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My son loves the Bullet Train movie and has watched it over ten times. He was so excited the first time he saw it he couldn't wait to watch it with me. (He saw it first with his Grandmother). Tangerine is his favorite character but Lemon is a close second. We both like how all the "threads" come together at the end. Anyways, I made this review with him:





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Uneequa t1_j20i8kk wrote

That's charming. I just saw BT last week and man, it was a blast. Some people didn't like all the coincidences, but I found it all very amusing. The actor cameos were good too, although your son probably didn't pick up on all that stuff. Fun fact: this is the second time Joey King >!gets randomly killed by a car at the end of a movie.!<


inkscraper OP t1_j20umsz wrote

Thank you! There are a lot of cameos for sure. We watched the the movie The Lost City with Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum and it was fun to see all three in Bullet Train, he picked up on that one and said Channing might have been reading one of the novels from the Lost cty movie ?


peioeh t1_j23jstx wrote

> Some people didn't like all the coincidences

It's clearly over the top but done on purpose, everything is ridiculous. The good guys, the bad guys, the insane coincidences (or not) of everyone ending up in a small confined space, the whole look of the movie, everything is crazy. It was a ton of fun.

It feels like another life time at this point but I'm pretty sure if 13 year old me saw it he would have also gone completely insane, in the best way possible.


typicalWimp t1_j22yj9q wrote

This might be a spoiler, but if you stick to the credits, you can see that Lemon was still alive from jumping in the water. He found a truck which contains Tangerines, drove it and hit Prince.


Uneequa t1_j2364p4 wrote

Yeah I know. But it comes out of nowhere at first. And yes, that's clearly a spoiler.


Sonny_Crockett_1984 t1_j20awps wrote

I personally didn't like the movie but I love this review and I love that your kid loves it so much. Made me remember how that feels when you are young.


inkscraper OP t1_j20u55l wrote

Thank you! It's fun to see him so excited about it! Like how I was when I was kid and watched Star Wars and Indiana Jones


Sonny_Crockett_1984 t1_j219te9 wrote

I remember when video stores first started. I was about 6-8. I always wanted to rent Flash Gordon. I didn't know it was a silly, campy presentation. I took it as seriously as Star Wars. The scene when he sticks his hand in that thing was so scary and suspenseful to me. I thought his fight with Timothy Dalton on the floating disc thing was the most exciting thing ever.


inkscraper OP t1_j21e4ap wrote

Flash Gordon's pretty wild. Great soundtrack too!


ToothlessGrandma t1_j20qes8 wrote

I remember how I felt when I saw Star wars episode 1 in theaters as a child. I also remember how I felt when I saw the last of the new movies.


inkscraper OP t1_j20u86q wrote

It's great! I keep trying to recapture those fun times


dazed63 t1_j20b4nd wrote

This is really good. I also enjoyed the movie.


Not_A_Meme t1_j20ce0v wrote

Your son is adorable, and something is going right in your relationship.


Kuildeous t1_j20zotu wrote

The movie has a lot of cool style, and I did enjoy watching it. The ending dragged for me, which is ironic given how it was the most destructive scene in the whole movie, but you know, I don't need widescale destruction for the sake of destruction. That wasn't the interesting bit, though it did end with a humorous "serendipitous" resolution.

It was goofy-fun where you could explain most anything with luck, but they really leaned into it. It's not just that Ladybug has good luck. He also has bad luck, such as with the crazy, random happenstance with the combination lock.

That said, I'm not too sad about missing it in the theatre. It was a fun watch, but I wouldn't go out of my way for it. The characters were interesting and cartoonish--almost like Snatch. But the interplay between Lemon and Tangerine was simply sublime. Those actors had a lot of with that, and I was feeling drawn toward their relationship, momentarily forgetting that they're amoral murderers.


inkscraper OP t1_j214j94 wrote

I didn't care for the train wreck at the end, seemed a bit much but yeah, Tangerine and Lemon stole the show for me.


statikuz t1_j24jism wrote

Totally agreed on the ending. The rest of the movie was so snappy, but then the train crash in slow motion and all the cars sliding around in the neighborhood for what seemed like forever was an odd change of pace.


rynodawg t1_j20g8b5 wrote

Target audience must be the youngsters, my son is 13 and has watched it several times already as well.


thanosthumb t1_j215yal wrote

There’s no way the target audience was 13 year olds with how many f bombs and gory scenes it has lol very good movie but that’s not the target audience haha


CritikillNick t1_j217xk5 wrote

You think thirteen year olds aren’t used to hearing fuck and seeing violence? They probably say fuck more than the average person and see more violence in movies and games too. It’s fine for the vast majority


thanosthumb t1_j218m5w wrote

Maybe they are. That doesn’t make it ok. The target audience is not 13 when the movie is rated R. People get sliced open, one guy gets shot in the throat and bleed’s out with a gurgle, a man’s head is blown off, and they say “fuck” more than most other movies I’ve seen today. Idk why the original commenter thought the target audience being youngsters was a valid statement.


inkscraper OP t1_j21ejdz wrote

When I finally watched the movie with my son I was shocked his grandmother had taken him to see the movie. She didn't know anything about it. There are a lot of curse words and gore and he told me he hears the same at school, we just don't talk that way at home.


rynodawg t1_j22b1pk wrote

Geez, I made the comment in jest, but teenage boys love movies like Bullet Train. It’s nothing new. When I was 13 my friends and I loved Predator, Aliens, Full Metal Jacket, etc. Now teenagers love John Wick, play Call of Duty, etc. They will turn out OK still.


