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operarose t1_j6j4j5o wrote

I hear a bunch of alcoholic hacks destroyed every known copy.


jlcatch22 t1_j6khzyh wrote

There’s copies on eBay right now. Those hack frauds failed!


vonkeswick t1_j6khu9b wrote

Except for one, which was then graded and sold on eBay for over $80k which was supposedly donated to charity


operarose t1_j6kk2ml wrote

Not supposedly! Both organizations publicly thanked them for the 40K.


DrCorbeau t1_j6lcm9d wrote

Maybe they can melt every single vintage Star Wars action figure in acetone, except for one, sell it and make even more money for charity.


Lint6 t1_j6loqdp wrote

> Maybe they can melt every single vintage Star Wars action figure in acetone

An ILLEGAL amount of acetone!


vonkeswick t1_j6kk94d wrote

Oh nice! I only said supposedly because I had read about it before that point, that's nice to hear


Bebop_Man t1_j6kicv1 wrote

That's right, Jay.


slfnflctd t1_j6iwjdf wrote

Wow, I had no idea this even existed, and I was alive back then.

Some fun trivia:


blueSGL t1_j6j049u wrote

> The results of the auction made Nukie the most expensive VHS tape in history

RLM memed a copy of Nukie into the most expensive VHS tape ever.

Now this is shitposting.


slfnflctd t1_j6j0yi3 wrote

One for the history books for sure, haha


ForkShirtUp t1_j6iyp8w wrote

I thought the ET knock-off was this movie Paul Rudd keeps trying to promote on Conan O'Brien


Weirdguy149 t1_j6izyz1 wrote

That's Mac and Me, the longest and strangest McDonald's commercial in cinematic history.


VoliBeast t1_j6k1clf wrote

What was the other movie that was a Coca Cola commercial, cause every scene had the Coca-Cola logo in the background.


BondageKitty37 t1_j6kc5ya wrote

Mac and Me was also a Coca Cola commercial, since that was all the aliens could drink. Coca Cola even saved the adult aliens from dying


cbbuntz t1_j6kj0d0 wrote

Didn't Mars refuse Spielberg regarding using M&Ms? Probably one of the worst business decisions ever.


rick_blatchman t1_j6kvfkc wrote

Yeah, they thought that E.T. looked ugly and repulsive. They ended up kicking themselves while the Reese's folks danced in a rainstorm of money.


leg_day t1_j6kj4zv wrote

If you haven't caught the 2018 revamp of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix, Season 12 Episode 1 is about Mac and Me.

> Wow, this is like a Pixar film! In that it exists, and has a title!


shf500 t1_j6k5ivr wrote

I remember this movie coming out in theaters. Did Nukie have a theatrical release?

Also, did parents buy/rent their kids Mac and Me or Nukie thinking "it's the same thing as E.T. All movies have the same quality, right?"


SandmanAlcatraz t1_j6j1aoi wrote

That's Mac & Me, which is also an ET knockoff.

ET was popular enough to have multiple knockoffs, which isn't uncommon.

Take these Star Wars knockoffs for example:

MST3K had an episode with yet another ET knockoff: 1983's Pod People (also known as Extra Terrestrial Visitors or The New Extraterrestrials)


opiate_lifer t1_j6jmg27 wrote

FWIW Battle Beyond The Stars is a ton of cheesy fun! Not even so bad its good, its just fun and enjoyable.


psdpro7 t1_j6lj84r wrote

MST3K has done three ET knockoffs now, "Pod People, "Mac & Me," and just this past year "Munchie."


jpj007 t1_j6mki7m wrote

Munchie is an insane fever dream of a movie, but it's not an ET knockoff.


go222 t1_j6o1rxh wrote

Battle Beyond the Stars probably got made because of the success of Star Wars, but the story is a rip-off of Seven Samuri. Other movies that borrowed from Seven Samuri include

-The Magnificent Seven (and rides again)

-Bugs Life

Given how good some of these are and how poor Battle Beyond the Stars is, it depends on quality which is a rip-off and which are just remakes.


jumpyg1258 t1_j6k1dcy wrote

There's different levels of quality when it comes to 80's movies featuring friendly alien hanging out with kids. You have your top tier with "E.T." then you have your middle ground with "Mac and Me" and then you have the bottom of the barrel with "NUKIE".


NKevros t1_j6jro3i wrote

I too can watch Red Letter Media then post articles about what they post about.


Metatron58 t1_j6jh3lk wrote

>‘You have to make sure you have an enormous amount of space for breathing [with animatronics], but they didn’t know any of that. They’d just built something and put a little child inside. The child would suffocate after three or four minutes’

damn, so the movie was built on a pile of dead children too!


jl_theprofessor t1_j6kwufj wrote

This is the type of retrospective I want. No more of this "forgotten gem Fargo still relevant today." I want stories about Nukie.

With that said... I'm not sure that trailer 'music' actually qualifies as music so much as a hodgepodge of sounds strung together.


DickTalks t1_j6itgcz wrote

Is this some gaslighting AI creation?


davFaithidPangolin t1_j6iy8ne wrote

No, Nukie is a genuine film and considered one of the worst films ever. Very recently it had many VHS copies destroyed to donate money to charity, which is mentioned in the article.

If you’re referring to if the article is AI generated, I don’t know.


pikpikcarrotmon t1_j6juxaf wrote

Nope, an actual shitty E.T. knockoff. It's only notable because of RedLetterMedia (the Plinkett Star Wars reviews). People always send them tapes for garbage movies and coincidentally they wound up with a few Nukie copies, people saw the Nukies and started sending more Nukies, and they started sniping Nukie auctions online. They purposely had never even watched the movie, the collection was just an in-joke spun into a larger meme.

What's got people talking about it recently is RLM had their best quality Nukie 'professionally' evaluated and graded, then mulched the entire collection through a wood chipper and auctioned the remaining tape for charity.


SixtyFours OP t1_j6itwd5 wrote

What do you mean?


Goregoat69 t1_j6mjpiq wrote

There are a few Instagram pages with non existant ai generated tv shows and movies, Timmolloyart does one called "Legend of the golden child" though that's not portrayed as an actual show from this reality. Someone's bound to try and fake one into Mandela effect status tho.


sgthombre t1_j6j30yk wrote

> “‘Oh God, Nukie!’”


Noahcarr t1_j6lyb16 wrote



RanCestor t1_j6j7efo wrote

"They’d just built something and put a little child inside."

This is how they made R2D2.


elZaphod t1_j6nzix1 wrote

I'd like to see the MST3K/RiffTrax guys give it a sendup.


Nord4Ever t1_j6np0f2 wrote

Mac and Me best knock off


RemovedByGallowboob t1_j6l58zd wrote

If you love Nukie try Mac and Me. It was so “good” that MST3K riffed it!


GotDoxxedSoNew t1_j6nvrz9 wrote

Oh shit like this regurgitation doesn't get locked?

Here's my YouTube video about something from YouTube sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet