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I have seen good documentaries. I have seen bad documentaries. I have seen respectful ones, and I have seen disrespectful ones.

This one is officially the worst. I am not here to cast judgment on people who watch true crime documentaries, or even have a fascination with the subject matter, but I am wiling to bet that if you are into them then its because you are ultimately curious about the how and why and not so much the perverse detail behind an act.

Not content on letting the facts be as they are, this shit decides to go full ham on crude reenactments for the sake of shock value and has a deep tone deafness in just how to handle detail and facts. It's not enough to just talk about what this psychopath did to his victims, have to have really awful voice acting and reenactments imposed over the facts, complete with screams and everything while the guy playing Albert Fish sounds like some Saturday morning cartoon character.

It's not enough to talk about how an event traumatized him which acted as a sort of catalyst for him to devolve into what he ultimately became, no, you have to narrate this (with the same voice mind you) over an image of someone's ass being spanked for an uncomfortable minute or two, THEN, change perspective to show another ass getting spanked for an additional minute.

Fucking. Why? Literally why? It doesn't add anything.

Somehow, it just keeps getting worse, how about a very lengthy depiction of someone being whipped with some choir in the background imposed with a spinning crucifix?

It's like dude...just tell the fucking story. Interview people, lay out the facts, preferably with experts and not some whackjob who has a sick fetish for collecting murder memorabilia. It's so fucking tone deaf.

and oh my GOD, that fucking...Joe Coleman shitbag....I could make a whole post on him. The dude is disgusting. What the hell were they thinking interviewing that dude. Couldn't even sit through his bullshit. Literally has a line where he says he (Fish) couldn't have murdered one of the victims if he didn't love her. He's gross, right at home in this crap.

"it's the point to make you uncomfortable" fuck off with that argument, cause I know someone is going to have it. No, the point is that the actions are what are uncomfortable, it doesn't need to be acted out in excruciating detail. Way to spit in the faces of people for the sake of demonstrating your bottom barrel acting chops. It's supposed to be a documentary, not your freedom to make a low budget horror movie. Either lay out the facts if you have them, and if you don't, leave the subject matter alone.

It's absolute garbage. Couldn't make it much further then the points said above, which was 30 minutes.



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herewego199209 t1_j2eun72 wrote

Albert Fish is one of those serial killers where the shit he did was so heinous that I don't think any movie should be made about him. Homie straight up kidnapped young children, tortured them, raped them, and then killed and ate them. Easily the most fucked up serial killer I've ever seen.


leftoversn t1_j2fdca5 wrote

The more I hear about this Albert Fish guy, the more I’m starting to think that he’s a real asshole


Zauberer-IMDB t1_j2f5254 wrote

Don't forget writing letters to their parents taunting them about his torture murder.


njdevils901 t1_j2etshj wrote

This guy sounds like a real jerk


mochajon t1_j2fxffi wrote

Albert Fish is considered pretty grizzly territory by even the darkest true crime fans. He wasn’t shockingly ordinary like Gacy or BTK, and he wasn’t “charming” like Ted Bundy. The guy was just a monster with no real fascinating qualities. He was an embodiment of evil who’s story lives on purely through its depravity.


Jonestown_Juice t1_j2fj2uy wrote

I watched this the other night and yeah- it's very sleazy and exploitative. Really gross and unprofessional.


TheClayroo t1_j2f0rzp wrote

Well anything with re-enactments can't be taken seriously in this day and age. That was some 80s-90s shit.


Jishuah t1_j2f4cry wrote

I completely forgot about this. The spanking was so fucking weird I shut it off immediately 😂


fart-debris t1_j2exyyo wrote

I only read the bolded bit in the middle of this post (which made me laugh out loud), but, yeah, between that and what I know about Albert Fish, OP’s probably right.


iDuddits_ t1_j2f0sgj wrote

Yeah there’s no real “magic” to the fish story like Gacy, Bundy or Dahmer.. He wasn’t charming or living a dual life. Just an absolute psycho. (Though I do kinda think there’s room for a good horror film inspired by how fucking nuts he was ala Psycho or Texas Chainsaw)


blutwl t1_j2fkuu8 wrote

African American


Whako4 t1_j2f7aa2 wrote

I hate anything that goes in-depth on the crime just sound some stabbed the other person repeatedly instead of being like he stabbed her in the liver 5 times and then drank her blood and ate her liver