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crab__rangoons t1_j2ce770 wrote

Rian Johnson addresses this in an episode of Scriptnotes.

Miles only drugs Andi and sets her up in the garage with the car running so she’d asphyxiate. He never actually kills her himself/sees that she’s dead. Since they never announced her death publicly, Miles never knew for sure if his plan worked. This is all mentioned in the movie but it’s definitely possible to miss.


OSUTechie t1_j2cespx wrote

Yup, it's not until he see the article on the phone that Duke shows him that he realizes the Andi on the island is an imposter. Which is why he tried to kill her.


WarmMoistLeather t1_j2cguqv wrote

But I think OP's question is why did he just accept that she was there? As OP said, her surviving his attempt was conceivable, but what did he think was going to happen when she apparently survived and showed up on the island? She'd just be cool? Not say anything? Live and let live?

I'm guessing he's just flat out too stupid to come up with a response. Maybe if "Andi" had confronted him he'd come up with something in the moment to play it off, but couldn't think of his own move since he's pretty much only reactive. He knows Duke saw him but doesn't do anything or have any plan until he's blackmailed and makes a panicked move.

Maybe he could've made a scene and tried to send her away when she appears at the beach; he'd have to explain why she got an invite, but sometimes people invite others with the expectation it'll be turned down, so I don't think it'd be so crazy. The shitheads probably wouldn't challenge him since they themselves said she shouldn't have come. He'd sent everyone maintaining the property away so it's not like he could've had someone watch her.