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trolleyblue t1_j6nej60 wrote

Wow the amount of people who don’t realize this has nothing to do with Kyle Rittenhouse is staggering…


aviddemon t1_j6ngxaw wrote

I haven’t heard of Rittenhouse Square before but I have heard of Kyle Rittenhouse so that’s immediately where my mind went lol


ijflwe42 t1_j6nhyne wrote

It’s surprising that most people haven’t heard of a square in Philadelphia but they have heard of Kyle Rittenhouse, who was all over the news for months recently?


YoYoMoMa t1_j6ng6j9 wrote

One asshole can really ruin a name.


Spartan117117117 t1_j6ngy03 wrote

His father and job were in Kenosha. But NO your "community" is only the zip associated with your ID?. I assume you side with the rioters who drove across State lines to riot burn and loot 😆

P.S. IDC if kyle drove from Maine. He was an armed non-aggressor until he was chased and physically assaulted by multiple rioters until forced to defend himself.. Sorry about your brother Joe Rosenbaum.. he will be remembered as a pedo hero

You can attempt charge him for transportation of firearm separately and see if it sticks. It didnt.. Did you watch the case?

Completely separate from the self defense encounter brought on by rioters and assailants that chase and attacted him while Kyle was running away yelling "friendly" before the shootings.

Not to mention the FBI Survalence drone footage that was hidden and edited that eventually help prove his innocence. President calling him a white supremacist with no evidence. Corporate media backing it all up. Sheep


NYR_LFC t1_j6nhdr9 wrote

If fox news was a redditor......


mint_lint t1_j6nhcha wrote

He woulda been fine if he just sat at home eating mommy’s hot pockets tho.

What good did he do being out that night?


letdogsvote t1_j6nhucp wrote

Well, he got to shoot some guys and give the right wing a new hero.


squidtugboat t1_j6nhqrk wrote

He’s so friendly bringing a gun to a protest. Dude went to find trouble and he got more than he bargained for. He’s not some hero he’s a dumb fucking moron with the tactical awareness of a grape fruit.


letdogsvote t1_j6ni3u4 wrote

Maybe, and bear with me now, if he doesn't go there or if he goes but doesn't bring a fucking rifle, none of this ever happens and two people are still alive and a third doesn't have a fucked up arm for life.

But yeah. Muh hero Kyle.


wdomeika t1_j6ngm4f wrote

Wait, you mean the movie isn't about Kyle as an anti-gun octogenarian?


gilestowler t1_j6nhmfr wrote

I assumed from the poster that it was a film about two people who seem to have nothing in common but bond through a love of acoustic music and lax gun laws.


Zeppo_Ennui t1_j6ngori wrote

The amount of you who doesn’t realize that a unique name thrust into the spotlight that has nothing to do with existing things with that unique name will now supersede it in thought is staggering…


jackofslayers t1_j6ngtvb wrote

Honestly he is such an asshole it will probably affect this movie’s box office lol


entity2 t1_j6nh3zf wrote

I can't wait to see how many red-hatted klansmen show up to this movie for a whole lot of disappointment


aWildBowTie t1_j6ngar7 wrote

People are too brainwashed to be able to separate things from one another. It's quite sad.


afriendincanada t1_j6nhv03 wrote

I’m not brainwashed, I’ve just never heard of Rittenhouse Square until right now


aWildBowTie t1_j6nhzu7 wrote

Neither have I but I have enough sense to know it probably has nothing to do with that guy.


IFrickinLovePorn t1_j6ngpkq wrote

Well if someone doesn't know what Rittenhouse Square is but do know who Kyle Rittenhouse is then of course they try to find the connection. It's not sad it's how people think.


Leidrin t1_j6ngmle wrote

Or they could have picked a place that doesn't share a name with a violent white supremacist...

You know, like how entire religious organizations stopped using certain symbols because evil people had co-opted them?

It's a stupid choice to name anything "rittenhouse" in 2023, unless that's what you're going for.


jackofslayers t1_j6nh18b wrote

Basically. Archer changed the name of Isis to adapt. Really not that hard to change the title of a movie.


excoriator t1_j6ndcie wrote

Nick Nolte has looked like he's 80 for 25 years. It's amazing that he still gets work.


