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Typical_Humanoid t1_j2ax7f4 wrote

Sure I'm down. I think OHMSS is one of the best and that had been a one off.


GetFreeCash t1_j2axm07 wrote

Lazenby could have done more if he wanted to, he just chose not to because he predicted the character and the series would be short-lived.


GTOdriver04 t1_j2ayeko wrote

His agent did, actually. Career suicide, but nobody figured Bond would become part of the cultural lexicon as it has.

Disappointing. Really. OHMSS was fantastic. A bit long, but that’s okay. I liked Lazenby.


stunts002 t1_j2bdtsh wrote

To be fair to Lazenby at the time there was nothing to suggest otherwise. Connery at the time WAS Bond and it's no coincidence Connery came back twice for Bond (one granted wasn't an eon bond). So in Lazenbys defence it would seem at the time the public genuinely only seen Connery as Bond and the series may not stay popular with a new lead.


Electric43-5 t1_j2ayoaw wrote

It wasn't really a one of though. Yes Lazenby did only play Bond once but that film requires you to be familiar with the idea that Bond and Blofeld have met before since it is a sequel to You Only Live Twice. In general all the Bond films from Connery to Dalton are connected. Its only until GoldenEye where the films do a soft reboot is the series interrupted.


IM_RR t1_j2c6aoa wrote

All the films up until Die Another Day are the same James Bond with loose continuity.


Theamazing-rando t1_j2b8mby wrote

The Dollop podcast on George Lazenby is a hoot! The studio were absolutely terrible to the guy, they wanted him to emulate Connery but at a fraction of the cost, so made him do all his own stunts, then refused to give him any direction at all, despite him not actually being an actor. They only had him contracted for a single film, which became a smash hit but George had become a full on hippy and refused to go along with the aesthetic, so they wouldn't let him promote it, which became a big thing when they then tried to get him to sign on for a multi film deal, with loads of conditions he wasn't happy with.

In the end, it was a combination of poor management advice (on the longevity of Bond) and his not wanting to stop being a free full bearded hippy for x number of years, then we'd likely never have had Moore as a bond. George sounds like a good dude and the most unique Bond


freezingkiss t1_j2b0x5p wrote

It would have been better if Lazenby wasn't trying to play a quasi Connery the whole time.