum.


yoaver OP t1_j29yks4 wrote

So you assume an historical person you never met has autism becsuse for some reason he reminds you of your father in law wglhich you think may be on the spectrum?

You need to get out more.


st3akkn1fe t1_j29zeww wrote

No, you misread what I said. I said my FIL who has read a lot about Bletchley Park and worked with GCHQ seems to think that the movie didn't do a good job of showing how neuro diverse the code breakers were.

I said he seems to think that they were all pretty autistic. I then explained that Turing wouldn't have been diagnosed as the diagnosis was only coined in the 1940s and that it was a new field.

I would expect that if he was born today he would have been diagnosed early in life. Now, I don't know of this is the case or not but my FIL whoni saw the movie with and who is well educated on the subject matter seems to think so.


Mech-Noir t1_j29vpki wrote

What the fuck are you talking about or "whatever". Spielberg Does Not Have Asperger Syndrome neither does Steve Jobs. What the fuck.


st3akkn1fe t1_j29w1f1 wrote

>neither does Steve Jobs.

A quick Google tells you that he probably did.

I'm not going to Google Spielburg but I worked for a national leader in educating children on the spectrum and they used both people as examples.


Mech-Noir t1_j2a5xpt wrote

Well, then they're fools who are wrong. Sorry you're too lazy to type it into google. First result: Spielberg Does Not Have Asperger Syndrome.Mar 29, 2010


st3akkn1fe t1_j2a8s1o wrote

I literally just googled it and there are lots of pages saying he probably is or at least has traits of people on the spectrum...

What do you think about Steve Jobs? I notice you didn't mention him.


Mech-Noir t1_j2adz30 wrote

Steve Jobs was also not diagnosed with Asperger’s you weirdo. The self diagnosing dead people is weird and you have quite literally missed the entire point of this conversation.

Spielberg had an NPR article with false information published about him… literally top result on Google.


st3akkn1fe t1_j2alfjh wrote

You can't self diagnose someone else. A self diagnosis is a self diagnosis.

You're missing the point. I'll happily say that I was incorrect about Spielburg and that this was just a case of fake news. However, Alan Turing is widely regarded as being on the spectrum and so is Jobs. There are lots of reasons why they weren't diagnosed as such but the fact that you're trying to cancel that part of them out is odd to me.