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herewego199209 t1_j6hztk7 wrote

I never really liked Garden State. Some of it is a bit too pretentious to me and that has plagued all of Zach Braffs movies and I have iffy opinions on how he funded his second movie, but you can tell right away Garden State is a movie that he poured his heart and soul into it. It has that raw feeling to it. I can appreciate his first two features for that. You can tell they're super personal pieces of work for him.


BatmanMK1989 OP t1_j6i0cgq wrote

Can you elaborate on the funding? Was that Last Kiss?


herewego199209 t1_j6i18dp wrote

His second feature I wish You were Here was done through crowd-funding. My issue was that asking fans who love you and are probably just making ends meet to fund your movie when you made 10s of millions of dollars on Scrubs is fucked.


BatmanMK1989 OP t1_j6i1usb wrote

Wish I was Here, just looked it up. I think I saw it, but if I did, I retained none of it lol