OnlyMamaKnows t1_j6nfutc wrote

I know! I thought he was on the verge of dying when I saw him in Warrior and that was 12 years ago! A lot of people in Hollywood try to freeze their age. Nolte just chose age 75.


Walks_any_ledge t1_j6nh3j9 wrote

For some reason I thought Mr. Nolte was dead. Relieved he isn’t! 48 Hrs was so awesome.


voodooscuba t1_j6nhizx wrote

That's how you get work. Looking the same age for a very long time.


ShanaAfterAll t1_j6n9cvm wrote

One of my all time favorite public spaces.


Darko33 t1_j6ng21m wrote

Spent my 40th birthday in the neighborhood last year, I love it so much. Monk's is easily one of my favorite bars on earth


YoYoMoMa t1_j6ng019 wrote

Had one of the best brunches of my life at Parc just eating amazing French food and watching people and dogs walk by.


sloppyjo12 t1_j6ney1h wrote

Call this thread March 2020 cuz it’s about to get locked down any second


GoS451 t1_j6nhl9k wrote

Go birds


LuckyCulture7 t1_j6ngbs8 wrote

I love about 5 blocks away. Rittenhouse is a great place to go and it is surrounded by great restaurants. Also, Go Birds!


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HistoricalUse9921 t1_j6nhxl7 wrote

Premeditated is correct.

"I'm gonna bring my assault rifle to a protest I don't agree with and harass people until they attack me so I have an excuse to shoot them"


Self defense


HistoricalUse9921 t1_j6nidd2 wrote

"I'm gonna bring my assault rifle to a protest I don't agree with and harass people until they attack me so I have an excuse to shoot them"

Is not self defense.

A bully being attacked by their victim is not defending themselves. The people of the protest were defending themselves from a murderous psycho child with an assault rifle.

You can live in whatever right-wing delusion you want, it won't change reality, and it won't make you a respectable person.


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311heaven t1_j6nfw7k wrote

Not making a statement, the name is just a turn off for me. Kinda like some people don’t like to wear red.


Jonnyboii321 t1_j6nhscl wrote

If you like Nick Nolte, check out Warrior


surferdude313 t1_j6ni5ge wrote

Where is the center arm rest on the bench?


kornkid42 t1_j6ne13h wrote

Visited the park a few months ago, park was nice. Sidewalks around it were scattered with passed out bums though. Entrance to a fancy, white tablecloth restaurant, bum sleeping just off to the side. Entrance to our hotel, bums asking for cigarettes.


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kornkid42 t1_j6nhbt5 wrote

If you are "bumming" a cigarette, you get called a bum. If you are strung out, laying on concrete, you get called a bum.


kornkid42 t1_j6nhsd6 wrote

I walked around the area twice (day and night), same experience both times. My gf grew up in Philly, lived walking distance from the park . She has no desire to ever go back to center city after what we seen on our trip.


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Frampfreemly t1_j6nfogu wrote

You were lied to. The trial proved it. It's amazing your ego is too fragile to admit it.


Prestigious-Ad-6808 t1_j6nfzg6 wrote

Who cares if he felt threatened? The little suburban high-school kid with an assault rifle felt scared in the city? Shocking. Fuck him and all the people supporting him. You are too stupid to talk to


Frampfreemly t1_j6ngeyw wrote

Self defense is legal when your life is threatened. His life was threatened. It was proven at trial. You were lied to. And you lack the character to own up to it.


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Frampfreemly t1_j6nh53p wrote

Weird non-sequitur. The trial showed he was legally allowed to be where he was, that he was legally armed, that his life was credibly threatened more than once, and that his self-defense was measured and commensurate with the threats. I don't know what you're mumbling about regarding travel or history, but it's not relevant here.


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Frampfreemly t1_j6nhj0k wrote

Yes, bullying is wrong. How do you not know that?


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Frampfreemly t1_j6niak9 wrote

Continuing to slander someone after they've been cleared of wrongdoing is bullying. You actually find it funny to bully, though. What is funny is that you're trying to claim KR is an awful person when you're actively demonstrating yourself to be awful.


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Coachbelcher t1_j6nh83x wrote

Hahaahahaha, what a name.