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musickeeper94 t1_j22wh2n wrote

A battle royale with cheese?

Tossup between Kiddo and Django depending on range from one another.


missanthropocenex t1_j23vesv wrote

I believe the Gogo Yubari actress was from Battle Royale, complete with the school uniform.


LexSavi t1_j22tpip wrote

Beatrix Kiddo. Hands down, no question.


Barkerfan86 t1_j23mzq0 wrote

What about Pai Mai?


JoshzillaRoar t1_j23vppb wrote

This is the correct answer


CherryDarling10 t1_j24sc25 wrote

Really? He was literally killed in the movie by Elle.


hypotyposis t1_j24twhc wrote

Via poison, because she knew she couldn’t defeat him in combat. This is a battle. He’s not going to stop to eat poisoned food during the battle.


JoshzillaRoar t1_j24xdky wrote

She poisoned him like a treacherous dog. In a battle Royale where everyone is going balls out fighting? Pai Mei would finish quite high, and could win.


EarthExile t1_j24m5go wrote

He's not a Tarantino original, so idk if he counts


Kitchen_Shine OP t1_j22uolo wrote

Django and Cliff could probably hold their own


seemsprettylegit t1_j231ptb wrote

Given that Tarantino has described Cliff as a straight up trained cold killer who, among other things, fought through WW2 both in Italy and deep in the jungles of the Philippines where he killed dozens of Japanese soldiers with only a knife, I’d probably bet on Cliff overall. He goes way more into Cliff’s story in the book version of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.


MisterCheaps t1_j23uo5q wrote

The only person Clint might have trouble with is The Bride. I think one of those two would easily win though.


seemsprettylegit t1_j251qkx wrote

A cool detail is that they both drive the same exact car (in the same color too), and also both prominently wear the color yellow.


Gushys t1_j2410vm wrote

I liked the book alot and how it highlights parts of the story the movie didn't, very nice companion piece


stunts002 t1_j24qghl wrote

If you read the book once upon a time in Hollywood it really drives home how completely unthreathened he was by the Manson family.

He was, according to the book, an excellent special forces killer. He'd definitely be one of the last men standing in any battle royale situation.


DeMagnet76 t1_j256gt7 wrote

Micky Knox could probably do quite well also.


Greenleaf90 t1_j22uqgu wrote

What's the weapon situation?


Kitchen_Shine OP t1_j22vb3i wrote

Each character starts off with the weapon they had in their original movie


Shaggy_Rogers0 t1_j23fzsx wrote

Does the Death Proof car count as a weapon?


lakovsanite t1_j251sda wrote

It was really more of a trap than a weapon but it's not gonna be very effective on an island.


Destroyer_Of_World5 t1_j22wuu9 wrote

I don’t know who wins, but I know Mr Pink is getting out of there and everyone else from Reservoir Dogs loses.


puttinitinmutton t1_j23d3l4 wrote

Yeah I was thinking Mr Orange could win with the power of LIES. Phyrric victory tho, eh?


blue_pen_ink t1_j23rjx6 wrote

Mr Pink will get out but the second the door closes he will die in a shootout, everyone loses reservoir dogs


gunslinger9_19 t1_j23wk6j wrote

Word is, he didn't die, but lived to be arrested and prosecuted. No source, but I read something that Tarantino supposedly said.


FunkyJumbers t1_j243s81 wrote

Its been awhile since ive seen it but i believe you can hear him getting into a shootout with the police in the movie after he flees. I'm guessing he's dead.

Just rewatched the scene. You hear some kind of collision, tires skidding, then multiple gunshots, sounding like they come from different guns.


gunslinger9_19 t1_j246xdk wrote

Yeah I know. Like I said, I read something somewhere about Tarantino saying that he survived the shooting.


respectthegoat t1_j24os1z wrote

Can’t you hear him yelling “you shot me” at the end of that though? That would mean he was only wounded


escudonbk t1_j23ybcl wrote

It's because he's a fucking professional.


No-Significance3872 t1_j22vy15 wrote

The Wolf


MisterCheaps t1_j23urb9 wrote

Do we know that the Wolf could actually fight though? He was a cleaner.


Gwynn-er-winner t1_j23y1cu wrote

Never underestimate a problem solver. He’s figure a way to use the Bride and Django to his advantage.


mortymcfry83 t1_j22yzzw wrote

Lieutenant Aldo Raine


jimmysalame t1_j23a36t wrote

Nah, definitely Enzo Gorlami


MAXIMILIAN-MV t1_j23arfj wrote

How do you pronounce that?


SG420123 t1_j23mnhd wrote

Bro The Bride would absolutely dominate a battle royal situation, she literally single-handedly killed over 100 yakuza in one fight.


pureeviljester t1_j24rrsv wrote

How's her gun fighting though?


