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jsakic99 t1_j1tbrqu wrote

The Phantom Menace

This was pre-YouTube. QuickTime and the Real video player were essential.


Dick_Grimes t1_j1tgpbi wrote

That trailer made Meet Joe Black $50 million alone with no one seeing the actual movie. True story. You went to see Meet Joe Black just to watch the Episode 1 trailer and then leave.


grom_thelonious t1_j1us548 wrote

Phantom Menace or The Force Awakens? TFA trailer made my tear up every time I saw it, and then it was a little above mediocre for me as a full film.


44problems t1_j1vbil6 wrote

I remember calling in to TRL so I could make sure to see the Duel of the Fates music video on the countdown