CritikillNick t1_j219wjn wrote

13 isn’t even young, in four years they’ll be getting ready to pay rent. They’ve already seen all that on daytime tv, nobody gives two fucks about curse words anymore because they don’t matter and are the same as every other word, get over yourself lol.


kingcheezit t1_j20sfsz wrote

I found Bullet Train an enjoyable movie, but not something I could watch multiple times.

Ive seen it, it was a bit of fun, next.


thanosthumb t1_j21653s wrote

After just watching it a second time this afternoon, it’s cool to look for all the stuff the movie flashes back to, but yeah 2 times is plenty. Great movie, not extremely rewatchable tho


RealJohnGillman t1_j21a89l wrote

It might interest you and your son to know that Bullet Train was based on a book series — and that the Thomas the Tank Engine gag originated from there. The first book being titled Three Assassins, which was followed by the manga Maoh: Juvenile Remix and then the (second) book Bullet Train — with those being all the installments of the series currently available in English — to recommend them.


inkscraper OP t1_j21epvi wrote

Thank you! We're actually reading the Bullet Train book right now. Interesting to see how it differs from the movie.


RealJohnGillman t1_j21fcye wrote

Of course — enjoy! As a heads up, Three Assassins (previously adapted as a Japanese film) was the first book (just translated to English after Bullet Train was), but it can still be read as a prequel (to Bullet Train, which was a stand-alone sequel anyway). While Maoh: Juvenile Remix would be a direct sequel to Three Assassins (also including characters from the author’s book Maoh). There is also another book (Ax) and manga (Waltz), but those have yet to be translated into English.

Are you thinking of doing a review of the book for r/books, à la your r/movies review?


inkscraper OP t1_j21mfyw wrote

I hadn't thought of doing a book review in this style- you've given me something to think about for sure!


RoQu3 t1_j20jcl2 wrote

Great movie, I like the Elder's sword cane mostly because its desing it's different from every other sword cane in films or series, very clever the way it was designed.


7thEvan t1_j23azcw wrote

I thought that movie was a comedy cemetery but this is a great concept executed very well. Well done Padre.


rrickitickitavi t1_j20460k wrote

I’m glad somebody enjoys this movie.


inkscraper OP t1_j205cpe wrote

We enjoy it! It's got some fun action and some funny moments too!


Wh00ster t1_j20nqld wrote

I thought it was good but very unfocused movie. I got the same vibe from Kate.


christiany49 t1_j20pr8a wrote

Bullet train was a good movie, I just feel like they pushed the humor aspect of it so much that it wasn’t as funny as it could have been. I think they tried hard to make it have the humor that comes with watching Deadpool, but they failed. Still I enjoyed the movie, though it didn’t hit with me as much as it did with other people I guess.


RadicalEdward99 t1_j20x207 wrote

Sometimes you gotta take off your Ebert glasses (Ebert is a personal idol and would have given this 3 stars) and sit back and enjoy… and boy did I.


NaMean t1_j21auu8 wrote

This is awesome. As was the movie. Well done! Brad Pitt is just so perfect as the goofy, self-deprecating action star. Lemon and Tangerine brought the banter and nailed it. Ideal combo. You almost get teary-eyed seeing them watch West Ham as kids. It’s just a cool funny romp. Exactly what I wanted from it and maybe subverted some expectations along the way. 7.5/10


inkscraper OP t1_j21et3j wrote

Thank you!

I too thought it was a fun, action, thriller comedy- perfect at being what it is


LadyWuu t1_j21czjs wrote

This is amazing and perfect, and though im a woman, i would like to come on this bullet train adventure but i want to be the elder!

Also Tangerine IS the best character.


Spetznazx t1_j223n14 wrote

Loved the movie but real life bullet trains in Japan look NOTHING like the one in the movie on the inside lol.


drivingsansrobopants t1_j239gw3 wrote

Movies in general tend to make interior spaces much larger than their real life counterparts. Most of it do to with the fact that filming in small spaces suck ass and won't end up looking good, so you end up with TARDIS situations.


statikuz t1_j24jt3m wrote

They basically look like airplanes inside, right?


minishaq5 t1_j225rpm wrote

this is absolutely adorable! do you & your son watch/review a lot of movies together? most of my favorite memories from my childhood are going to the movies with my mom or other family; one being when my mom, cousin, aunt & i saw Austin Powers Goldmember & my aunt was laughing so hard at the guaca-mole jokes she started crying & had to leave the theater to calm down hahaha.


thanosthumb t1_j2169y3 wrote

I low key felt like this was a Tarantino movie


NJShadow t1_j21b31p wrote

Our eyes were GLUED to the screen while watching this. I looked back at my Dad, and he was like.. in a trance, lol. SUCH a good movie, and cool review format!


inkscraper OP t1_j21ev03 wrote

Thank you! Reading the book now, may watch the movie again tonight!


meshtron t1_j21e56s wrote

Awesome! Good movie, and always pleasant to see content/format that is new - I've never seen an animated movie review like this, it's great! Well done sir!

Wish I had some artistic talent, I'd do something similar about when I took my 13-yo daughter to see Midsommar in the theater without thoroughly understanding what we were in for. It was... awkward :D


inkscraper OP t1_j21mjmr wrote

Thank you!

I hear you, i went with my mom to see Basic Instinct when I was younger- very awkward


ArmyLow1688 t1_j22wwcc wrote

It's like a 7.5/10 for me