Yung_Corneliois t1_j24x0eg wrote

Tbh I’m sure it’s still pretty damn good. Her specialty was swords but they were all trained with a variety of weapons.


ChronoMonkeyX t1_j250hkm wrote

Nah, that was the Crazy 88, but there weren't really 88 of them.


No-Significance3872 t1_j22vw0h wrote

Hugo Stiglitz


DaveshPatel93101 t1_j22wjjf wrote

Clarence Worley, but only if it's White Boy Day.


VicDamoneSR t1_j236ldp wrote

You thought it was pretty fuckin funny didn’t ya huh????

###WELL FUCK YOU!!! 💥🔫



Dragon-Captain t1_j22z6nj wrote

Pai Mei of course.


Barkerfan86 t1_j23n7f3 wrote

Dude would just sit on a hillside and wait. Eventually a pile of bodies would start to form.


Awanderinglolplayer t1_j23qbxl wrote

He died to a different character, he clearly wouldn’t win


Dragon-Captain t1_j2483dp wrote

That may be, but he died via poison. He is definitely weaker to subterfuge and deceit, especially without knowing hostile intent. In a battle royale where he knows everyone’s out to get him though? I bet the legendary master can get pretty damn far.


Masethelah t1_j235cnm wrote

If you read the book, you know Cliff Booth is the right answer


ronearc t1_j24pts0 wrote

Cliff is the right answer.

I could see Beatrix Kiddo if we were doing a Battle Royale of the characters within the Tarantino universe who are fictional in-universe, the so-called Movie Movie Universe.

But respectful of Tarantino's creation, I think this question she be answered separately for the Realer Than Real World Universe and the Movie Movie Universe.

So Realer Than Real is Cliff Booth.


tvalvi001 t1_j232rh6 wrote

Jackie Brown. She is going to outsmart every mothafucka in the room.


dsbwayne t1_j23e6w0 wrote

The Bride vs. Django. Let it happen.


MisterCheaps t1_j23uwqf wrote

Cliff Booth would beat Django I think. The Bride vs. Cliff would be the final showdown though.


loverofonion t1_j23nizo wrote

Cliff Booth with a can of dogmeat.


mfb1973 t1_j22uy0b wrote

Butch Coolidge Didn't have a score to settle, just trying to survive in an ugly set of circumstances. Zed's dead baby!


DelapidatedSagebrush t1_j239mva wrote

Why is no one even saying Aldo Raine from inglorious basterds?


Bobgoulet t1_j23wkdw wrote

Because we never see Aldo Raine fight anyone.


DelapidatedSagebrush t1_j2418od wrote

I think his ability to survive, traverse and fight behind enemy lines would be a great asset in a battle royal scenario. He could set up ambushes and I think he has the training to use many types of weapons. He would be my pick because he is so knowledgeable and well trained. He is a direct descendent of the mountain man Jim Bridger, and second LT in the army special forces. But Beatrix kiddo would probably win, she did kill that whole gang of ninjas, but maybe in the woods with random weapons Aldo could make some cool traps or something like that?


32K-REZ t1_j22yq55 wrote



trikyballs t1_j24r0n8 wrote

“is that a first name or a last name?”


32K-REZ t1_j24va5r wrote

I believe that’s his christian name


ill_navi t1_j23lil4 wrote

The Bear Jew wins


lucia-pacciola t1_j246fs5 wrote

Scatter all the main characters on an island, give them a few hours to get ready, and then send up the starting flare?

We can write off at least half of them right away, for not being that kind of killer. All the Reservoir Dogs. Hans Landa. Stuntman Mike. Maybe a couple of the Dogs have the guts and the background to hold out for a while, but realistically none of them are making it to the quarter finals. Nobody from Jackie Brown goes the distance. But Jackie Brown herself calmly puts together a desperate plan, somehow gets overlooked in the final clash, and makes her way off the island when it's all over.

The ladies from Death Proof probably last a little while, but they're basically a bunch of girls at slasher sleepaway camp. Part of what makes that movie is that all of the girls are obviously supposed to die in comically horrible ways, but they don't. In a BR situation, Zoe Bell is final girl. Maybe she makes it to the quarter finals based on her sheer luck. And in the end she can't save her friends.

But then you've got some stone killers who know a thing or two about a thing or two. Buck from Kill Bill is exactly the kind of redneck hillbilly you'd expect to thrive on a deserted island, creeping around out-killing a bunch of killers. In fact, all of Bill's crew have some fieldcraft. I'd put my money on Beatrix Kiddo, from that bunch.

