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maximumlight1 t1_j26xzz8 wrote

Gary Oldman


squizzeak t1_j2723pc wrote

I came here to say this and found his name as the top comment!


DonnieDelaware t1_j279ngq wrote

Just imagine watching Oldman play Mrs. Doubtfire and Michael (the lead) in Tootsie.


Elonth t1_j274rzn wrote

put a wig on him shave his mustache and he could just disappear into any role male or female.


Frickincarl t1_j2769it wrote

I really want to be alive when Gary Oldman takes home his first Oscar for Best Actress.


Cthulhu625 t1_j27cfyt wrote

So many people don't even know he was Drexl in True Romance.


cptnamr7 t1_j276qjo wrote

Came here for this. Half the time I don't even know that's him playing the character. I genuinely have no idea what he actually looks like in real life because I only know his characters. I believe he's the one that had to relearn his own natural accent because even HE forgot who he was outside of his roles


SnooHedgehogs11 t1_j26x3fg wrote

I know he is retired now, but Daniel Day Lewis. He works best as a confident, grumpy mysterious man, but i firmly believe anything would be possible with him.


Jfrog1 t1_j27cjqp wrote

This has to be a top 5 on anyone's list


throwaweigh1245 t1_j26y1ik wrote

Tilda Swinton. She played a non-gendered angel for Gods sake


Galadriel909 t1_j27fn7d wrote

She also played different roles in Suspiria and I never knew it was her in the man role until I saw the credits.


purlawhirl t1_j26yke4 wrote

“They could cast Meril Streep to play Batman and it would be the right decision” -Cameron on Modern Family


inmyelement87 t1_j26ya5r wrote

Denzel Washington. He can be one hell of a villain (Training Day, American Gangster) to one hell of a hero (Crimson Tide, The Equalizer, Man on Fire) to something in between (Flight).

Joaquin Phoenix. He can be a sweet yet doofy dreamer hipster (her) to a cracked out psychopath (Joker) to Johnny Cash and do it incredibly well.


MUjase t1_j273piw wrote

I thought the knock on Denzel was that he always played the same person which was himself?


inmyelement87 t1_j2768zu wrote

I dunno, maybe that’s valid and maybe the movies are so different. But in Crimson Tide he did a good job of playing a well educated Junior Navy Officer. It’s a big change from Training Day where he’s rough around the edges, using drugs and only too willing to kill.


Fudge89 t1_j27btzs wrote

The Denzel stern closed lip angry speech is ubiquitous across his films lol not a bad thing, but I agree, he is usually just himself


Throwaway_Codex t1_j27g941 wrote

He does. It's Black Man Talking Loudly(TM). Sam Jackson also uses that trademark.


TrickNatural t1_j26xbwk wrote

My boy Daniel Day Lewis. Dude was a chameleon, he could play anyone. Intense and dramatic, outgoing and loud, gritty and introspective, shy and quiet, he could do all types. He could be playing an appliance in my kitchen and I wouldnt notice, he is that good.


brilu34 t1_j272721 wrote

I disagree. I don't believe he could do anything other than drama (which he's amazing at). I can't see him doing a comedy, rom-com, musical, etc. An actor like Meryl Streep, John C. Reilly or Amy Adams can do everything.


bbd68 t1_j2708lf wrote

Meryl Streep


sofewcharacters t1_j26y8j9 wrote

Gary Oldman. Selected filmography:

  • Dracula in Bram Stoker's Dracula

  • Jim Gordan in Nolan's Batman trilogy

  • Ivan Korahunov in Air Force One

  • Sirius Black in HP

  • Norman Stansfield in Léon

Update: - Syd Vicious in Syd and Nancy (meant to include originally and forgot)

Philip Seymour Hoffman:

  • Scotty J. in Boogie Nights

  • Truman Capote in In Cold Blood

  • Lancaster Dodd in The Master


sand4000 t1_j26zcpf wrote

PSH is perhaps my favorite actor ever. Just wanted to toss in Doubt, The Big Lebowski, Hunger Games and Charlie Wilson’s War. I have not (to my regret) seen Synechdoce, NY. Dude could do it all.


sofewcharacters t1_j26zmdt wrote

He's an incredible actor. I can't say I've seen many of his films but what he was in, he was brilliant. Didn't realise he was only 46 when he passed though. I remember it happening, but man.


