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Call it chance or coincidence, but of late, I’m seeing Woody Harrelson unexpectedly in many movies. Like I’ll start watching a movie with not idea he’s in there and he pops up suddenly. And it’s such a pleasant surprise. E.g I started to watch After The Sunset. I only knew Brosnan and Hayek were in the movie. No idea who else was in there. Out popped Woody out of nowhere. Then next day I started watching Hunger Games. I only knew Jennifer Lawrence was in there. Then I see Woody in there too. That’s when it hit me. Everytime I see him in a movie, it’s like an Easter egg. A good one.

I can’t believe such a good actor isn’t in more movies or gets lead roles.



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set_em_off t1_j2bmsjg wrote

Anger Management has to be the best Woody cameo.


guilgom71 t1_j2bplhg wrote

Galaxia, that's my German name.


c0llucci t1_j2bu1rg wrote

I feel like dancing dancing ! Ahhhhhhh


funkytownb0xcutter t1_j2dvr0i wrote

I have had this quote stuck in my head for two months now with absolutely no idea what it was from, thank you so much.


philosophunc t1_j2bp0gt wrote

A good one. But he is great in friends with benefits too.


TheUmgawa t1_j2cbt3t wrote

I’ve gotta go with Wag the Dog on that one.


Scottlandia8000 t1_j2bvca1 wrote

He has a great and relatively short part in No Country for Old Men.


Alaska_Pipeliner t1_j2bxmec wrote

His part in the books was more fleshed out. But still he played it great.


Improvcommodore t1_j2c5sdz wrote

And the part he plays is loosely based on his own father in real life.


japars86 t1_j2br97y wrote

Oh man, wait till you get to Triangle of Sadness. It’s a small part, but boy does he make an impact.


tosser1579 t1_j2c7f2c wrote

If you told me Woody Harrelson was going to be one of the best character actors of this generation when he was on cheers, I would have laughed in your face. Now I can't get enough of the man. He flips between zany to serious like he has a switch.


ObliqueSpoon t1_j2dai0t wrote

The funny thing for me is I remember seeing him on cheers as my dad watched it when I was like, 5 and hating him. And now I love him in anything he shows up in


donsanedrin t1_j2dr77o wrote

I think its because of his smile and his eyebrows.

And he just "turns off" one of those when switching between types of roles.

He's got the maddest eyebrows in the biz, but the moment he cracks a smile, you can't help but to think he's a goofy s.o.b.


maria_slayer t1_j2blbhx wrote

i agree with the point a little but i think most people knew he was in hunger games


hamilrebs t1_j2c4h03 wrote

Out of The Furnace is worth a watch. Kingpin too.


sjets3 t1_j2bq0r2 wrote

He was great in Rampart!


watchingsongsDL t1_j2bx1rs wrote

His roles in No Country for Old Men and Three Billboards were excellent.


Mohavor t1_j2bzrg6 wrote

Let me tell you about Rampart


TheUmgawa t1_j2cbvmv wrote


Wag the Dog.

Thank you.


Groovy_nomicon t1_j2bxzxl wrote

I didn't know he was in Edge of Seventeen, needless to say it was a perfect casting.


Fridgeoff t1_j2bv8jq wrote

I saw him recently in Triangle of Sadness and he's fantastic.


Difficult_Taste_2544 t1_j2ckwjr wrote

I was shook when he showed up in Triangle of Sadness, fantastic role too


AllegoryJJ t1_j2cwfbo wrote

Six Degrees of Woody would make a fine sequel game


rob_lawbla t1_j2fv4av wrote

He was in 2012 w/ John Cusack for a minute or two


Scat_fiend t1_j2cafkp wrote

TV shows too. Of course true detective but he was good in Curb your Enthusiasm.


suzer2017 t1_j2d7rv4 wrote

Seems like his role in the Hunger Games opened him up for all manner of hidden roles. And he has become something of a method actor. I like seeing him pop up in this and that.


The_Lazy_Samurai t1_j2dgopa wrote

Austin Powers 2. "Naw I've seen bigger...". :p


Tat2LuvGirl t1_j2dysaa wrote

Love him in The Edge of Seventeen.

I feel the same way about Thomas Hayden Church!


mainstreetmark t1_j2e9n8z wrote

I did not get into his performance in Midway.

“It’s me, isn’t it”.


JohnnySasaki20 t1_j2ec4zt wrote

I'm always happy to see Woody Harrelson in a movie/show. He's either really diverse, or his style of acting just fits so many different roles well. I mean he can go from Kingpin and White Men Can't Jump, to Natural Born Killers and True Detective and he's great in all of them.


DirectConsequence12 t1_j2fubsy wrote

I had NO idea he was in Triangle of Sadness.

It was a very welcomed surprise


fart-debris t1_j2bp1io wrote

Yeah, I was surprised when he showed up as the talking plane in Top Gun: Maverick and as the Mona Lisa in Glass Onion.


TheTige t1_j2bym7t wrote

His role in Anger Management has not aged well.