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Totemdary t1_j291q1p wrote

Guy Ritchie comes to mind with his frantic style.

Or anything Aaron Sorkin with his 143-words-per-minute dialogues.

Edit : Into the Spider-Verse is all the colors and fast pace you can ask for.


zkwo t1_j29ugo1 wrote

Seconding Into the Spider-Verse. My partner doesn’t like movies and that’s one of their favorites of all time.


HijackedAffairs t1_j291sgj wrote

Anything by Edgar Wright. His films have very energetic and eye catching transitions. They're full of action and are pretty fun all around.


DarthPiette t1_j2as0ce wrote

And a lot of subtle visual humor that you'd miss if you weren't article watching.


Nyithra t1_j294vz3 wrote

Everything everywhere all at once


blacksheepgod t1_j29f6ko wrote

Mad Max: Fury Road


tavogus55 t1_j29ffw2 wrote

This. My dad has this really short attention span and tends to fall asleep during movies, this is so far the only movie that prevented all of that. Such a great movie


guilgom71 t1_j2amm9j wrote

Witness it!! With the volume on blast. Boom boom boom!


ZebraBorgata t1_j2ahxh6 wrote

Ugh, I turned it off after 30 minutes. What crap.


ryoon21 t1_j29dvdh wrote

Bullet Train on Netflix. Very fast paced and action packed. Great writing. Overall a good time.


shockwavej t1_j2b7sk5 wrote

Yasss, I watched it the other night. Hyper focused on it so hard. Kinda convinced it was directed (or written?) by a person with adhd


AlphaPuff_90 t1_j291sl6 wrote

As someone who also has a dog-like attention span, I can recommend Baby Driver, 21/22 Jump Street, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, and if you're feeling adventurous Across the Universe (a very stylish musical using songs form The Beatles).


NoOneShallPassHassan t1_j294x4n wrote

Run Lola Run.

It's fast-paced, and it's technically three 30-minute movies with the same premise but different outcomes.


hanabaena t1_j2a4eqw wrote

maybe Memento also. came here to say RLR!


thebreak22 t1_j29ia81 wrote

Goodfellas, Casino, The Departed, Wolf of Wall Street.


rob_lawbla t1_j29zd5y wrote

The Bourne movies. Lots of quick scene cuts

In the first film, Bourne Identity, the ASL was at around 4 seconds which then became 2.4 seconds in its sequel, Bourne Supremacy. And in the final film, Bourne ultimatum, a total of about 3200 shots were squashed into a 105 minute running time, making the average shot about 2 seconds.


st6374 t1_j293ec8 wrote

Yup.. Got to watch movies with quick editing, less dialogues & fairly simple plot to follow around. It keeps your mind from wondering around. While also not exhausting you.

It's hard to find good movies with that sort of style though. When you focus on flashiness. Plot becomes secondary point.

Try Social network. Batman from Christopher Nolan is solid too. John Wick Series. Oceans 11. Italian Job. Etc etc.


Barkerfan86 t1_j293y6t wrote

Anything with Leslie Nelson (Airplane, Naked Gun movies) they are super quick paced and just hit after hit.


JoshMillz t1_j2942lu wrote

True Romance.

The hack is to just watch movies in 30 minute chunks.


plegba t1_j29e21m wrote

Run Lola run


TheyCallMeGeno71 t1_j29f6ti wrote

Mad Max Fury Road. Great visuals, nonstop action, whole movie is basically one long chase scene.


nijukiller t1_j29ie7r wrote

Seriously watch Netflix show called Arcane.


kaptaincorn t1_j2aegn1 wrote

Koyaanisqatsi 1982- Not a film with a narrative, but something neat that grabs attention

You can still do puzzles while watching


BEE_REAL_ t1_j293qsw wrote

I have very bad ADHD that I need to take meds for and have no issue paying attention to movies even if they're really slow. It's gonna be different for each person obviously, but you can just give a good faith try to sitting down and watching the movie


FreeLook93 t1_j2979wl wrote

Not any colours and few quick screen changes, but 12 Angry Men (1957) is one of the most engrossing films you are likely to see. I might not seem like the kind of movie that could keep the average viewer glued to the screen, but it really is.

For more along the lines of what you are wanting I would suggest anything by Edgar Wright or Satoshi Kon.


EngineerBoy00 t1_j29h6k5 wrote

Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes

Even our 12 year old, who thinks anything longer than a 5 minute YouTube video is 'boring', was glued to the screen for all (the relatively short) 70 minutes of runtime.


corya45 t1_j29khoc wrote

Wes Anderson has always been good for me. It’s super interesting and character driven if your paying attention but the scenes dialogue and spectacle colors are just so interesting to look at and experience scene to scene


tacoeater1234 t1_j29npx6 wrote

As someone with the same affliction, I think you're right that slow paced movies are hard for me to enjoy. But they don't need to be fast paced either. They just need to be captivating.

Fellowship of the Ring is an excellent study in pacing, and it's not (always) fast paced, but the whole movie is captivating so even in the slower parts, I'm still in it.


gonzagylot00 t1_j2amgsk wrote

And you know, with those long LOTR movies there's always the option to break them up into two viewings...


lakmus85_real t1_j29qwuc wrote

Memento. You won't see a difference from the real life


Jumanji4ever t1_j2ah2s3 wrote

Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Just watched it, and it really kept my attention throughout the entire film. Great transitions through scenes and entertaining


guilgom71 t1_j2an0y8 wrote

I sneaked in to watch that movie. I felt bad because it was so good.


