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WarmMoistLeather t1_j27pqo1 wrote

It's shown. You can hear the glass retract. That's how it keeps closing over and over every time Duke's phone dings.


Outlog t1_j284jj0 wrote

OP is asking why it opens on its own (not closes).


BaronVonLazercorn t1_j287lo7 wrote

And they said you can hear it retract, as in open again


Outlog t1_j287y6u wrote



  1. Security glass closes (because of ding)

  2. Security glass then opens (why?)

Is it timed? How does the security system determine the threat is gone?


BaronVonLazercorn t1_j288dgv wrote

That seems like the most logical reason, yes. That and other sensors to determine active threats like heat, etc.

There is probably an initial dB sensor. If a sound occurs over a certain threshold, the barrier closes as a precaution. Then after say 10 seconds, if no further threats are detected, it opens back up.

In reality the painting would be enclosed at all times. But the opening/closing is clearly a thematic device that doesn't need so much thought put into the technicalities of how/why it works the way it does


queen-adreena t1_j28f9aw wrote

I can see why a billionaire wouldn’t pay that much to ship it round the world only to have to look at it through plastic.

That said, the Mona Lisa is painted on wood, not canvas. So either the film goofed, or they sent Miles a fake.


BaronVonLazercorn t1_j28jgl5 wrote

Considering the cultural and historical significance of the Mona Lisa, I can't imagine you would be allowed to keep it out in the open, even if you did somehow manage to buy it from the state.

Besides, you wouldn't want anything to happen to it considering how much you would've paid for it. Plus you would forever be known as the dickhead that destroyed the Mona Lisa, like Miles.

As for the wood thing, you're right, but after hundreds of years that poplar might be able to go up like canvas. But I can also imagine The Louvre giving Miles a fake. After all, Mus- I mean Miles is an idiot.


Outlog t1_j288mhj wrote

I understand thematic devices, but also happen to enjoy discussing engineering and technology. 🤷

Appreciate the input!


BaronVonLazercorn t1_j288oji wrote

Then you should've been able to figure out how it works, no?


Outlog t1_j288rgc wrote

Oh, you're actually snarky and rude? Got it. Moving on.


BaronVonLazercorn t1_j288ylq wrote

Not trying to be. You said you enjoy conversations about engineering and technology, so I thought you would've easily come to the same conclusion


CrosseyedBilly t1_j2a6w9i wrote

We’ll miles says he wanted the button installed so he could know there wasn’t anything in between himself and the painting