The Basterds are on a mission. No mission, they'll lose their unit cohesion and all fall by the wayside except Lt. Aldo Rayne, who was clearly born for this kind of work. He'll give Buck a run for his money, but in the end Kiddo takes him down. Or Django.

In an ironic twist, Butch from Pulp Fiction ends up surviving a while by resorting to the same VC guerrilla tactics that got his father captured and ultimately dead in a POW camp. Does he make it to the quarter finals? If he does, he's the only one from that movie to do so.

The Hateful Eight includes some bad motherfuckers, and they're all probably somewhat familiar with wilderness living. But all of them are jerkasses with fatal flaws.

In the end, my vote is >!Winston Wolf. It's clear the Wolf is a man of resource and long experience. He probably knows as much about killing, and surviving, as he knows about cleaning up murder scenes and driving the streets of LA. Take off that tuxedo, he's still the Wolf. Drop him butt-ass naked on an island full of killers and give him ten minutes to prepare, he's still the Wolf.!<


Ciqbern t1_j2424md wrote

The Bride wins, hands down.


Daveywheel t1_j22ys0t wrote

Hans Landa….all the way


Bobgoulet t1_j23whxu wrote

If Django has his guns he's washing everyone.

If no guns, The Bride or Pai Ma with the swords.

If it's hand-to-hand, I like Cliff


Baguirre1 t1_j23xblb wrote

Well he did go in 2 Bears 1 Cave with Tom Segura and said he was working on a small project so who knows


nosenachos69 t1_j24xm51 wrote

I feel like that’s going to be the all black cast civil war story he’s hinted at over the years


BOSZ83 t1_j243jcb wrote

Beatrix Kiddo.


SanderStrugg t1_j2480ye wrote

If Sin City counts as a Tarantino movie here, it would bring some serious contenders.

Marv is one tanky monster of a man, Elijah Wood's character is insanely fast, that Katana women seems formidable as well. Comic book humans tend to be tougher than action film stars.

If Sin City doesn't count, I'll go with Beatrix Kiddo or one of her oponents. She has done the most outlandish stuff on the list.


sandycassandy t1_j24htjk wrote

I think only characters from the scene he directed count.


RDAM60 t1_j249t22 wrote

Vincent. Cold blooded and calm. Stronger than he looks and not easily distracted by miracles or pleas for mercy.


Complex_Artist_7066 t1_j24h73q wrote

Zoe Bell from death proof. She can’t be killed. She’s death proof.


Illusive_Man t1_j23r2dl wrote

do the films he did with Rodriguez count


Gushys t1_j241cr1 wrote

You are trying to loop hole El Mariachi into this?


Illusive_Man t1_j241x0e wrote

No I want cherry darling from planet terror


Gushys t1_j242873 wrote

Solid, Wray would also be fun in here with his affinity of firearms


ohdominole t1_j23y4ok wrote

The Wolf. He drives real fuckin fast so he’d probably hightail it out of there and live to see another day.


[deleted] t1_j23z8fr wrote

Tarantino should direct a Fortnite movie


Weirdguy149 t1_j249wh8 wrote

I feel like the Bride would kill most of them but then Django does a sneak attack and kills her.


kyle_kaufman t1_j24hikb wrote

Aldo Raine and Cliff Booth show down at the end.


Vamoelbolso t1_j24hohg wrote

I think it will all come down to all of Samuel L. Jackson's characters shooting each other. The winner? The ultimate Samuel L. Jackson.


Malice_n_Flames t1_j24im72 wrote

Jules gets shot in the back while giving his spiel to someone he is about to shoot.


JGrutman t1_j24kopa wrote

I got 50 bucks on the gimp.


liquidportal6199 t1_j24qlqb wrote

Depends. Are weapons allowed? If their signature weapons are allowed, im pretty sure its a clean sweep for Django with his guns.


trikyballs t1_j24qti8 wrote

Max Cherry, Cherry Bail Bonds


JanncorLennox t1_j24ycpb wrote

Knowing QT's style, it would be someone completely unexpected out of left fucking field. So cast my vote for that little Crazy 88 kid that Kiddo spanked and sent home.


rhganggang t1_j2567un wrote

Beatrix Kiddo gets my money


sedwards3205 t1_j236hcw wrote

Gogo and O-Ren from Kill Bill.

Those women are badass and ruthless. Don’t even turn your back on them.


Tom_Foolery1993 t1_j237gfh wrote

But they both got beat by kiddo, why would they win out of all characters when they didn’t even win in that movie


delsoldemon t1_j23il9l wrote

And GoGo already failed to survive one Battle Royale


dreamnightmare t1_j23mh30 wrote

Holy shit! You’re right! She was in the Battle Royale movie! That’s fucking crazy!


roundearthervaxxer t1_j23cvrx wrote

Battle royale is perfectly fine without you quint