Isarii t1_j2bbfls wrote

Have you tried watching movies with the subtitles on? Giving my brain something to read has helped me a ton with maintaining focus.


mikkopai t1_j2co1uw wrote

I find it also more relaxing, as I don’t have to strain myself listening to the actors when I can read what they said should i have missed a part of their lines


SillyWeb6581 t1_j29h1iu wrote

House of 1000 corpses and Devils Rejects


garrisontweed t1_j2a12p7 wrote

Michael Bay Movies.

Bad Boys 2 for maximum Bayham.


whatthefox70 t1_j2a3f0o wrote

I have ADHD and I watch mostly horror movies. I also like action films particularly action hero films. I prefer Marcel over DC though because DC films tend to have more slow thoughtful scenes and I get squirmy when there is no action.


cjboffoli t1_j2aahuk wrote

As someone with ADD, who loves cinema, I don't know that I can relate to your question. Personally, I don't know that frantic movies with a lot of action and cuts really helps. And even even with the most staid, mellow Merchant-Ivory costume drama, there are still frequent cuts between shots that keep the picture changing. Self medicating with a little bit of caffeine (and putting away my phone) is generally enough for m to get through any movie. I'm low key wondering if your man is just maybe using this as an excuse to get out of watching the movies you're into (and he's not).


gb2020 t1_j2ab1rn wrote

Most modern animated films are made for younger viewers with short attention spans, and there are so many great recent animated movies. Maybe these would work?


Zhuul t1_j2ae23c wrote



KnotSoSalty t1_j2ae81a wrote

Hardcore Henry, Crank, Fight Club, or anything by Mr Michael Bay.


oscarx-ray t1_j2aec28 wrote

John Wick is very pretty, has lots of action, and doesn't require too much attention. My ADHD benefits from subtitles as well, FWIW.


WritingTheDream t1_j2af5vs wrote

I’m sorry but I can’t help but comment on how this sounds like a mom talking about their kid lol. Perhaps ask your boyfriend about why he seems to be more into those movies to get a better idea what to look for. First suggestion off the top of my head though would be Seven Psychopaths.


OlderNerd t1_j2aguu6 wrote

I had a list that I was going to post here, but then I got distracted


gonzagylot00 t1_j2am4o1 wrote

It sounds like he is captivated by visceral violence, music and emotion.

He might like Joker. Also maybe the recent Predator remake named Prey.

Oliver Stone directed Natural Born Killers. Maybe Platoon would work? Or Apocalypse Now?

David Fincher directed Fight Club. Maybe Seven would work?

Natural Born Killers and Fight Club mix some compelling music with romance, violence, and color. With these elements in mind, I have to go to Pulp Fiction as a final recommendation.


Kopextacy t1_j2asjad wrote

Is it movie specific you’re looking for? If not, here’s a few out there shows that are different/wild enough to possibly keep ya interested. Mostly in the comedic realm

-Nathan for you -I think you should leave with Tim Robinson -Joe Pera talks with you (slow paced, but different and weirdly heartwarming at times) -How to with John Wilson (not for kids) -The rehearsal (especially if you like Nathan for you)

More scripted (normal) stuff -Our flag means death -Flight of the Concords -Righteous Gemstones

Also these movies were just fun -Step Brothers -Weird (the weird Al biopic)

I’ve got ADD for sure and all of these captured me. I’ve got a bit of a weird taste though.


casualAlarmist t1_j2awf5m wrote

Stalker (1979) - Edge of you seat journey into an extremely dangerous forbidden zone.

Two Lane Blacktop (1971) - Muscle cars and high octane cross country road race action.

The Thin Red Line (1998) - Brutally unrelenting war movie with an all star cast.

Ad Astra (2019) - Sci-Fi action adventure nail biter staring Brad Pitt.

I have more suggestions available.


Sonic2020 t1_j2b0lfb wrote

Lots of good ADD movies here.

I don't think anyone's mentioned NOBODY with Bob Odenkirk, once the action starts it doesn't stop. This movie knows exactly what it is and it's awesome.


notade50 t1_j2b8i10 wrote

I know everyone says it all the time, but Requiem for a Dream should grab your attention real fast


BaronMatfei t1_j2b9ms7 wrote

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once! The main character has it, and it’s based on one of the directors having it.

I have it too, and I cried several times. One of the greatest movies ever made.


Heavy-Station2077 t1_j2bzzj1 wrote

i am not convinced 'attention deficits' is an actual thing, you're just not into that movie/topic/book/class, etc. people's minds wander when they're not engaged in the material, idk, find more movies with violence i guess or early-mid 90 action/thrillers?


Bushgjl t1_j291ya0 wrote

A Serbian Film


_kiss_my_grits_ t1_j29370u wrote

A casual movie, really.

A word to the wise, Google first.


SillyWeb6581 t1_j29h5fu wrote

This is the best warning without giving anything away.

I refuse to watch it after Googling it


ThePizzaNoid t1_j29vchj wrote

Not sure why you hate OP so much.


Bushgjl t1_j29vrjp wrote

I mean if you your you have ADD so bad you can't watch like a 90 minute movie then visceral violence and sexual content might be needed to keep you engaged.