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ootchang t1_j2ab1a9 wrote

Sure thing. I only know because I looked into it a few years ago, and really struggled to find much info. As a big fan of the film and the animated series, I just wanted to check it out. All I could get were crappy scanned PDFs and I gave up.

Speaking of the animated series, I feel like it captures more of the tone of the comic. It’s no where near as dark or violent because it was meant for kids on Saturday mornings, but it has a bit more of a cynical bite to it.

And speaking of crazy comic adaptations — if you’re at all interested in indie comics and haven’t checked out the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles run, it’s a blast. (The new stuff from IDW is really good too. )


ObviouslyNotAnEnt t1_j2aq04u wrote

I JUST looked at an omnibus on Amazon for the original TMNT run because of Red Letter Media’s recent Re:View. I allllmost pulled the trigger but it’s a bit pricey. But with your taste and recommendations, I think I’m gonna go for it


ootchang t1_j2aqb2k wrote

If you just want to check it out, most libraries have them I think — sometimes on hoopla. And also I know they did just really big paperback collections a while back, which were much less Expensive. Greta way to see if you’re into it.


DelveSea8 t1_j2ad5ji wrote

Nice man, I'll check it out. Sounds like the og men in black comics are worth finding too.


pantsonheaditor t1_j2b5ybc wrote

they are less comedy than the film , but still interesting storylines for sure.