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just out of curiosity, has anyone ever gone to see a movie and walked out due to a misleading opening? by this I mean an opening that would implement its a completely different movie but you've walked out before giving it a chance? never had this happen to me myself but a few examples that I can think of are kevin and perry go large, the inbetweeners 2 and a few others that I cannot think of off the top of my head but I know there are plenty out there.



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TinButtFlute t1_j6a9ekk wrote

I've never walked out of a movie ever. You have to watch the whole thing before you can judge it. That being said I'm fairly discerning about what I go to watch.


Lowkey_A_giraffe t1_j6bi48s wrote

Fair and valid point. However, I dare you to try to finish the only movie I've ever walked out of "Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Cities". If you can sit through that I'll never walk out a lot another film as long as I live lol.


SvJosip1996 t1_j6ew2td wrote

A Tale of two Kitties

It bore no resemblance to the Charles Dickens novel of the same name and was actually closer to Mark Twain’s The Prince and the Pauper. Movie couldn’t even get the source material right 😂

I have positive memories of watching it with my neighborhood friends as a kid … but then again I also said The Phantom Menace was my favorite movie around the same time period.


SetentaeBolg t1_j6akkm9 wrote

I have only ever walked out of one film, at a horror film festival: The Death of Alice Blue. We have sat through worse, but it was a combination of not enjoying the film at all and a generally bad day. We got drunk instead.


LegoMong OP t1_j6a9hxu wrote

yeah I meant more like you sit down and your like oh, wrong screen


ThrowerWayACount t1_j6arkse wrote

Me and my wife bought a ticket for The Gentlemen as my wife is a huge Matthew McCounaghey fan. We both left when he was killed off before the opening credits. Really awful ruined our date night


Valiantgoon t1_j6az16v wrote

Ooooooooff, dunno if you have since, but definitely go back and rewatch it. It’s great.


80schld t1_j6bhcgq wrote

Sorry for this, but movie Spoiler here… his character wasn’t really killed. All you saw was blood splatter… If you watched the rest of it, you’d see what actually happened. Worth watching again maybe?


RustyShackleford1122 t1_j6acg1c wrote

Hard disagree.

When I watched The Last Jedi I wondered how they were going to kill off Leia. Then when they did it I thought it was perfect.

Only for her to come back alive and Marry Poppins back to the ship.

I looked around the theater to see if this was really happening.

I DID NOT need to finish that movie


Bcatfan08 t1_j6alwp7 wrote

I agree. I've always thought the Star Wars universe has solely been grounded in reality.


MARINE-BOY t1_j6amhfi wrote

I watched Martin Scorsese’s JFK documentary when I was like 13 years old with my friends in the cinema. It’s 2 hours long which doesn’t seem much these days but we it was the early 90’s and we were from a village in the UK countryside and didn’t even know much about JFK. I stayed for the whole thing even though my mates left as like everyone that age they were more into Arnie and Stallone action movies. I don’t know why I stayed but felt it was very high brow of me at the time. The closest I get to leaving the cinema is falling asleep. I watched Saving Private Ryan on Magic Mushrooms and to say that was an intense opening scene is probably the understatement of the year. Mushrooms allow you to become more emotionally engaged with whatever you are looking at as I found out to my horror once when I watched a tourist get dragged out the water at the full moon party on an island in Thailand. I spent an hour tripping balls watching them try to revive this German guy with a mullet whose belly was heavily swollen from water ingestion. The medical support on the island isn’t exactly first world and people were screaming for an ambulance which took an hour to arrive. I’m pretty sure he was dead already but at least I stayed to the end.


smenti t1_j6ae91d wrote

That shit was TERRIBLE

Edit: lol bunch of salty ass Star Wars fans downvoting me. Admit it, that shit was corny and terrible.


RustyShackleford1122 t1_j6aexfy wrote

There wasn't any reason to do it either.

The actress died. This was the perfect opportunity. It was symbolic and poetic.

I refused to believe my eyes


thephantomhaircut t1_j6csbta wrote

I'm with you. I actually felt nauseous in the theatre. Low-res digital double Leia just tweening on back into the ship. It was so cheesy and disrespectful.


crazeerunner10 t1_j6aafpq wrote

Someone in front of me walked out of Sorry to Bother You like 5 minutes before that first horse scene in the bathroom. Their loss..