Braveslady t1_j270m3b wrote

He played the perfect self-entitled asshat in Scent of a Woman, corrupt preacher in Cold Mountain, and embarrassing friend in Along Came Polly.


aim_for_the_middle t1_j274ti4 wrote

Every time Hoffman is brought up I have to mention Mission Impossible 3. He played an amazing villain and elevated the fuck out of that movie.


masimone t1_j2752xy wrote

I also wished PSH switched parts with Chris O'Donnell.


Gunner3113 t1_j279vgt wrote

Gary Oldman in True Romance too. Didn’t even realize it was him at first.


smokebomb_exe t1_j272h0i wrote

Karl Urban. Talent amd flexibility.

Billy Butcher (The Boys)

Dredd (Dredd 2012, please watch it, it's incredible)

Dr McCoy (JJ Abrams Star Trek trilogy)

Eomer (Lord of the Rings)

and parts in Thor, Riddick, Doom (main star opposite of Dwayne Johnson), RED, and Jason Borne


Scoob1978 t1_j270xa6 wrote

Vincent D'onofrio


ViktorMaitland t1_j272aqz wrote

Gene Hackman. Dudes been so many types of characters and he does them so well.


jayprov t1_j272s7a wrote

Just watched him again in The Bird Cage.


C4Galore t1_j26znvw wrote

William H. Macy


xxStrangerxx t1_j26zo60 wrote

Jack Nicholson, Ralph Fiennes, Alfred Molina, Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson, Toni Collette, Cate Blanchett, Dominque Pinon, Toshiro Mifune, Paul Newman, Josh Brolin, Amy Adams, Benicio Del Toro, Glenn Close, John Lithgow, the saga continues


ILikeStuff2022 t1_j26zavv wrote

Johnny Depp


snc14 t1_j27cb4l wrote

I was going to say this if no one else did. He’s played such a range of characters, but I know some people aren’t a big fan of him anymore.


954kevin t1_j26zbtz wrote

I didn't even know Gary Oldman was in True Romance until a few years ago...


rnhm t1_j271tfz wrote

Peter Dinklage, Gwendoline Christie, John Goodman, Oscar Isaac, Idris Elba, Charlize Therone, Lupita Nyong'o


CadeRooney t1_j274elw wrote

Jake Gyllenhaal


h2oskid3 OP t1_j27cgbp wrote

I've started appreciating his acting with each movie I see him in. He's really good.


GaryTheDamnSnail t1_j273zb0 wrote

I could be told Jamie Foxx is gonna play Albert Einstein an I know he'd nail it


slingertk42 t1_j271r7i wrote

Dustin Hoffman has quite the range.


blazindekutree t1_j272loc wrote

Robert Downey Jr.

I mean...just look at his role in Tropic Thunder


Fthewigg t1_j2731yl wrote

Robin Williams, obviously when he was alive. Sure, there are great dramatic actors listed here, but show me anything they’ve done that comes anywhere close to Mork and Mindy or Aladdin.

Mork and Mindy to One Hour Photo and seemingly anything else inbetween. He had the greatest range of any actor I’ve ever seen, and it isn’t close. Honorable mention to Tom Hanks. He can do slappy nonsense and great drama, but I still haven’t been satisfied with him as an irredeemable villain.


No_Cow_6247 t1_j27g7us wrote

I have told people 20 years ago I would put Robin up against anybody for complete range.


mltain t1_j274m4s wrote

Christopher Lloyd, J K Simmons.


phiLLy820 t1_j275kco wrote

I think Ryan Reynolds is just being type cast at this point. Check out "The Nines" and "Smokin' Aces" for some different feels. Smokin' Aces has a stacked fucking cast list to boot


slingertk42 t1_j271epd wrote

Joe Pantalone, Karl Urban, and Gary Oldman


Pomodoro_Parmesan t1_j271m3c wrote

George C Scott to me has the most range of any great actor. He could be very comedic like his role in Dr Strangelove, or be a domineering presence like in The Hustler or Patton.


