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CatHivemind t1_j5m8h8z wrote

Best performance of a stunt


Alive_Ice7937 t1_j5md3ml wrote

How would someone even judge such a niche skill?

I think best stunt sequence or best action sequence would be more appropriate.


cireh88 t1_j5m6q2j wrote

The Academy already doesn’t get it right with the award categories it has.


Rayliex t1_j5m61f9 wrote

I don't agree with the Mo-Cap since it's not general enough to probably have a full category. I've always thought that posters should get more recognition since they're an important part of the advertising and some movies have absolutely stunning posters (and some have really bad ones.)

I think it would cause more well-designed posters to come out, rather than the generic superhero ones with just all the characters' heads, and also give more spotlight to the graphic designers and artists.


Waste-Replacement232 t1_j5m9c1j wrote

I think they should split up Production Design into Low, Mid, and Big Budget


fart-debris t1_j5ma1pr wrote

Best Food Best Western Best Farts Best Titties Best Dracula Best Jest Best Badaboom-boom Best What The Hell Was That Best Oh Shit Turn Around Hamlet That Vampire’s Gonna Bite You Best Don’t Break My Butt Best AT-STs AT-STs Best AIIIIIDSSS Best Dick The Birthday Boy Best Porkchop Sammiches Best These Eggs Have Yellow Eyes Best


ShirtPants10 t1_j5mgal5 wrote

Which categories would you get rid of for your facelift?