CardboardCanoe t1_j6b9oco wrote

lol I watch Sorry to Bother You on a plane and was unprepared.


ryanfea t1_j6avinh wrote

Didn’t walk out but my cinema accidentally played an Ice Age movie for five minutes instead of Jason Bourne.


The_Sundial_Man t1_j6bh38w wrote

I will never forget the time my neighborhood megaplex played Freddy vs. Jason instead of Whale Rider. Families were leaving the auditorium in droves - kids were bawling their eyes out and the parents were fuming mad and grumbling. An usher stood at the auditorium door handing the angry adults free passes. It was quite the spectacle.

Even more bizarre was the time I went to see the Jennifer Lopez thriller Enough. A family in sunday dress gets up after the first fifteen minutes complaining about the film. I watched them leave with bewilderment. What were they expecting and why did they think a trashy thriller deserved their best clothing? As I walk out of the theatre after it ends, I see that the auditorium next door is The Other Side of Heaven. That poor family simply wandered into the wrong film. Still doesn't explain why they sat through the first fifteen minutes of Enough before deciding to leave. Trailers aren't usually that long.


teutonic_order33 t1_j6bl0mt wrote

Reminds me of this one time my theatre played spiderverse when I paid for green book


kleptophobiac t1_j6aeevu wrote

I watched The Untouchables in an L.A. area mall theater. After the first scene, when the girl yells at the guy who left his briefcase (bomb) in the store and gets blown to smithereens, one black guy who looked like he was maybe 25 stood up and walked out shouting, "Man, fuck this movie!" To this day, I have no idea what he was expecting.


darthbadger72 t1_j6a9n22 wrote

I haven't personally but I have seen loads of older people (they must have been in their 60s at the time) who went to see Dusk til Dawn expecting a crime drama with George Clooney.


LegoMong OP t1_j6a9ti5 wrote

it's weird, when I was thinking about a movie I thought of dusk till dawn. didn't expect someone to actually have walked out of it.


darthbadger72 t1_j6aa3vl wrote

I think, being Clooney was busy being a dishy doctor in ER at the time, they went in with no idea of what to come. To be fair it was opening night and nothing much had been written about it so you only had the trailer to go by. Easy to understand why they had gone in expecting what they did. So when the movie flipped it certainly wasn't their cup of tea.


LegoMong OP t1_j6aa949 wrote

yeah in all honesty, I gave up after reading the synopsis about 20 minutes in. I'd love to give it another go though.


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j6ai0kc wrote

I don't remember what the marketing for that was like...would that have even been a possibility?


darthbadger72 t1_j6ai6ox wrote

The marketing was cops chasing two brothers who were robbing gas stations. Nothing about the major twist that would happen half way through the film.


DickieGreenleaf84 t1_j6aiapa wrote

Oh cool. Yeah, and the film plays that for quite a way into the movie...something I liked but can appreciate the old couple walking out.


heyimrick t1_j6ca9za wrote

I could have sworn I remember vampires being in the trailer.


darthbadger72 t1_j6cqsmh wrote

Not the original ones. I think later ones may have.


scarecrow1973 t1_j6errpx wrote

That's not true. I remember TV Spots including vampires as well. Everyone knew the kind of movie it was at the time. It was heavily marketed in that direction. Same with Terminator 2. It's fun in the movie on it's own. People who were excited to see those movies knew what they were going into them. It was all over the posters, trailers, TV spots. Source: I was there.

I understand some people may have gone in blind at the time. But it was pretty difficult to avoid the advertising for it at the time if you were into that sort of thing.


Turbulent-Pea-8826 t1_j6jaunu wrote

I didn’t walk out but I remember my friends dragging me to see it - almost literally. We were hanging out with some friends in a different town, I didn’t drive and it was the late showing and they decided to go see the movie. I never heard of it, what they described sounded stupid and it was late and I just wanted to go home.

We roll up to this busted ass cinema, dirty and gross and people were literally smoking pot and drinking (loudly) in the theater. It was not a nice part of town. So the movie starts off like some normal movie. I was tired and half falling asleep and bored out of my mind until they get to the bar and the vampires. Before this I would have walked out, I just wanted to go home. However at this point I woke the fuck up and got into the movie. Biggest turn around of a movie I have ever experienced.