slingertk42 t1_j271z7q wrote

Robert Deniro as Frankenstein's monster


anaugle t1_j27ag6d wrote

Man, that movie was awful, especially compared to the book. But fuck, the scene where he cries after being thrown out…


sethberto t1_j273eys wrote

Lakeith Stanfield


Marvel_v_DC t1_j273hlo wrote

Tom Hanks?


h2oskid3 OP t1_j27cu5r wrote

He does have a pretty good range now that I think of it.


onelittleworld t1_j278aq6 wrote

Do yourself a favor and see Ben Kingsley as the overwhelming, intimidating bad guy in Sexy Beast. And then... watch him in Gandhi. Hard to believe it's the same guy.


h2oskid3 OP t1_j27cz1t wrote

Trevor? Trevor Slattery? I'm an actor.


fermat9997 t1_j278gdd wrote

Philip Seymour Hoffman. RIP


anaugle t1_j27ahiq wrote

Charlize Theron


Jill1974 t1_j27ekua wrote

Oscar Isaac has a pretty good range of characters.


Gina_the_Alien t1_j272uc1 wrote

John Gallagher, Jr. for sure. You might have seen him in 10 Cloverfield Lane or The Newsroom. That dude has RANGE - from literal Broadway shows (won a Tony award for Spring Awakening) to solid action lead in The Belko Experiment. Look him up if you get the chance.

I’ve been looking for a chance to give this guy props for a long time and looks like I’ve finally found the opportunity.


spyingpigeon t1_j272y4m wrote

Kevin Spacey, Leonardo Di caprio


Sleek1229 t1_j273144 wrote

Daniel Day Lewis and Tilda Swinton.


foersr t1_j273aix wrote

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are great and recognizable but still manage to be their character- not just themselves, imo


SuperDuperBorkie t1_j273t9n wrote

Holly Hunter’s IMDB is nothing to sniff at.


talyn5 t1_j274bvs wrote

Sigourney weaver


gmthisfeller t1_j275agk wrote

Denzel Washington. His range of roles is hardly matched.


Kind_Bullfrog_4073 t1_j2766lz wrote

Adam Sandler. Still waiting to see him play a villain.


h2oskid3 OP t1_j27cr6y wrote

That's funny because he was one of the ones I thought does the same role in all of his movies. He's branched out recently, but early 2000s he was the same person in all his movies.


Marquis_de_Stab t1_j277lce wrote

Obvious: John Leguizamo Rose Byrne Bradley Cooper Michael Fassbender

Less obvious:

Cillian Murphy Anne Hathaway Joel Kinnaman Eddie Redmayne

Maybe: ??? (Need more evidence) Henry Cavill Daniel Craig Anna Taylor-Joy Elizabeth Olsen Elle Fanning Miles Teller


HOGCC t1_j278pob wrote

Nicholas Cage.


Mean-Ad2168 t1_j2793v6 wrote

Johnny Depp has played all kinds of roles and has executed them well. From Captain Jack Sparrow to Edward Scissorhands and even Tonto


brnape t1_j279fyf wrote

Janelle Monáe


tt_gladiator t1_j279x5i wrote

Will Smith has pretty good acting range i believe.


OldTimeyClipperShit t1_j27ahdh wrote

Sir Anthony Hopkins is so good he could have played literally any of the 5 leads in Spice World


Tha_Watcher t1_j27b24o wrote

Christian Bale, Tilda Swinton and Hugh Jackman.


Fudge89 t1_j27bcdd wrote

Something I’ve noticed; the more famous you are, the less you are able to get away from just being “so and so on screen in costume” I made a comment about it a few days ago about Tom Hanks. Incredible career with some of the best performances ever, but he’s just a variation of himself lately, imo. Bale for sure is putting in the work still, glad Gary Oldman was the top comment, but like the post insists, some folks might have become too famous. It’s always nice seeing some fresh faces on screen


retrosaurus-movies t1_j27bgey wrote

Clearly Nicolas Cage.

No I do not wish to elaborate further.


