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Rick-burp-Sanchez t1_j6c5abi wrote

So... Uh... Probably don't tell people your favorite movie is Fight Club.


[deleted] OP t1_j6c5c0c wrote



Rick-burp-Sanchez t1_j6c5odz wrote

Also, it's one of those movies like Joker or Taxi Driver where people will definitely think you've got a loose screw if that's your favorite.


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j6c5cy3 wrote

Glad you love it! Personally, I still think The Game is his best film, but the guy is a genius with everything he touches.


estofex1 t1_j6c5frm wrote

It's good but not the best.


SenorPoppy t1_j6c5nf0 wrote

You realize it's a comedy actually mocking nihilism right?


BayleShira t1_j6c5mg0 wrote

It was decent, but I wouldn't say it is "life changing."
The characters are toxic, the story is toxic... but it sounds like you are seeing it in a slightly different light than I did...


herewego199209 t1_j6c5pzn wrote

Fight Club is ok, but even as a 8 year old kid when I first watched it I thought it was overhyped. I think the theme of the movie and the message is so in your face and hamfisted it makes the movie feel like a parody in certain parts. And at no point in the movie even after re-watching it multiple times do I think they pull off the twist. I don't think in any of the prior scenes Fincher does a good enough job to convince anyone that the narrator has a split personality. There's actually scenes like the car crash scene where there has to be two people involved in it. I think the direction is really good and I do like the performances, although I think Norton put out better movies around that time with People vs Larry Flynt, Primal Fear, and American History X.