Earthy75 t1_j6aceto wrote

I went to the cinema to see Bruno, and a fair number of people got up and walked out. I think they expected something more akin to Borat.

The final straw for a few couples was the full screen penis flapping shot.

Don't get me wrong, a shit movie, but still what did people expect he had to go bigger and more extreme.


kleptophobiac t1_j6aesex wrote

Wonder if any of them gave SBC another chance with Grimsby.


toofarbyfar t1_j6as1lt wrote

I didn't walk out, but I was concerned I had gone into the wrong theatre during the first scene of Cabin in the Woods.


charleyismyhero t1_j6b33hz wrote

I just watched this a few weeks ago and did the same thing (checked the stream to make sure I didn’t accidentally start a different film).


Iacinovic t1_j6albay wrote

No, but I did do the opposite. I went to a film with some friends to watch a horror movie. It turned out to be a bad film. At that time, this cinema (unknowingly) gave the option to sneak into another movie. So afterwards, we went to watch (what we thought was) a stupid romcom. We wanted to walk out after 15 minutes while saying, screw this this movie sucks. Just to see the reactions. This movie turned out to be "forgetting Sarah Marshall". We loved the movie, stayed to watch the whole thing and it actually made the price we paid for the shitty horror movie worthwhile.


ChevChelios93 t1_j6advs2 wrote

I have never walked out of a movie and I sat through Space Jam 2 !


LegoMong OP t1_j6aev13 wrote

never understood the hate behind it. don't get me wrong, terrible movie but a fun one of that!


fergi20020 t1_j6augzj wrote

Cats. I left after the 3rd butthole.


g_st_lt t1_j6bkygy wrote

Norm MacDonald during the intermission: "It's about a bunch of fuckin cats!?"


aarrtee t1_j6b6tck wrote

biggest mistake i ever made at the movies.... back in the 70s I walked out of West Side Story after a few minutes... figured it would be a violent gang movie.... when the tough guys started singing and dancing, i thought 'this is whack' and left.

i missed out on a lot of magnificent music.


midasza t1_j6aqijv wrote

I had multiple couples walk out of the theatrical screening of Romeo + Juliet ... I suspect they had watched the trailers and were expecting the language to be all Elizabethan rather than modern.


zakmademe t1_j6aqzu4 wrote

Tons of ppl walked out of Bodies Bodies Bodies because it opened up to two girls making out and moaning.


NeilPoonHandler t1_j6dgkdo wrote

Do you live in a super conservative area or something? I would think that audiences seeing an A24 bloody horror comedy starring a bunch of mostly twenty somethings in 2022 wouldn’t be offended by two girls kissing (hell, polls indicate even a slim majority of Republicans support gay marriage these days).


Joey_OConnell t1_j6avyhf wrote

Never walked out because if I paid for a movie I would watch it till the very end.

But Mortal Engines was on TV one day. I was enjoying the movie but when the minion statue thing happened I just switched channel immediately...


MrFluffyhead80 t1_j6b4vev wrote

How did you think in betweeners 2 was a misleading opening?


Knightofducks t1_j6b6gku wrote

I haven't. I make it a point to stay no matter how the film turns out.


Lowkey_A_giraffe t1_j6bil8u wrote

I submit the movie "Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties" for your viewing.


Knightofducks t1_j6bir4n wrote

Lol I'll report back


Lowkey_A_giraffe t1_j6bnh5j wrote

Lmao, the madman actually went and did it. /s

In all seriousness, if you can make it through that movie your dedication to film critique far surpasses my own. Best of luck and remember: Bill Murray only signed onto the franchise because he saw the name "Joel Cohen" on the script and thought he was one of the affluent Coens.


Excellent-Hat-8556 t1_j6cedg4 wrote

Not me, but half of my theater walked out of Uncut Gems. It still confuses me to this day because that movie was not only wild (I fell out of my seat at the end scene) but one of my favorites of the year.


DonnieJepp t1_j6adm1o wrote

I've never walked out on a movie and never would unless I had a good reason to unrelated to the movie. I do remember a group of people walking out of Catfish a few minutes into it, guess they were expecting something completely different than what they got


wolfmalfoy t1_j6at292 wrote

I was going to say, the only time I've walked out of a movie was because the people in the seats next to me in a fully packed theatre started having sex. Unfortunately, that was during Mad Max Fury Road. I walked out to customer service to complain, along with a few other people, and they gave us vouchers to come back.


