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RevivedHut425 t1_j6od2xu wrote

I quite enjoyed it and was surprised to see several negative reviews from critics with similar taste to mine. It's well acted, clever, beautifully shot and the sound is fantastic.


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AaronWYL t1_j6oleff wrote

I'm going to take a stab at guessing that was under 10 seconds.


iwishmynamewasbrian t1_j6oxueq wrote

it wasn't 5 minutes, but it was longer than it needed to be, by a bit.


Hatennaa t1_j6pjkpa wrote

It should have been 7 seconds instead of 10 seconds, you’re right. We can argue until the sun goes down about whether or not it should have been in the film, but there is no real benefit to overstating it like that.


ItsPennAgain t1_j6oenu5 wrote

Am I crazy? I’ve never heard any controversy with the final scene… most people just talk about elephant feces, the golden shower or how much drug-fuelled hedonism is on display.


Financial_Wind2675 t1_j6oobl9 wrote

I personally hated the final montage. Felt like he wanted a big finish like La La land but missed all the right notes. Which is surprising because First Man’s final moments have such restraint and great direction.


OneManFreakShow t1_j6p5vtq wrote

First Man is such a beautiful movie. It's such a tonal shift from Chazelle's other films and it's better for it. It's cold, but not in an isolating way. It really feels like a good reflection of what must have been going through Armstrong's head at the time - having just lost his daughter and then training for a world-changing mission.


MartinScorsese t1_j6ofmvb wrote

I think some folks eye-rolled at the final scene since it's a little schmaltzy.


OneManFreakShow t1_j6p5fif wrote

I loved the movie but I think the ending is laughable and just misses the point of the rest of the movie. Chazelle described Babylon as "a hate letter to Hollywood," and the entire movie reflects that, up until that ending. It's a very strange way to end the movie that's about Hollywood ruining and killing its talent throughout the decades. Aside from the tonal issues, I just thought it was cheesy. It's like something I'd watch on YouTube and say "Oh, neat" about and never think of again. It's just very odd all around.


GoDucks71 t1_j6ogwcy wrote

i didn't think that final montage was controversial, just arrogant. To me, it was the director trying to tell us that his movie should be considered a classic, like many of those he included in the montage. For me it put a This Is Not A Great Movie exclamation mark on the proceedings. Of course, we already knew the director thought he had made a classic when we saw that it was going to run over 3 hours. Maybe it would have been better if he had eliminated half the movie....maybe.


ItsPennAgain t1_j6omcuf wrote

Well I meant controversial as in people liked it or didn’t — and judging by your response I guess that’s true.

I personally liked it a lot, and felt it wrapped up the movie celebrating cinema as it was doing throughout the film, but I can understand your opinion on it.


TacticalTuchel t1_j6oscdc wrote

Maybe. I thought it was a way of showing, somewhat abstractly, how the little man played a role in all of these classic movies, seen through the eyes of Manny who was helped create some of the fictional movies (I think) that started the montage off. Maybe this article says something different. I haven't read it. It was definitely the weakest part of the movie imo, seeing it twice.


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HollandJim t1_j6okluk wrote

There were multiple mic locations. The first mark had a mic and then above the phone they had one too.


AB5642 t1_j6o9run wrote

This was the first movie I've walked out of in decades. Such garbage


MartinScorsese t1_j6oalu7 wrote

Thank you for your courage.


AB5642 t1_j6oar87 wrote



MartinScorsese t1_j6ob70p wrote

Oh, I was merely insinuating your dismissal of the film isn't as impressive or damning as you meant it to be.


AB5642 t1_j6obn8w wrote

I'm not trying to be impressive... This is just a terrible film that tried way too hard to be edgy. The very first scene is a perfect summary of this piece of cinema


MartinScorsese t1_j6obupn wrote

You admit you didn't finish the film, so your opinion here is worse than useless.


AB5642 t1_j6oc89z wrote

Yet you keep engaging with me on my opinion

Perhaps try convincing me of what a fine film this turned out in the 3rd act? Cause I wasn't seeing it


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AB5642 t1_j6odlhv wrote

I wanted to enjoy it very much. I liked the general story and the actors, but all the gross out scenes for the sake of being gross and the almost manic cuts were just too much. Wish a better director tackled this cause Brad and Margot deserved much better than to be in this trash