Cthulhu625 t1_j27cbcr wrote

Daniel Day Lewis. I hear he's had to work with, but I would because your movie is probably going to win a bunch of awards.


Jfrog1 t1_j27cgw2 wrote

Daniel day lewis


contaygious t1_j27ch5g wrote

A hottie can be anything.


Sheldwyn t1_j27ck10 wrote

Geoffrey Rush has always amazed me with his acting range. He's more than Barbosa. He was Walsingham, and the pianist from Shine.


Tarl-X t1_j27cp3d wrote

Neil Breen


M4gs314 t1_j27cq08 wrote

Billy Bob Thornton is someone I haven't seen mentioned yet


silvermoonbeats t1_j27dl14 wrote

Jack black, his range is honestly wild and he instantly makes most movies better in my opinion.


jose_ole t1_j27drr8 wrote

Tom Hardy seems to have some chops.


Hendrix6927 t1_j27e9sp wrote

Philip Seymour Hoffman was amazing!


WillJongIll t1_j27emq2 wrote

Willem Dafoe. Any role, any time. I’ll watch anything that guy is in, just to see what he’s up to.


BoydRamos t1_j27f6vw wrote

John C. Reiley has great range. Hugo Weaving comes to mind as well.


Ridiculous__69 t1_j27f8kj wrote

John David Washington. He is working just like his dad and can play any character


Sabnitron t1_j270lm2 wrote

Like Kevin Smith said, Ben Affleck can do anything. He could've been the shark in Jaws.


SkinnyPete4 t1_j2753ks wrote

Florence Pugh. Midsommar, Fighting with my Family, Black Widow, Little Women. Horror, comedy, action, drama - She can do anything. So, just put her in every movie, you cowards!


BigQid t1_j2799hr wrote

Dwayne Johnson


Illustrious_Win951 t1_j271jmy wrote

Devine! Wish he/she could have played Sophie in Sophie's Choice


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j26xd58 wrote

Christian Bale isn't much of an actor, imo. Just a guy who loves wearing make-up and changing his weight.

I suspect, however, that we have still yet to see the true range of Chris Evans.


inmyelement87 t1_j26xs71 wrote

From Boston crackhead, to a vice president, to an autistic stockbroker, to a serial killer, to Batman, to a 1920s FBI agent. Dude has nothing but range. Wtf are you talking about.


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j26xwuw wrote

And played them all as "quiet and slightly crazy plus makeup".


inmyelement87 t1_j26ynqr wrote

I didn’t pick up on the slightly crazy in Batman. Same with Vice and Public Enemies. In The Big Short he was an even tempered guy who kept a level head as the world around him was collapsing.


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j26zk39 wrote

>I didn’t pick up on the slightly crazy in Batman

Well now I know you're trolling.


inmyelement87 t1_j27184i wrote

Batman he was tormented by the loss of his parents but not crazy. It’s the pathos of his character. Not just him being crazy for the sake of being crazy.


2hats4bats t1_j273mx7 wrote

Exactly when did you fall down a stupid tree, hit all the branches, climb back up and fall down again?


throwthrowawaywithme t1_j2728eo wrote

Troll comment


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j272xae wrote

Nope. Sincere. I don't see what people see in Bale at all. He's good at what he does, and I'd even call it acting. But if you asked me if he was better than, say, Brad Pitt, I'd tell you he wasn't.


throwthrowawaywithme t1_j273eiq wrote

I mean, you could say you like Pitt and don’t like Bale. To say the guy is not much of an actor is just silly.


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j27466s wrote

Not really. But a lot of people seem to think doing something big with your prep, or using make-up, makes you a great actor. Happens all the time. Look at Monster. Look at The Whale. Fraser is finally going to be recognised, despite his performance only being as good as every other time he takes to the screen. But we can't admit that. Instead we say that particularly performance was way better than all his others.

Hell, Ledger's Joker? Probably the worst role I saw him in


throwthrowawaywithme t1_j27bgzs wrote

You’re right. Heath Ledger was horrible as the joker, you convinced me.



DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j27c1hk wrote

I didn't say horrible, just anywhere near as good as his other roles. Unfortunately for a lot of people it was one of only three roles they'd seen him in.