DonnieJepp t1_j6atr25 wrote

That's probably my favorite movie of all time so I'd be so pissed if that happened to me lol. Fortunately I've never had a movie ruined by rude people yet but that, or some sort of emergency is probably the only thing that could get me to leave early, or maybe if my date/friend insisted on it or something


wpgelectricboy t1_j6ahzlp wrote

Nearly walked out of suicide squad but decided to give it a second chance. What a mistake.


najus107d t1_j6bsak2 wrote

Lol. It was the only movie i hated among the ones i watched in theatre. Although i might not have liked the last jedi, eternals and some other movies that i watched in theatre, the torture of suicide squad has never been matched.


wpgelectricboy t1_j6bsu12 wrote

I've never felt that way in the theatre before. Just waiting for it to end.


Excellent-Hat-8556 t1_j6cf9kx wrote

That was me with Babylon. I was already getting over a stomach virus, so I was still a bit queasy; the first 25 minutes almost made me vomit. But I decided to give it a chance to see what worked and didn't work, given the polarized reviews that I have seen online. Overall I hated it; I hated it because it really could have been an alright movie that centered around a transition period in the industry with the seediness of Hollywood and dealing with the toxic press who write stories to try to kill an A-listers reputation (pretty much what is relevant today). But it wasn't; it was just a movie with lavish set decors, pretty costumes, a track you hum to once in a while, a dull script that went nowhere, and a VERY bizarre direction. The only reason I could think of why Chazelle wanted to make it was to ACTUALLY lock in a REAL Best Picture win at the Oscars (since his film won and then lost to Moonlight, plus the trailer for Babylon screamed Bp win). It's 3 hours and 9 minutes of my life I will never get back, and 3 hours and 12 minutes I could have spent watching Avatar 2 for the 3rd time.


EngineEddie t1_j6aycy4 wrote

I walked out of Saw 2. I was expecting another psychological thriller like the first one, not the full blown gore porn shit that was the second one.

On another note, I used to work at a cinema and lot of parents and young kids walked out of Beowulf when they came out it wasn’t a fun kids CGI movie.


Skreame t1_j6b7vhr wrote

Not quite because the opening was not matching the tone of the overall film, but likewise to misjudging it completely, I can tell you that many people left the theater after the opening of Bruno unknowing to just how far it was willing to go.


trymypi t1_j6bpwo9 wrote

I saw Death to Smootchie in a theater in Florida around lots of older people. A few walked out, others were complaining as they left at the end.

Eventually I found out that people thought it was bad, I didn't hate it. Maybe I'll rewatch it again soon.


Jerrymoviefan3 t1_j6cem43 wrote

At the local festival I buy a pass that lets me see nearly all films. One time the movie sucked so bad I walked out and went to a movie that was so bad I walked out and went to a movie starting a half hour later. That movie also seemed bad so I walked out and went to the next movie that was starting. I should have stayed in the second one since it seemed better than the third one.


turdmob t1_j6dd63e wrote

Watchmen - it began with enough intrigue, then overstayed its welcome with long beginning and yodeling, then some assassin drunkard got murdered and investigation began - now, who the hell cared about if some bad dude, who amongst others killed fckin KENNEDY, got thrown from the window? Certainly I didn't and left the cinema after half an hour.


rekniht01 t1_j6af394 wrote

My my and I almost walked out of A Man Called Otto. The suicide scenes were unexpected, and difficult to sit through.


LegoMong OP t1_j6af5ee wrote

incredible movie though


rekniht01 t1_j6ajbq9 wrote

Eh.. Incredible long-form commericial for a vehicle that you can't buy.


Pingas216 t1_j6aj1t1 wrote

I should have walked out after the first scene of Movie 43, but I didn't and still hate myself for that decision. One of the worst movies I've ever seen


HOGCC t1_j6akip6 wrote

The only movie I ever walked out of was In the Name of the King. Also, I fell asleep watching Star Wars Episode III.


JacobRDorn t1_j6b4x9t wrote

Kind of the opposite, but when my wife and I saw Crawl we were at least an hour in, a character was getting absolutely savaged by an alligator, when three teenagers walked into the (mostly empty) theater, walked up to our row, and told us we were in their seats. We argued with them that no, these were our seats and the movie was half over, when the first one asked "wait, isn't this Annabelle?"


ZoeKittenxx t1_j6c0dna wrote

I turned off the human centipede


meowntin t1_j6c0prk wrote

I walked out of Everything Everywhere after the daughter chick started swinging dildos. That pretty much told me what to expect with the rest of the movie.


Tome_of_Awe t1_j6cxixw wrote

The Village. Talk about getting tricked into watching a museum tour movie.

We're just about at the theater doors to leave and I made a comment like" knowing this director its probably takes place today or something stupid." So the person I was with was like now we need to find out and we went back to our seats. Thanks Ryan.

Only movie I've ever started to walk out on and I wish I did. 1


Absolite198 t1_j6d6ftg wrote

The only time I walked out of a theater was when I was a kid and I saw The Shaggy Dog (2006) with my dad. I don't remember much except we thought it was boring and that's why we walked out.

Now, as an adult, I never walked out of a theater and I'll try to keep it that way because I want to judge a movie in its entirety. I must admit it was hard to stay till the end for movies like Cats (2019) or Black Adam, tho


VodkaPaysTheBills t1_j6dt8rj wrote

Oh god, I wish I could’ve seen all their shocked and stunned faces! The droves of innocent Mormon families in my local UT community that went to see SAUSAGE PARTY thinking is was a wholesome kids cartoon about BBQ foods that talk. Even the opening song with its religiously positive undertones would’ve led them astray and then BAM! All of a sudden, it’s on.


brightlights55 t1_j6dw12w wrote

I know someone who walked out on Avatar because it featured blue people.

The only film I have ever walked out of was "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" (sp?). I was assured that it would be different from the old formulaic Hindi film style that I dislike. Spoiler - it wasn't.


foolforfucks t1_j6gw5ci wrote

I walked out of Frida because of all the sex scenes (thanks Harvey Weinstein!). I was 12, my mom took me to my first R rated movie because it was about my favorite artist.


Nord4Ever t1_j6in8el wrote

Wonder how many walked out during the Booty Sweat scene in Tropic Thunder


TaroFuzzy5588 t1_j6ae19r wrote

The Greatest Showman....didn't know it was musical about a circus dude with Wolverine actor


twfilms t1_j6afns4 wrote

What…uh…were you expecting, exactly?


TaroFuzzy5588 t1_j6agf20 wrote

PT Barnum movie about how he started and was successful. His life in general because I don't know anything about him. I like Hugh Jackman and was surprised he was in a Clint Eastwood in Paint Your Wagon....surprised!


HEHEHO2022 t1_j6aph54 wrote

you were surprised that a guy who has done stage musicals and movie musicals was in another movie musical. you know his wolverine role is just one role of his career right.


TaroFuzzy5588 t1_j6aqq78 wrote

I did not know that...but I do now. OP asked a question and I answered it to the best of my ability. A few Hugh Jackson fans got upset...I'm just an occasional movie goer .


DBbongoloid t1_j6a9l0j wrote

Pineapple express. The first 10ish minutes are in black and white and set in the 60s when the actual movie is set in the late 2000s, I was gonna change it but the chick i was watching it with said to just to watch, it's a funny movie.

She didn't do much watching though.

Edit: got to thinking about it and alot of DePalma films start off with almost nothing that has to do with the film. Scarface, Carlitos way, etc.


[deleted] t1_j6aabr6 wrote

They definitely tricked people at the beginning.


SnoopDeLaRoup t1_j6ac69e wrote

I feel like a err... piece of butter... on A big ole pile of flapjacks.


DBbongoloid t1_j6ad7ry wrote

You know the problem I have with this fucking dog and pony act you call the military? 1. Lots of dudes, where are the boobs man?


SnoopDeLaRoup t1_j6adsb8 wrote

The scene where he kicks the window out when it's covered in slushy still makes me cry with laughter. Wasn't expecting it when I saw it at the movies.

Also ... "I've just seen 3 of my students walk out this alley sith eyes as red as the devise dick"


DBbongoloid t1_j6aejfa wrote

Dude the adhd part "tree tree tree tree squirrel" made me wheez.


LegoMong OP t1_j6a9plj wrote

that's a relief, great film in my opinion